Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Apr 23, 2024

Oxford Club Review 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Apr 23, 2024


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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In a nutshell: The Oxford Club is marketed as a private network for successful individuals to share investment advice and strategies.

Through its two primary offerings—The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Communiqué—the Club aims to help individuals achieve financial independence and freedom by offering investment advice and investment strategies.

In this Oxford Club review, I’ll be taking a closer look at each investment newsletter (along with the other services offered) to see if this financial organization is reliable enough to trust to guide you in your future investment decisions.

Service TypeFees Promotion
Investment Newsletter$79-$249/yearReduced first-year rates

The Oxford Club is best for…

Investors who want to receive regular investment ideas and strategies based on model portfolios. Depending on the service(s) subscribed to, investors can benefit from monthly stock recommendations, detailed market analysis, exposure to a variety of investment styles, and access to the aforementioned model portfolios.

Pros & Cons
  • Suitable for multiple investment styles
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Monthly investment advice
  • Costly subscription prices
  • Advice may not be timely
  • Profits aren’t guaranteed

What is The Oxford Club? website

The Oxford Club, initially known as The Passport Club when it was founded in 1989 before rebranding in 1991, has evolved into a prestigious global network with more than 140,000 members spanning 154 countries. This expansive and varied member base is a testament to the club’s dedication to disseminating valuable investment strategies and insights aimed at fostering a prosperous community.

The Oxford Club is operated under the umbrella of Agora. It is dedicated to assisting its members in surpassing market performance through exclusive access to newsletters, detailed stock and income reports, and tailored investment recommendations.

Leading these insightful resources is Alexander Green, a well-versed investor and author, who brings a wealth of knowledge and analysis on emerging investment prospects to the members.

Operating from Baltimore, The Oxford Club not only delivers monthly newsletters and advisory services for trading but also offers services geared towards retirement income management and comprehensive investment research.

The club further enhances its global footprint by organizing symposiums around the world, offering its members not just financial advice but a gateway to networking and a global perspective on investment.

The Oxford Club is driven by a mission to enable its members and staff to lead a “rich life,” a philosophy that encompasses financial independence, meaningful relationships, exceptional life experiences, philanthropy, and personal accomplishments.

It’s this holistic approach to wealth and well-being that distinguishes The Oxford Club as not just a financial advisory service but a community dedicated to achieving overall life richness.

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Better Business Bureau4.2 from 38 reviews

Firsthand User Experience with Oxford Club

Here are some reviews from traders who have experienced the platform firsthand:

“Quick response to question that helped make decision to hold or not. Been a member since 2016 and have total trust in the Club’s recommendations.”
“This company has made me good money over the past 30 years nothing wrong here that is for sure!”
“I’m a Chairman’s Circle member at the Oxford Club and must say that services offered are second to none and when assistance is needed, the staff steps right up.”
“The Oxford Club has always been very responsive to my requests for assistance. I really enjoy reading the reasoning behind the recommendations. This challenges me to look into many of these to check the opinions against my own information and I mostly agree with the writers.”

Oxford Club Review: A Close Look At The Features

If you found your way to my Oxford Club review, you are probably most interested in the benefits you can gain by subscribing. The core of The Oxford Club’s offerings is their array of newsletters, released every month to deliver targeted investment advice.

These publications not only spotlight a blend of both well-known and under-the-radar stocks that analysts predict will turn a profit but also provide subscribers with model portfolios. These portfolios, varying in investment objectives and styles, enable followers to align closely with strategies that resonate with their personal investment preferences.

Additionally, members benefit from weekly “Oxford Insights,” access to exclusive reports, advisor consultations, and updates on stock positions. Depending on the chosen subscription package, these invaluable newsletters are available in both print and digital formats. Let’s explore the newsletters as well as other exclusive offerings from the Oxford Club.

The Oxford Income Letter

Primarily penned by Marc Lichtenfeld, The Oxford Income Letter is tailored for those looking to steadily grow their wealth through dividend stock investing, steering clear of the high risks associated with rapid capital increase strategies. Membership tiers include “Standard” and “Premium,” both offering digital access to the newsletter.

The Premium tier, however, goes a step further by including a plethora of special reports, four diversified model portfolios, a hardcover copy of “Get Rich with Dividends,” and the eBook “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings.”

Read our full Oxford Income Letter review.

Oxford Communique

Focusing on individual stocks with a lens on long-term growth, income generation, and capital preservation, The Oxford Communique is another pillar of The Oxford Club’s advice spectrum. Monthly selections are complemented by weekly updates and special reports, guiding subscribers towards informed investment decisions.

This service is distinguished by its comprehensive analysis on chosen companies, offering insights into their financial health, market standing, and potential for future growth. Subscribers are also privy to a range of model portfolios that cater to different investment goals, from aggressive growth to conservative income strategies, underscoring The Oxford Club’s dedication to strategic, diversified investing.

Read our full Oxford Communique review.

Oxford Centurion

Oxford Centurion represents The Oxford Club’s premium collaborative research service, spearheaded by a team of seasoned strategists including Marc Lichtenfeld and Alexander Green.

This service is designed for investors aiming to pinpoint recession-resistant stocks, offering strategies to profit regardless of market conditions. Access is exclusive to The Chairman’s Circle members, illustrating the Club’s commitment to providing top-tier, actionable investment insights.

VIP Trading Services

The Oxford Club’s VIP Trading Services feature a suite of specialized trading advisories. These services cater to various trading interests, from penny options and technical patterns to microcap discoveries and insider movements, highlighting the Club’s comprehensive approach to covering the spectrum of investment opportunities.

Here is the list of specialized trading services offered by Oxford Club:

  • Oxford Centurion
  • Alpha Trading Network
  • Penny Options Trader
  • Oxford X
  • Technical Pattern Profits
  • Oxford Microcap Trader
  • The Momentum Alert
  • The Insider Alert
  • Oxford Bond Advantage

Oxford Voyager Club

Offering more than just financial guidance, the Oxford Voyager Club organizes in-person meetups for networking and professional development in stunning locales around the globe.

Upcoming events range from the Investment U conference in Florida to exclusive Wealth, Wine, and Wander tours in Europe, providing unique opportunities for members to engage, learn, and explore alongside like-minded investors and The Oxford Club’s leading analysts.

To Experience these benefits firsthand, Click Here to get started with the Oxford Club.

Pricing & Plans

The Oxford Income Letter

As you can see, Oxford Club has a lot to offer, but at what price? Oxford Club has price points that cater to the needs of most everyone. The newsletters are very affordable, compared to many of its peers. Some of the VIP services can get pretty spendy, but still deliver great value if leveraged correctly. Here is my review of the Oxford Club’s pricing:

The Oxford Income Letter, crafted by Marc Lichtenfeld, is your go-to for dividend investing insights. To snag the best deal, make sure to click through this special link for periodic discounts; otherwise, you’ll be forking over the full price of $79/year for the Standard membership or $249/year for Premium, which comes packed with extra goodies.

The Oxford Communiqué

Switching gears to The Oxford Communiqué, with Alexander Green at the helm, this newsletter broadens your investment horizon. It’s structured across three subscription levels:

  • Basic: Priced at a reasonable $79 per year, offering straightforward access to The Oxford Communiqué.
  • Deluxe: At $129/year, this option serves up The Oxford Communiqué both through email and on the website.
  • Premium: The all-inclusive tier, not only delivering The Oxford Communiqué in both digital and print formats but also unlocking access to four exclusive reports for a deeper dive into the investment world.

When it comes to Trading Services and the Oxford Voyager Club, things get a bit more spendy. Tailored for the high rollers of The Oxford Club, these offerings come with a heftier price tag but promise unique, value-packed experiences.

Whether it’s getting the inside scoop on the next big trade or jet-setting with fellow investors to stunning destinations, the cost is reflective of the exclusivity and specialized content provided.

Curious about the exact numbers? Click Here to unveil the latest pricing details, ensuring you’re in the loop on what these premium experiences entail.

Check Oxford Club’s website to confirm current pricing and full terms.

Who is Behind The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club boasts a team of seasoned investment experts who guide its members through the difficulties of finance. Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist, brings over 15 years of Wall Street experience to his role.

Disenchanted with the practices of Wall Street, he joined The Oxford Club, where he now oversees the highly acclaimed Oxford Communiqué. Additionally, Green has penned several national bestsellers, including The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio and Beyond Wealth.

To hear more about Alexander Green’s experience at The Oxford Club, in his own words, check out the video below:


Marc Lichtenfeld is The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist. Starting his career at Carlin Equities and then moving to Avalon Research Group, Marc has made a name for himself as a respected financial voice, appearing in top publications and on networks like CNBC.

He’s the author of the bestseller Get Rich With Dividends and the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, which features his unique 10-11-12 System for earning robust returns through dividends.

The leadership at The Oxford Club is rounded out by their CEO, who plays a critical role in steering the organization’s strategic direction. Together with Alexander Green and Marc Lichtenfeld, the CEO ensures that The Oxford Club not only offers top-tier financial guidance but also maintains its commitment to helping members achieve a richer, more fulfilling life.

Their combined efforts ensure the club remains a vital resource for investors seeking trustworthy and insightful financial advice. For more specific details about these Oxford Club leaders, Click Here to navigate to their website and view their profiles.

Is the Oxford Club Right for You?

If you’re looking for a guided path to financial freedom but aren’t impressed with Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor, the Oxford Club’s monthly newsletters offer another way to receive monthly stock picks (complete with research to back them up).

Both services can be extremely beneficial to investors, but you should research both to figure out which one aligns the closest to your individual investing style & goals.

You can use the links below to learn more about each service, as well as redeem discounts on your first year’s subscription costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oxford Club is a private, global network that aims to help its members achieve wealth and financial independence. They provide investment advice and strategies through various offerings, including The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Communiqué.

The Oxford Club primarily offers two newsletters: The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Communiqué. These provide investment advice, stock recommendations, market analysis, and access to model portfolios.

The Oxford Club is best suited for investors looking to receive regular investment advice and strategies, especially those interested in long-term growth or quick profits depending on which newsletter they subscribe to.

The Oxford Income Letter is a newsletter that focuses on dividend stock investing. It is written primarily by Marc Lichtenfeld and is best for those interested in steady growth over time. It is offered at two subscription levels: Standard and Premium, priced at $79/year and $249/year respectively.


The Oxford Communiqué is a newsletter designed for investors seeking to profit now, with a slightly higher risk tolerance. Led by Alexander Green, it offers a mix of large-cap and lesser-known stock recommendations. It offers three subscription levels: Basic, Deluxe, and Premium, priced at $79/year, $129/year, and unspecified for Premium respectively.

No, profits are not guaranteed with The Oxford Club’s advice. Investing always involves risk, and it’s crucial to conduct your own research and consider your personal risk tolerance when making investment decisions.

You can subscribe to The Oxford Club’s newsletters through their official website. They offer digital as well as physical delivery of the newsletters, depending on the subscription tier you choose.