One Way You Can Earn Money Through Real Estate Investments

Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

August 28, 2018August 28, 2018

One Way You Can Earn Money Through Real Estate Investments

Have you ever thought of buying a property and renting it out to earn a supplemental income? Maybe that property is better suited through a company that allows you to list your property to guests from around the world. Either way you look at it, there is money to be made through real estate investments.

Of course, there are other ways you can earn money through real estate, including an increase in the property value from when you bought the house. You could do renovations to increase the price of the home, or it could be the way the market is functioning. However, you cannot guarantee your property value will increase.

Let’s look at one way you are sure to earn extra income through real estate investments – listing your property on places like Airbnb.

What Are These Listing Places?

Companies like Airbnb connect travelers from around the world to hosts and their home. It could be a private room or the entire house that you list on the website. They are the middle-man to help you find guests to fill your home which earns you extra money.

In addition to listing your property…

If you don’t want to list your own property, why not invest in someone else’s? RealtyMogul lets you invest in commercial real estate.

How Do They Work?

You would list your property on Airbnb and designate whether it be a shared room, private room, or the entire house that is available. Travelling guests would find your property listing and see if they could stay there during a designated timeframe. You get to play host to interesting people.

These listing websites will have a small fee that you pay to list your property. However, the amount of income potential significantly offsets the cost of listing. For example, you could list a private room for two people in a small city and potentially earn over $650 a month.

When it comes to a company like Airbnb, you get to determine basically everything in relation to your property. You set the fee guests will pay, when your property is available, and any restrictions you want to ensure the safety and privacy of your home.

Is It Worth the Investment?

Deciding if it is worth listing your property on Airbnb will be a personal decision. However, when talking about money, typically it is worth listing your house. The income potential could be significant depending on how many properties you have to list, how often you have it offered, and how much of the house you are willing to make available.

You get to set the price for visitors to stay at your place. So, the more elaborate of a stay people have, the more you can charge. Also, once you have a few guests that leave positive reviews, now your property is more likely to attract more travellers.

The additional income you can learn through an Airbnb listing could be enough to cover other personal expenses, take the family for a vacation, or put into an investment account to grow. No matter the reason for it, listing your property on these types of websites could be an excellent investment.

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