Are You Paying Too Much for These Things?

Have you been able to get your hands on a good bargain in the past few days? Unfortunately, if it falls under one of the following categories, it is likely you paid more than you should have.

Do you consider yourself a smart shopper? You may think you are if you spend a lot of your free time looking for the best deals. Sadly, many of those deals are not terrific as they may seem. As a matter of fact, many of the deals that are considered so ‘good’ can actually be free. So, do you really want something for free? All you will need to do is search online for great deal on electronics, mobile phone services, beauty products, furniture and restaurant meals. You may need to sign up for an offer, or simply click to get a coupon code.

The good news is that getting something for free is not the only way you can save more money. There are some lower-cost choices that you are possibly overlooking especially if you purchase these items on an ongoing basis.

Movie Rentals

Your local library probably has at least a few shelves that contain Blu-Rays and DVDs waiting for you to picked up to enjoy for a family night in. If there is a certain title that you are looking for but it is not at that particular library branch, it can be requested from another library location.

Bottled Water

You may think that you are improving your health by drinking bottled water. However, there is a secret that the manufacturers do not want you to know. These water companies promote their products as being crisp, clean spring water. The reality is, the water you are paying for in the bottle comes from the same source as the tap water in your home. They both come from ground water.

All groundwater is technically considered spring water. If you do not live in an area where the tap water in your home has been potentially contaminated, bottled water is probably no healthier for you than the water coming from your sink.

If you have real concerns about the quality of your tap water, you can buy a water filter pitcher or a filter faucet.

Brand Name Anything

You are practically wasting money on any brand name item if there is a generic or store brand that is close by. There are some people who turn their noses up at generic products, and there are some generic products that are bad quality.

However, the grocery store brand of an item is often just as good as the national brand when comparing taste and quality.

Book Downloads

Unless you have a preference to read esoteric or unique themes in books, you should not pay to download books. Chances are, you can download almost any book that you want from your local library. You can also check out the hard copies of many books.

Amazon Prime Membership customers can also get free downloads, and Amazon carries a lot of free public domain books.

So, do you see any areas where you may be able to save money? Are there other items that you have decided to either stop paying for or pay less for?

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