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September 29, 2023September 29, 2023

Peter Davies

Peter Davies is the founder and CEO of Jigsaw Trading. Davies founded the company in 2010 out of frustration with the modern trading platforms available to investors. His trading story started with him being on a mission to create tools that presented order flow information logically and understandably.

As an active trader in S&P 500 futures himself, Davies understands the needs of professional traders. He spends his days monitoring order flow in global futures markets, looking for opportunities, and honing his craft. Davies’ passion for trading and building innovative tools for successful traders led him to create Jigsaw Trading.

Jigsaw Trading offers investors unique analytical trading tools and software to monitor order flow in global futures markets. Davies designed the platforms to give traders an edge by providing insights into market sentiment and price action.

The company’s trading tools, courses, and education empower traders with actionable insights to make quicker, more informed trading decisions. With decades of trading experience under his belt, Davies continues to actively trade while also leading Jigsaw Trading to build innovative trading solutions.

His hands-on approach and vision help ensure Jigsaw’s tools and technology meet the real needs of an active order flow trader. Davies’ goal is to level the playing field for active traders through education and cutting-edge analytics.
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Founding Jigsaw Trading and Trading Philosophy

Jigsaw Trading

Peter Davies founded Jigsaw Trading to provide traders with the tools and education they need to succeed. After switching from equities to futures trading, Davies found existing platforms lacking.

He says, “I found the price ladder not really giving me what I needed, so I designed my own…and started using that to read the markets.” A friend suggested he sell his system, so Davies “recruited a programmer, and now here we are ten years later.”

Jigsaw Trading operates on the philosophy that “things”—news, market fluctuations—drive the markets. The company provides trading platforms, educational materials, and analytics so traders can review their performance and improve. “We make ourselves available to people,” Davies says. “But ultimately, we believe that ‘things’ drive the markets. Sometimes that is news, sometimes it’s people being nudged out of position.”

The holistic approach of combining trading tools, education, and support aims to give actual traders everything they need to trade successfully. After a decade, Jigsaw Trading continues operating on the principle that understanding what moves markets can lead to trading success.

Staying on Top of Events

Davies says, “What we don’t believe much in is squiggly lines on a chart being predictive. Looking back, we can see that Brexit, Covid, the Ukraine war, and inflation have been drivers over the past few years.” He emphasizes the importance of staying on top of current events and how they might influence the markets. “Ignore a big inflation announcement by not being news aware, and you will be trading blind.”

Some days, the markets are more technically driven. As Davies puts it, “Then some days it’s more technical – day trader-driven day trading days – people faking each other out, and then there are the “nothing days” where no opportunity exists as nobody is interested.”

Davies sums up Jigsaw’s trading philosophy: “We bang a different drum to those saying that, “It’s all in the charts.” We think, “It’s all about what the markets are reacting to, which may be in the charts, and if not, you need to have done your homework.” By understanding the “why” behind price action and staying on top of events that could move the markets, retail traders and fund managers will be better positioned to find trading opportunities.

Peter Davies’ Key Life Lessons

Peter Davies believes some key life lessons have shaped his successful career as a trader and entrepreneur. One lesson Davies learned early on from his father was not to worry excessively about things outside of his control.

As Davies puts it, “Don’t worry about the things you can change — just change them. Don’t worry about the things you cannot change. There is nothing you can do anyway.” Seeing his father constantly worrying, even on his behalf, taught Davies to avoid wasting time and energy fretting over uncontrollable events.

Set The Worries Aside

Instead, Davies became a “sensible risk-taker.” He was willing to take calculated risks, even if some failed. But Davies didn’t dwell on failures or let them deter him for long. “I can’t say I’ve never worried,” he admits, “but it doesn’t last long as I always remember that it doesn’t help.”

This ability to quickly move on from losses and setbacks has served him well as an investor. “With investing, you make your choice and stick with it until you are proven wrong,” Davies says. Finally, Davies avoids two tendencies that often plague flow traders and investors: excessive worrying and second-guessing.

As Davies puts it, “Worrying and second-guessing are sure ways to close winners early and let losers run.” By learning not to doubt his well-reasoned decisions, Davies has cultivated the conviction and patience required to succeed.

Following these key life lessons has allowed Peter Davies to become a masterful trader and build a thriving trading education company. His calm, focused approach is an inspiration to advanced traders and beginner traders worldwide. Now that you have an understanding of the man behind Jigsaw Trading, you can now get into trading on Jigsaw Trading. Click here to sign up and start trading.

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