Is the Oxford Club Investing Newsletter Worth It?

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January 16, 2023January 16, 2023

Often associated with knowledgeable investors like Alexander Green and Kristin Orman, the Oxford Club is an international network of investors & portfolio manager prodigies. The Club aims to help its subscribers live a “rich life” by providing them with hundreds of investment opportunities.

Although the Oxford Club does offer VIP trading services like Oxford Microcap Trader and educational resources like Investment U, that’s not what we’ll be talking about today. Instead, we’ll be focusing on their two investing newsletters: The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Communiqué.

Like many other investing newsletters, subscribers receive monthly recommendations, analyses, and more with a subscription. But, is the Oxford Club investing newsletter worth it? Let’s find out.

What is the Oxford Club

Founded in 1989, the Oxford Club is a private, international network of entrepreneurs and investors that aims to help its members live a “rich life.” The ideology is that—by receiving expert advice from both Oxford investment advisors and investment newsletters—members will be able to obtain liberty through wealth.

The Oxford club provides information on a variety of different asset types, including stocks, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and more. While certain subscriptions may cover only specific asset types, the Oxford Club provides members with at least some research on the majority of asset types.


This organization’s newsletter subscription services—the Oxford Income Letter and the Oxford Communiqué—appear similar on the surface. However, once you look past the wide array of generic terms like “special reports” and “stock picks,” we can start to see the differences between the two.

Next, we’ll be taking a brief look at each service and what it offers. This overview should help you decide which newsletter service aligns with your individual investing needs the most.

Oxford Income Letter

Oxford Income Letter

The Oxford Income Letter is a beginner-friendly newsletter offering recommendations based on four unique portfolios: “Fixed Income”, “Compound Income”, “Instant Income”, and “High Yield.” These portfolios focus on dividend-earning stocks and bonds.

For this reason, the Oxford Income Letter is the “safer” of the two subscriptions. Rather than relying on volatile stocks to produce massive gains, the Income Letter aims for small-yet-consistent gains via dividends.

Subscribers receive monthly stock recommendations. There is a digital-only version and a digital & print version offered (depending on your subscription plan). They also get sent the Oxford Income Weekly email, which keeps them up-to-date on the latest financial news.
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Oxford Communiqué

Oxford Communique

The Oxford Communiqué takes a slightly more aggressive approach to investing. Rather than relying on dividend earnings, the Communiqué focuses on picking stocks with the highest earning potential.

Like the Income Letter, the recommendations that subscribers receive from the Oxford Communiqué are based on four unique portfolios: “Oxford Trading’, “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio”, “Oxford All-Star”, and “Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow”.

Diversification is a cornerstone of the Oxford Communiqué. The service highly recommends that investors spread out their investments to minimize risk from major market shifts. While investors would generally base their stock trades on a single portfolio, it is possible to mix and match stock picks if you’d prefer.

In addition to monthly stock picks, subscribers of the Oxford Communiqué will also receive the weekly Oxford Communiqué Portfolio Update via email and have access to Communiqué resources on the website.
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Subscription costs vary between each financial newsletter. Here are the full-price membership fees.

Income Letter

  • Premium Subscription ($249/year)
  • Standard Subscription ($79/year)


  • Premium Subscription ($249/year)
  • Deluxe Subscription ($129/year)
  • Basic Subscription ($79/year)

You can subscribe to both of these services online. However, if you’d prefer to talk to a person to learn more about each service, there’s also the option of calling the Oxford Club’s VIP trading services team on their domestic number. A separate number is provided for international callers.

It’s important to note that both subscriptions are billed annually, so you’ll need to pay for the entire year upfront. This is inconvenient, but—once you average out the total expenses—at least you never end up paying more than $21 per month.

Is the Oxford Club Worth It?

The Oxford Club is a trusted and well-respected international network of investors that’s helped many members reach financial freedom and beyond.

Offering tax-smart portfolios, avoiding unacceptable risk, and providing services catered to the needs of individual investors, we think the Oxford Club is an excellent service.

However, each newsletter brings something different to the table. Which one you should subscribe to ultimately depends on your individual investment needs and goals.

If you’re looking for monthly stock recommendations that can help you maximize profits, the Oxford Communiqué is the service we’d recommend. Take advantage of a nearly 40%-off discount by clicking here!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more reliable road to x based on dividends, the Oxford Income Letter should be your choice. Click here to save $170 off your first-year subscription!


  • Time-tested investment strategies
  • Multifaceted investment philosophy
  • Monthly newsletter service


  • Results depend on market conditions
  • Promotional rate only last for one year
  • May not offer options with the lowest risk

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