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4.2 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: The Oxford Club Income Letter is an affordable monthly newsletter that offers stock picks, generally consisting of high-yield dividend stocks.

The subscription uses four model portfolios and expert analysis to generate stock picks. Acting upon these recommendations could allow investors to generate future income and double-digit returns using dividend-paying stocks.

Learn more about how this service can help you navigate the stock market and build a profitable dividend portfolio in our Oxford Income Letter review below!

FeesService Type Promotion
$79-$249 annual feeInvestment newsletterYes
Pros & Cons
  • Various investment recommendations
  • Focused on dividend-paying stocks
  • Multiple subscription levels
  • Four portfolio options
  • Pricey premium subscription
  • Not reliable for regular income

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Oxford Income Letter is best for…

Long-term investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio using dividend stocks. While Oxford Club offers various subscription services, the Income Letter is their beginner-friendly newsletter service that focuses primarily on corporate bonds and dividend stocks.

The Income Letters aims to help subscribers achieve financial independence through consistent income from their monthly recommendations. Stock recommendations are released on a monthly basis, but an individual’s actual portfolio performance is highly dependent on whether or not they select successful stocks from the recommended options.

The Mind Behind The Income Letter

The Chief Income Strategist at the Oxford Club — Marc Lichtenfeld — is also the Senior Editor of the Oxford Income Letter. Marc began his financial career at Carlin Equities before working for the Avalon Research Group as a senior analyst. He’s previously appeared as a guest on Fox Business and Yahoo Finance.

Currently, Marc writes the investment recommendations, stock picks, and special reports for the Income Letter. His unique 10-11-12 investing system focuses on producing consistent income and annual returns by utilizing dividend-pay stocks alongside corporate bonds.


The Income Letter’s advisory services and stock strategy centers around a small range of portfolios. You’ll want to focus on investment recommendations from the model portfolios that most closely align with your individual investment goals.

  • The Fixed Income Portfolio focuses on bonds, rather than individual stocks.
  • The Compound Income Portfolio is primarily dividend picks.
  • The Instant Income Portfolio uses an investment strategy based on short to medium-term growth with dividend stocks.
  • The High Yield Portfolio recommends the best high-yield dividend stocks at the moment, rather than sustainable dividend yields.

This basic subscription will provide you with a monthly financial newsletter with monthly stock picks and analyses. If you sign up for the Premium promotional offer, you’ll receive two bonus reports: “Retire Rich With Five Small Cap Dividend Stocks” and “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings.” You’ll also be shipped a physical copy of the book Get Rich with Dividends.

Pricing & Plans

There are three subscription levels of the Income Letter: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. Each offering is an annual subscription, and there are no monthly or quarterly billing options available.

However, the subscriptions do come with a 365-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get a full refund within your first year, and you won’t even need to return the free gifts you’ve received (if applicable).

Standard ($79 per year)

This annual subscription provides a digital subscription only. “Standard” costs $49 for your first year, but the price rises to $79 annually for the following years.

Deluxe ($129 per year)

The “Deluxe” plan gives you a digital subscription to the Income Letter with both email and website access.

Premium ($249 per year)

This plan is the only one to include a physical copy of the Income Letter, delivered to your residence monthly. You’ll also be able to access the letters digitally, along with the four individual portfolios.

Premium subscribers receive a variety of additional perks, including two special reports, a hard copy of “Get Rich with Dividends,” and a digital copy of “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings.”

The “Premium” plan will cost $79 for your first year; this price rises to an annual cost of $249 after your first year.

Is Oxford Income Letter Right for You?

Investors have many different stock picking and advisory services to choose from. However, the Oxford Club’s Income Letter separates itself from other subscription services by focusing mainly on dividend stocks and corporate bonds.

This makes the Income Letter an excellent option for those seeking to earn continual income using their retirement savings (via dividends). It’s also recommendable for long-term investors in general.

That said, no investment services can guarantee consistent gains with minimal losses, regardless of how well-known or respected they are. Therefore, we would caution investors—especially retirees—against relying solely on Income Letter recommendations. We believe using the Income Letter alongside additional services will yield the best results.

If you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio with high-yield dividends and corporate bonds, then the Oxford Income Letter is likely a smart choice for you. Take advantage of the promotional offer (and enjoy a few free gifts) by signing up for your risk-free trial of the service here.

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