Overcoming Unemployment Challenges

By: Jeremy Biberdorf

June 4, 2012

Overcoming Unemployment Challenges

As many of you know I’ve been unemployed the whole time I’ve been running this blog. It actually goes all the way back to August. So that’s pretty close to 10 months. Time really does fly when you’re having fun and running this blog has been a lot of fun.

I admit I definitely haven’t been aggressively looking for a job that whole time. In fact when I left my last job I was making more money from my side business than at my job. So I figured I was set and losing my job wasn’t a problem at all. Working from home seemed like a real possibility.

As luck would have it, shit hit the fan on the following Monday. Basically Google did what they could to keep the small man down. Ok I’m not very small, but my website income was pretty small time. With the click of a mouse, all my best producing websites were penalized.

Fortunately I had some decent money saved up and was still getting income from other traffic sources. That might’ve given me a false sense of security though. I knew that I was fine for a while financially, but the effect on my long term finances didn’t really set in.

I would glance at the job posts occasionally but I was more focused on trying to recover my Google rankings and make that my full time career. The desire to be my own boss led me to find some excuse about any potential jobs that I should have been applying for.

I applied for the odd job over the months, but I didn’t put real effort into it. If anything it was just to show my girlfriend and family that I wasn’t just sitting on my ass ignoring a possible job.

The Turning Point In My Unemployment

That level of comfort took a change for the worse when my girlfriend and I broke up. Things are a lot more expensive when you’re paying for everything completely on your own. No more cheap rent. No more half priced cable and internet. No more savings on food.

Facing this financial reality was a bit overwhelming. I knew with the increased expenses, the pressure was really on to increase my income and soon. This financial problem combined with the stress of losing the most important person in my life was all too much. Add in some drug abuse, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise and it was the perfect storm for a bout of depression.

Ironically it was the financial pressure that got me back on the right track. With all the motivating financial stories I had been reading on blogs, I really wanted to have similar success. I realized I wasn’t satisfied just continuing to coast. I realized I needed to search more inspiration and strength,Β and make things right.

Dealing With Personal Problems First

So now I had the motivation I needed. The problem was that the depression was still going strong and it seems like this dark and scary development won’t be ending anytime soon. It was easy to see that I had to deal with that before having much chance at employment. If not I was going to avoid applying for the better jobs and have little confidence in any interviews.

Obviously I had to smarten up about the drug abuse. That was going to eat away at too much of my savings and further distort my mental state. Geez I’m cringing at the thought of my mom reading this paragraph. Sorry mom! She caught me back in high school. So it wasn’t exactly a big secret, but I’ve hid it from her over the years. Now it’s been 2 months clean which is honestly the longest time, probably since I started. Thinking of it like that, I really had a problem with it. Well enough of that crap.

Then things started tying in with my recent post about putting your health before your finances. To completely get my mind in the right state, I knew I had to make other major lifestyle changes. Gradually I started making regular exercise and healthy eating a priority. That was the main focus but I also tried to get more social contact and more time outdoors.

With my new found drug-free energy, I really tackled this problem from multiple angles. I started taking vitamin D supplements and also fish oil extract. Both of those apparently help a lot with moods and provide all kinds of other health benefits. I even got some anti-depression medicine prescribed. I have since decided that I am not comfortable getting hooked on that stuff instead.

Now that I’m being so open about this all, I’ll admit that I’m also going to a weekly group cognitive behavior therapy thing. It’s giving me a great new perspective on the problem. I know it runs deeper than just this latest stressful situation. So I need to learn how to better cope with it from now on.

Well I’m happy to say that I’m making a lot of progress and confidence is higher than it has been in a long time.

Seeking Government Help

Amidst dealing with the personal problems, I sucked up my pride and applied for employment insurance benefits. I knew that would buy me a bit of time to deal with my issues. I’m not entirely sure why I waited so long to apply. I think partly I thought my side income was too close to their maximum for acceptance, but really I probably just didn’t want to be forced to apply for jobs regularly.

Forced job applications was actually just what I needed to kick me in the ass though. Instead of being picky and only applying for ideal jobs, I took it to another level and applied to all the suitable jobs in my industry.

Doors Opening Up

My first bit of success was landing a part time SEO contract for a company offering Whistler accommodations. Before I had been avoiding any contract work, telling myself that it would just take away from my blog work and they would expect too much. I now see that this was the wrong way of looking at it. I pushed aside that prejudice and kicked some ass in the interview.

A bit over a week later, I had another employer showing some interest. In this case they had been advertising the position at a much lower wage than I would’ve accepted. Plus they were hoping to have the person handle office admin duties. Well to fulfill my employment insurance obligations, I applied anyway, but I was upfront about the low wage problem. I also explained that they wouldn’t find an office admin with sufficient SEO knowledge to do much good. It turns out that they appreciated that straightforward approach and could tell that I had the skills to help them.

With my improved confidence the interview was a breeze again. Nothing was going to hold me back this time around. Towards the end of our chat, I was offered the job and I negotiated a wage pretty close to what I was looking for. The only catch was that it was only 30 hours per week for now. Hey that works for me since I had the part time contract and also my blog to run. They even decided that they would let me focus exclusively on SEO and try to hire someone else for the office admin work as I build up their marketing.

The Keys To Success

In my case, the biggest reason I was able to land a job was my change of mindset. I made headway in dealing with my depression and convinced myself that I had the skills to take on these jobs. Confidence goes so far and it can really hold you back if you’re lacking it.

Being more open minded was extremely important too. I could either fight with all the other applicants who are applying for the very best jobs or I could give other jobs a chance. Instead of being in the middle of the pack, I put myself in a position to be the frontrunner for the jobs I landed. Both employers pretty much knew they wanted to hire me even before we met for the interview.

In both cases I thought the job didn’t seem ideal at first, but both employers are great people and I’m excited about these jobs. Now if I do my job well, this can expand the opportunities or end up being a springboard for something else down the road.

Other people may need to overcome other obstacles, but I believe a variation of my challenges is affecting a vast number of other people who are unemployed. Unemployment can be very discouraging experience. It is all too easy to get stuck in that rut and let it prevent you from putting your best foot forward. Don’t let your skills and education go to waste just because you don’t feel confident enough.Β So if you can, try to address anything holding back your confidence. Then open up your mind and work hard applying for lots of jobs.

Young people, middle-aged people, old people- there are plenty of people around the world experiencing employment problems. However, don’t lose hope. If you stay positive and keep at it, you’re bound to find someone willing to give you a chance.

Have any of you had any struggles with unemployment? If so, how did you overcome it? What would you do if you lost your job and couldn’t find a new job right away?

About the Author:

Jeremy Biberdorf is the founder of Modest Money. After working many years in the website marketing industry, he decided to take on blogging full time and also get his finances headed in the right direction. Also check out his contributions to Equities.com and Benzinga.

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  1. Avatar

    It’s fun to hear your story Jeremy. You’ve obviously overcome a lot and faced some personal struggles but you’re rebounding well and definitely trending up.

    Keep up the great work man.

    1. Avatar

      No I’ve overcome very little compared to some other people. I’ve just finally smartened up and started dealing with the problems I did have. It is a great feeling to be headed in the right direction in multiple areas though. It’s funny how when you take care of one problem, everything else just starts falling into place. Makes me feel pretty dumb for not dealing with those problems earlier.

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    Steve @ Grocery Alerts


    I have been in your shoes before and you just need to keep working hard. Jobs are tough to find these days and the more people and work and results you show the better.

    Best wishes.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Steve. Sounds like someone didn’t read my long winded post though lol πŸ˜‰ I did get a job in the end, actually 2 jobs. My hard work and new mindset really paid off.

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    Daisy @ Add Vodka

    Adversity is very character building and it seems to have taught you a lot. Unemployment is tough – it shoots your confidence down and is very taxes, emotionally and financially.

    I have never REALLY been unemployed to the point of desperation – when we first moved here, I didn’t have a job but I was on EI and looking for one, and then I made up the difference by working for my dad sometimes.

    1. Avatar

      I did have plenty of RRSP savings to fall back upon if absolutely necessary. So I guess I wasn’t super desperate, but it felt that way and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid withdrawing money from there. My chosen career just seemed to be very limited for jobs these last several months. My lack of confidence really limited my job options too. I have grown in the last couple of months though. A lot of it has come from you fellow bloggers. So thank you everyone!

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    PB @ EconomicallyHumble.com

    This is a great story that really pushes the soul to keep going. Thanks for sharing your deeply personal experiences. Congratulations and good luck!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks PB. Yeah I kinda let loose with the personal side of it. Hopefully not too many real life friends are still checking out my blog. It’s a bit embarrassing with people you are going to see regularly. I figure that sharing the personal side is more likely to help people going through this kind of thing.

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    What a crazy ten months! Congrats on being clean. Mindset can change so many things in our lives…even just our happiness with the shit we have to deal with day in and day out. I’m glad things are looking on the up and up now! I dealt with unemployment for a while. Well…a diversion from my field. I got a job as a cashier to pay the bills in the meantime after my savings ran out. The perfect job eventually came along.

    1. Avatar

      Oh my, even foul language in the comments now. Look what I started by not censoring myself in this post. I hope my religious blogger friends don’t mind. And now all the parents can’t read my posts out loud to their kids πŸ™ What are they going to do for bedtime stories now??

      That’s great that you were able to find a ‘diversion from your field’ to hold you over. I probably should have done something like that, but I thought it would be more worthwhile to spend time blogging and looking for a job. I have settled for a warehouse job in the past when I couldn’t find IT work.

  6. Avatar

    An inspiring story, Jeremy. Congrats on your contract work. It sounds like you’ve come a long way from last year.

    I agree that your mindset, and specifically your attitude, is the biggest key to success. Bad things are going to happen to us in life, but it’s how we deal with them that matters.

    1. Avatar

      Even from just 2 or 3 months ago I’ve come a long way. Not coincidentally, I’ve been running my blog for 4 months. So that has really been a big factor in this all. There’s nothing like good examples from others to really motivate you.

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    From Shopping to Saving

    Really inspiring Jeremy. I think whatever happened was meant to be since it led you down such a different (but really good) path. Look at you now, you’re doing great and you’re on your own (except for those 2 cats of yours). Haha.

    Oh also I was depressed for a bit too, I think when I graduated college and before I found my first full-time job. I just didn’t feel like I had a place in this world and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Thankfully, life works out on its own.

    I’m glad you’re eating healthier – it goes a long way. If you don’t like fish oil supplements (I hate them) try adding chia seeds to your food. They add texture but are tasteless. If you leave them with milk overnight, it turns it into pudding. Also vitamin B-12 also helps with increasing your happy feelings.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Erika. It was really all you guys that got me inspired to turn my life around. The part about being on my own still kinda sucks, but I probably needed that freedom for a while. I’m sure it will lead me to find someone who’s a better match for me. Not like a certain someone I met up with last week lol.

      I actually don’t mind the fish oil. I was apprehensive about drinking oil, but I got lemon flavored and I have some before meals so the taste goes away.

      I don’t know anything about chia seeds but I might have to look into that. Since I’m concentrating on eating healthier I’m going all out with changing what I eat. I even bought a big bag of quinoa thanks to Jason from worksavelive.com’s nagging πŸ™‚

      What you put into your body makes a huge difference.

    1. Avatar

      The thought did cross my mind which really adds to the motivation. The last thing I’d want to do is let anyone down though or negatively affect their lives.

  8. Avatar
    Crystal Evanisky

    congrats. lots of great advise to everyone with respect to job searching. its not always the job title or company that matters. you sound very excited about both these jobs so its great you gave them a chance. i love how you were completely honest about the admin job as if you didn’t care, and they were attracted to you more because of that. good luck with the jobs and can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds in the end.

    1. Avatar

      Yeah it’s funny how it all worked out. The jobs that I saw the least potential in ended up being better than most of my previous bosses. Well that’s the sense so far, but we’ll see in a month or two. The good thing is that the future there all comes down to what I put into it. If I do my job well, their business will be booming and they’ll definitely want to keep me around.

  9. Avatar

    Congrats Jeremy. I know it’s been a bit rough for you the last couple of months, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve hit that mental place where change was available. It really is just a switch. One day you just decide to do something, and you start doing it and there’s no looking back. Best of luck with the new position, and it sounds like if you wanted there may be other contract opportunities to keep you busy on the weekends!

    1. Avatar

      Yup I’ve flipped that switch and taped it up so that it’s not switching back on me. The future has never looked so bright. I know even if these jobs don’t work out, I can kick some ass in any other job interview and land on my feet somewhere else. It’s a good feeling. No more doom and gloom for me.

  10. Avatar

    Wow I applaud you for being so open and honest about your experiences, I don’t think I could’ve done that. You are definitely on the right path forward, I think the fact that you’ve shared this story so openly is definitely going to help others who may be going through similar things but didn’t know where to turn.

    1. Avatar

      If only more of those people would seek out help. Once you get going down the downward spiral you don’t think anyone can relate. Actually seeking out help is the toughest part. I was able to be pretty open because I know my mom is pretty much the only person in my daily life that would end up reading it…as far as I know anyway. The group therapy thing really helps you open up more about it too. I just hope I’m not too embarrassed about this kind of stuff when I end up meeting you people at one of those blogger conferences down the road.

  11. Avatar

    Jeremy, you have overcome so much in the past several months! Congratulations on getting the job and for getting back on track. I’ve never been unemployed and I pray every day that my husband doesn’t lose his job. It is brutal out there. I’m not sure what we would do if he did find himself holding a pink slip and a box of pictures and plants tomorrow. It would be very scary and humbling to say the least. I’m so happy for you to have quit the drugs on your own! You didn’t do it for a girlfriend or just in order to get a job. You did it for you, so I know you will succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Welcome to the drug-free world! It’s better than any drug out there, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    1. Avatar

      Well don’t stress out too much about Jeff ever losing his job. I’m sure having all those kids makes it hard not to though. Good people like you guys have a way of figuring it out if anything bad does happen. With how much willpower you have with your current budget, I’m sure you could even get by on one salary if you needed to. And Jeff seems like a really good guy who would probably find another job with ease.

      Yeah the drug free lifestyle is far better. I’m actually rediscovering all the things that I used to like before that took over my life. Realizing how much I was missing in the last 10+ years makes me feel like I was in prison or in a long comma. Thankfully that’s done with.

  12. Avatar

    Congrats on your new job Jeremy, and thank you for being so open with your story. Sounds like you’ve overcome a lot, have some ways to go, but you’re definitely heading in the right direction.

    1. Avatar

      For sure it’s not an overnight change. I know I’ve gotta still keep working on it. Things like healthy eating and exercise takes a lot of dedication to stick with. Taking care of my mind is the same deal. I’ve gradually gotta train it to think more rationally.

      1. Avatar

        Either way, you recognize that its a process that takes times. I’m happy to hear you’re heading in the right direction. Congrats once again!!!

  13. Avatar

    Wow thanks for being so open and honest with your story Jeremy. You’ve gone through some amazing changes, for the better and I know you have an awesome future ahead of you. It’s seems like you’re becoming more well-rounded and healthy, not just physically but mentally and with your career. That’s a great accomplishment! I’m happy to hear about your new job(s) and side projects. I am a firm believer in being honest with potential employers about your pay/work requirements, because once they see you have the skill, they most likely will see the benefit of those demands. Great work!

    1. Avatar

      No problem Carrie. It was actually quite liberating to get that kind of stuff off of my chest. It’s not exactly easy to share with people face to face. At the same time though it really helps to get that kind of stuff out there. It seems like mental problems are becoming a bigger and bigger issue in society, but all too often it just gets pushed under the rug. The more people that talk openly about it, the easier it becomes for others.

  14. Avatar
    Jen @ Master the Art of Saving

    Congrats on taking charge and overcoming your obstacles, most people never get that far. I got laid off like 4 years ago and never finished college or got another job. Unemployment can totally mess with your head.

    1. Avatar

      That’s for sure. It’s so hard to stay positive when you can’t find a job. You end up having way too much time to dwell on it and overthink it, eventually putting it all on your own shoulders. Good luck with your situation Jen. If you ever want to chat about it, I’m always around.

  15. Avatar

    Nice to hear of your job success, Jeremy. They’re lucky to have you, as you’re quite the diligent and thoughtful web worker.

    As for the drug use? Which ones did you take. Just kidding. I hope you’re off of them now and onward and upwards you go.


  16. Avatar

    Wow – thanks for sharing so honestly. After coming through all that adversity, sounds like you’re a real force to be reckoned with! I think you’re absolutely right about confidence being a key driver of positive change – not only for yourself, but others generally tend to respond better to people who are positive too.

    Can’t wait to hear about all your future successes that are surely in the making!

    1. Avatar

      Yep, watch out world haha. I don’t really consider it a lot of adversity though. Everyone has problems to deal with and lots of people deal with way more than this. It just sounds like a lot cause I decided to deal with most of it all at once. Now I’m paranoid that I might have came off as a whiner talking about too many personal problems.

  17. Avatar

    Wow – I’m impressed! I’m not this open and honest with anyone – that takes a lot of guts. It sounds like you’ve really got your @$# together – congrats!

    1. Avatar

      I’m hoping to get my shit together, but I’m only part way there. We’ll see how the job goes and how much I can keep up the whole healthy living thing. I don’t think it took much guts to write a semi-anonymous blog post. I’m still too chicken to talk to friends about this kind of stuff.

  18. Avatar
    Edward Antrobus

    I’ve spent a lot of time unemployed and I know how it can just suck the soul out of you after a while.

    Granted, you do get less sun up there, but if you are spending more time outdoors, do you really need to be taking a Vitamin D supplement? I believe that 20 minutes exposure to unfiltered sunlight will cause your body to produce it’s entire daily need of Vitamin D.

    1. Avatar

      Yeah I guess you can relate to this kind of stuff Edward. Honestly I don’t get 20 minutes of sun most days. So the supplements are good to make sure I’m always getting enough. I think vitamin D is one of those things that it’s ok to get more than you need. Doctors I’ve talked to have never seen it as a problem anyway. I’m trying to get outdoors more, but haven’t made it a part of each day or anything.

  19. Avatar
    Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    Very inspiring Jeremy. You haven’t given up which is what a lot of people would have done. You have kept trying and now things are finally coming together. I am so happy for you. I myself have had times like this and it hasn’t been easy but the diligence does pay off eventually.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Miss T. I think giving up would’ve been tougher for me than fighting through this stuff. I couldn’t let my family down and I know I have plenty to contribute to a company that hires me. Applying for employment insurance was tough even, but taking the next step and getting on welfare would have been a real challenge.

  20. Avatar

    I just interviewed Julie Clow of The Work Revolution fame on our podcast. She talks about creating your own opportunities during the interview, which sounds like exactly what you did. Sweet work.

    1. Avatar

      Yeah I guess that’s pretty much what I did. By selling him on my skills to get his business booming, he was able to accept the need to have someone doing SEO exclusively.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks John. It’s great to have the support of all of you awesome people. The same goes for you. You’re always welcome to reach out to me. And best of luck with the retina problem and with the upcoming novel.

  21. Avatar
    TB at BlueCollarWorkman

    You really had a lot going on — I remember the girlfriend breakup thing — it’s amazing that you really pulled through it all and still are pulling through. It’s pretty inspirational, man!

    1. Avatar

      Really I just didn’t have enough going on. Being high and depressed kinda overran everything so that I never had proper motivation to deal with the other stuff until it all built up.

  22. Avatar

    J –

    I really appreciate you opening up completely. These transparent posts typically are the most inspirational and insightful. I’m really glad you found something. Seeing the success of this blog, I have no doubt you’ll succeed in your other endeavors. I also have no doubt we’ll be working together in the future.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks man. I’m fortunate to have you all leaving such kind messages. I do hope we eventually do some work together. I think between us we could build up something pretty awesome.

  23. Avatar

    My husband went through a period of unemployment about a year ago. I saw first hand how unemployment can bring about depression. It’s important to keep the confidence but it’s so hard to do when you are wondering “what next?”

    I guess the good thing about unemployment benefits is that you are required to apply for jobs. My husband had to apply for two a week and you’re right, eventually someone will give you a chance.

    1. Avatar

      He only had to apply for 2 each week? I personally think that’s a little too light. I had no idea what the actual requirements were so I was applying for 2 most days. If I was going by the 2 per week quota, I likely wouldn’t have applied for either job that I landed.

      But yeah, unemployment can be a major challenge mentally. Each time you don’t hear back from a company it’s another shot to your confidence. The longer that builds up, the more you start doubting yourself.

  24. Avatar
    Marissa @ Thirty Six Months

    Congrats, Jeremy!

    Hard work pays off eh?

    Knowing that you need help is the first sign of a strong character!

  25. Avatar

    Congrats on the job! While I haven’t struggled with unemployment, so much of this post sounds familiar. Great progress, I am happy for you πŸ™‚

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Andrea. Yeah this kind of stuff doesn’t just apply to people are unemployed. I just got writing about finding a job and decided to be pretty honest about the experience. We should chat via e-mail again sometime soon.

  26. Avatar
    Anthony Thompson

    That’s a very inspiring story, Jeremy. Naturally, I never would have guessed that you were facing so many challenges. In any case, I’m happy that you’ve managed to come out on the bright side of things, and that you’ve gotten your swag back. Congratulations to you, and God bless.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks Anthony. I guess it’s just pretty easy to hide that stuff when talking to people behind a computer. Maybe that’s partly why I gravitated to computer work and now blogging. It gave me a chance to be myself without my inner demons holding me back.

  27. Avatar
    The Happy Homeowner

    This is a fantastic post and great testament to your strength & determination.

    I’m currently facing my own battle with not having a full-time job right now, so I know what you’re going through. Hopefully, this latest set of challenges will be behind me as I’ll know next week if I have a job that I really want!

    The key for me, as you’ve mentioned, is remaining positive and believing in myself. I love reading about another person who persevering in the same way! Keep up the great work and never lose that positive frame of mind. Great things are on the horizon!! πŸ™‚

    1. Avatar

      Good luck hearing back about that job Happy Homeowner. You’re right that a lot does come down to just keeping a positive attitude. That can be easier said than done when facing repeat rejections. It is quite the test of perseverance especially when there aren’t many jobs in your field.

  28. Avatar
    Jacob @ iHeartBudgets

    Thanks for being so open and honest with everyone here. Really glad to hear things are looking up. It’s really cool that this community was inspiring enough to motivate you in a positive way to get moving in the right direction. I have definitely been inspired as well by you and others to keep at this blogging thing that I might help as many people as possible.

    1. Avatar

      Yes that’s one of the great things about this niche. The advice we give and stories we tell has the power to ultimately help people. So the more open we can be, the more people can relate with the situation. In the case of this specific story, I know lots of people don’t really talk about this side of it at all. People shouldn’t struggle on their own though.

  29. Avatar

    So late commenting!

    Those are some excellent strides in the forward direction! When my mom passed away, my job hours were cut and I eventually lost my job. So yes, I too know how easy it is for depression to set in. Especially when your personal life is not as smooth as one would like it. I think you’ve done an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

    1. Avatar

      So late replying! πŸ™‚
      Those sound like some very tough circumstances that you overcame. My situation was more my own making. That depression sure can hold you back though.

  30. Avatar

    1 – my spouse has been working north of the tree line and downing Vitamin D like none other.
    2 – job apps super suck. Having successfully applied in batches, then ignored them for months, I 100% understand what you’re talking about.
    3 – Good on ya for pulling things together.

    1. Avatar

      I guess people that far north would have a lot more need for taking vitamin D since they can’t get much naturally year round. Thanks for the encouragement Anne.

  31. Avatar

    Nice comeback from difficult circumstances. Interesting that you would address your health as a factor in getting it together. A lot of people never make that connection and don’t realize how much your physical health has to do with your outlook, which in turn has to do with your performance. If you feel bad, you certainly are bound to think in a negative manner which is not what is needed when taking on such challenges. Life can bring some pretty nasty circumstances and it certainly helps to be fit at least to some degree when having to deal with them.

    1. Avatar

      I’m glad that this connection was pointed out to me. Most people do think that physical health is completely separate, but that’s just not the case. To be truly happy and lead a quality life you just can’t afford to neglect your physical health.

  32. Avatar

    i am unemployed too, this August is the start of my 11th month of being jobless. i have been actively applying for jobs, to the point wherein i actually re-search the contact persons of these company – unfortunately i still do not have a job.

    i am frustrated but not depressed. what helped me fight back depression was to review my financial status (including paying off any remaining debts, with the goal to be debt-free very soon!), taught myself how to bake and cook (from scratch in 5mnths) disciplined myself for health eating and not indulge in impulsive consumption of food, i’ve also worked on my creative side (designing) and still working on an invention – and yes, i agree with resolving personal issues … that part until now, is a work in progress …

    being jobless is very difficult … currently, i have been reading blogs about people who document how they overcame unemployment …

    thanks for sharing your journey about what you have done in order to get through unemployment …

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