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September 13, 2023September 13, 2023

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Are you looking for an options analysis platform that can supercharge your trading game? Then OptionStrat might be a good place to start. This platform is your go-to hub for uncovering potential options trading opportunities. It is outfitted with various powerful tools in order to help you figure out where to invest your money smartly.

With over 50 built-in strategies, support for crafting custom strategies, and top-notch visualization and analysis tools, OptionStrat packs one heck of a punch. If you’re trying to decide whether this platform fits your trading needs, maybe a comprehensive look at OptionStrat and what people who have used it think of the app might help you in your decision making process.

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Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive trading tools
  • A Wealth of educational resources
  • In the moment, market insights
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Some features could be costly
  • Historical price charts are line charts

What Is OptionStrat?

OptionStrat is a cutting-edge platform tailored for options traders and has a ton of great tools to enhance the trading experience. It equips traders with the means to visualize options strategies, analyze potential trades, monitor option flows, and optimize their trading strategies.

The app leverages advanced strategies and analytics, guiding both seasoned professionals and retail traders in their pursuit of profitable trade setups. With an array of comprehensive tools at its disposal, OptionStrat offers an options profit calculator for predicting potential earnings.

It also offers a strategy optimizer to tailor intricate strategies to individual preferences, and a unique options flow tracking feature to keep tabs on market-savvy investors. By making these tools accessible, OptionStrat empowers traders with valuable insights into their trades and market dynamics, significantly enhancing their chances of success.

Features of OptionStrat

OptionStrat offers a versatile toolkit to enhance the trading experience:

  • The Visualizer: The Visualizer simplifies complex trades into intuitive graphics, aiding traders in grasping intricate options strategies. This clarity facilitates well-informed decision-making, improving overall trading performance.
  • The Optimizer: The Optimizer provides essential metrics like potential profit, ROI, and trade success probability, enabling informed decisions to navigate changing market conditions.
  • Unusual Options Flow Feature: OptionStrat’s real-time Unusual Options Flow Feature tracks smart money movements, identifying significant trades that could influence the market. It also reveals popular options contracts, unveiling market sentiment and aiding in spotting emerging trends.

OptionStrat offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform, from simplifying complex options strategies to providing real-time market insights. Regardless of their experience, it equips traders to make confident and informed trading decisions, ultimately maximizing potential returns.

Who is OptionStrat For?

OptionStrat is a potent options trading platform tailored for seasoned traders seeking to leverage advanced strategies. The platform’s Strategy Builder empowers users to craft personalized trades and swiftly gauge profit potential, even within intricate trading scenarios.

It primarily caters to professional traders who harness the Order Flow tools to spot potential trades aligned with institutional investor contract preferences. While OptionStrat remains accessible to novice traders, it may not provide the same level of guidance as some other options analysis tools.

The platform’s flexibility, allowing for custom trades and implied volatility adjustments, can be a double-edged sword for those unfamiliar with these features’ nuances.

Nevertheless, the Trade Optimizer serves as a valuable entry point for traders venturing into the world of options. At the same time, the visualization tools prove invaluable for grasping practical aspects of options trading.

What People Say…

Overall Rating: 4.5 (all reviews from Google Play Store)

“I love this app. It’s made planning different strategies the fastest, and it’s amazing with the options available to better visualize everything. I have it 4⭐ because I want to hide the unusual options, but it’s too expensive and tied to things I don’t want at all. I’d gladly pay $5/mo, just for the unusual options, and nothing else. I wonder how many others would pay the same.” – James Roach
“Absolutely fantastic. I never write reviews on anything but this is the exception so far. The Dev is extremely responsive to issues. As far as paid subscriptions go, I was hesitant at first to go with the cheaper paid plan because I’m cheap. However, it’s easy to cancel, startup. It has paid off well more than what I would have ever lost without this app. Extremely recommend and thoroughly satisfied, you’re missing out if you pass this up!!”Erik Zimeskie
“Really useful, especially the probability calculator. The slider bar is the only part I don’t like, as it often displays a submenu when I am trying to slide it to a different strike price (adding a dropdown or spinner to that submenu to change the strike price would fix the problem).” – Krysta Bouzek
“Great app — powerful tools — great developer. Nothing in this world is free. If you can afford to play options, then you can afford to pay for the premium services offered by this application. The tools that are provided free of charge are amazing. Those who are complaining need to wake up and realize they can either calculate the greeks themselves for every strat they produce, or they can just zip it and use this amazing tool. Once again thanks for the effort put into this app$ Time saved ” – Jvmpy Panther
“OptionStrat is awesome. I love the concept, the interface, the upgrade price, ALL GREAT! This app has taught more in the little time I have used it than the 6 months I’ve been on WeBull and RH!! THANKS!!”Michelle Sharp

OptionStrat – Final Thought

OptionStrat stands out as a valuable resource for traders venturing into options trading. Boasting a wealth of advanced strategies, insightful analysis tools, and educational content, it caters to both professional and retail traders alike.

Although its complexity and subscription costs may give pause to some, the potential returns and market insights it provides make it a compelling investment for those dedicated to mastering options trading.

If you are still unsure or just want more information so you can make an informed decision click here to sign up and find out more. We hope that it and our look at the ratings and reviews will help you in your decision making process!

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