Oxford Income Letter Complaints And Negative Ratings: Are Customers Satisfied?

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November 28, 2023November 28, 2023

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The Oxford Income Letter, a subscription newsletter offered by The Oxford Club and managed by Marc Lichtenfeld, an expert in biotechnology and an experienced fund manager, focuses on income, dividend-paying stocks, and bonds. In my Oxford Income Letter review, I’ll explore the features and benefits of this investment newsletter to determine its effectiveness for potential subscribers.

Dividend investing, a significant segment in the investment world, offers the advantage of earning money through dividends even when share prices are not performing well. However, identifying companies with stable and sustainable dividends requires thorough research and expertise.

Oxford Income Letter positions itself as an affordable resource for those looking to invest in dividend stocks. With an annual subscription starting at just $49, it stands out as a cost-effective option for stock newsletters, attracting long-term subscribers.

The newsletter aims to assist investors in building a diversified dividend portfolio by presenting investments with above-average and sustainable yields. While considering the Oxford Income Letter, it’s also important to be aware of Oxford Income Letter complaints and negative ratings. These insights offer a broader perspective on the newsletter’s value and efficacy, helping you decide if this service aligns with your investment needs and goals.

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Oxford Income Letter Complaints And Negative Ratings

Before we jump into all of the positive benefits Oxford Income Letter brings to the table, let’s address some of the complaints and negative ratings. Although I didn’t unearth too many complaints, here are a couple I feel are worth mentioning:


1 review


Sep 29, 2023

upgrade to lifetime

upgrade to lifetime, however on your page My Subscriptions not only did it not show an upgrade it has me unsubscribed to all your services.
In any case Hannah’s prompt reply and direction showed me where I could access the new feature that came with the upgrade. Perhaps the dividend Initiator should be available to review alongside my portfolios as to just randomly at the bottom of a weekly update- just a suggestion. Overall, I’m really enjoying Marc’s extensive knowledge on the best of the best dividend stocks to hold for the long term.

Date of experience: September 28, 2023

This review shows customer satisfaction, but points out possible design or layout shortcomings. Luckily, Oxford Income Letter is always updating and refining their product, so any problems should be addressed in due time.


April 29, 2017 12:42 pm

Only followed 3 recommendations over the past year, but they all made money. I personally don’t follow every recommendation of any newsletter after being burned many times, but use them as a scanner.

This reviewer brings up a good point. Even the best investment newsletters shouldn’t be taken as gospel. A trader is responsible for the trades they decide to make. I don’t recommend blindly following stock ideas, but use them as one consideration in your decision making process.

If you want to find more complaints or commentary, you can search Oxford Income Letter Reddit reviews. I search the Reddit threads, but wasn’t able to find any meaningful comments that swayed my opinion of Oxford Income Letter.

Oxford Income Letter Benefits

Here are the main features of Oxford Income Letter that I believe users will find most beneficial:

  • Monthly Newsletter: Subscribers receive a monthly digital newsletter detailing a new stock idea, complete with background information, yield potential, and relevant context. It includes portfolio management advice, risk management strategies like a 25% trailing stop, and tax placement suggestions.
  • Model Portfolios: The Oxford Income Letter boasts four distinct model portfolios: the “Compound Income Portfolio” for steady dividend growth, the “Instant Income Portfolio” for rapid dividend accumulation, the “High Yield Portfolio” for substantial, sustainable dividend rates, and the “Fixed Income” portfolio focused on corporate and alternative bonds.
  • Special Reports: These in-depth analyses of recent recommendations are designed to boost subscribers’ knowledge and effectiveness in income investing.
  • Access to Pillar One Advisors: Members can consult with experts for insights on specific market segments.
  • Tax Optimization: The newsletter provides valuable insights for achieving optimal tax benefits from dividend income, advising on the best account types for each stock to reduce tax liabilities.
  • Oxford Income Blasts: Subscribers receive urgent trading insights, keeping them informed of critical market changes.
  • Complimentary Book and Video Series: New subscribers receive Marc Lichtenfeld’s best-selling book “Get Rich with Dividends” and access to the “Dividend Riches” video series, which outlines strategies for maximizing passive income.

Oxford Income Letter Pricing

The Oxford Income Letter offers three subscription levels: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium, each structured as an annual subscription with no monthly or quarterly billing options. Each subscription level comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, allowing subscribers to request a full refund within the first year and keep any free gifts received.

  • Standard Subscription ($79/year): Initially priced at $49 for the first year, the Standard subscription increases to $79 annually thereafter. This level provides a digital-only subscription to the Income Letter.
  • Deluxe Subscription ($129/year): The Deluxe plan includes a digital subscription with both email and website access to the Income Letter.
  • Premium Subscription ($249/year): The Premium plan, initially offered at $79 for the first year before rising to $249 annually, includes a physical copy of the Income Letter delivered monthly, along with digital access. Premium subscribers also gain access to four individual portfolios, two special reports, a hard copy of Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Get Rich with Dividends,” and a digital copy of “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings.”

Final Thoughts

In summarizing The Oxford Income Letter, it becomes clear that this newsletter caters to a wide range of investors interested in income and dividend-focused investments. Whether you’re opting for the simplicity of the Standard subscription or the comprehensive coverage of the Premium package, The Oxford Income Letter provides varied options to suit different investment approaches.

As with any investment resource, it’s crucial to weigh the positives against any potential drawbacks. This means considering Oxford Income Letter complaints and negative ratings alongside its benefits. Having a well-rounded view will help in making an informed decision.

To explore more about The Oxford Income Letter and to determine if it aligns with your financial objectives and strategies, or get started today, Click Here.

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