Pilot Trading Review 2023

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Apr 07, 2023
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In a Nutshell: We have decided to remove our Pilot Trading review due to a series of negative experiences and unprofessional actions by this company. It is not a company that we feel comfortable recommending. If you’re considering Pilot Trading, please do your due diligence.

Service TypeFees Promotion
Mobile trading signals app$19.99 - $29.99/month14-day free trial

Customer Reviews

Beyond our disappointing experience with this company, real investors have plenty of not-so-positive things to say about using the Pilot Trading app, including several 1-star reviews. Check them out below:

“Pilot Trading app flippin blows. It’s glitchy and laggy. I also noticed a lot of stocks I follow simply won’t appear when I search for them. Also, I was offered AND emailed a free 14-day trial offer yet was charged 19.99 for pro immediately upon signing up. I want to like the tech behind Pilot, but the business model, communication, and the app design sucks @ss.” – Mike R.
“Very poorly designed app. So many things to say: – The ‘AI’ algorithm used to show the ‘opportunities’ isn’t good. Let’s say it says 80% buy on a Forex pair, literally 30 seconds later the percentage will change significantly. So after you make your trade with the broker, the Pilot app is telling you something different. – The app offers a 14-day free trial with Pro & Pro+. This is a lie. I wanted to subscribe to the Pro version & I got hit with a £17.49 charge immediately with 0 free trial.” – Jane S.
Pros & Cons
  • Provides straightforward signals
  • App trade execution feature
  • Offers paper trading
  • Requires trust in the algorithm
  • Limited trading tools
  • May not work with your preferred brokerage

Pilot Trading Review: What Is Pilot Trading?

Pilot Trading is a trading platform that claims to use AI algorithms to help investors make better trading decisions. The app aims to provide users with real-time trade signals and opportunities based on their chosen parameters. However, based on the user reviews above, it seems that the app falls short on delivering on these promises.

Pilot Trading Alternatives

When it comes to Pilot Trading alternatives, there are a few options that investors should consider:



TradingView is a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform designed for investors and traders of varying skill levels. Offering a wide range of charting tools, real-time market data, and social features, TradingView promotes collaboration and idea sharing within its user community. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features make it an attractive alternative to Pilot Trading for those who want to access advanced trading tools and resources in one place.

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Stock Rover

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a robust stock analysis and research platform that caters to investors seeking in-depth financial data, research reports, and advanced screening capabilities. The platform boasts a vast array of information and tools that empower investors to make well-informed decisions in the stock market. As an alternative to Pilot Trading, Stock Rover is an excellent choice for those who want to dive deep into financial analysis and research.

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Koyfin is a financial data and analytics platform that offers a broad range of tools for investors and traders alike. Providing access to comprehensive market data, advanced charting tools, and financial analytics, Koyfin assists users in making informed investment decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. For those seeking a more reliable and user-friendly platform than Pilot Trading, Koyfin is an excellent alternative worth considering.

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FinViz is a popular financial visualization tool that presents complex financial information in an easy-to-understand and visually appealing format. The platform offers advanced charting, market data, and screening tools that help investors make informed decisions in the stock market. As an alternative to Pilot Trading, FinViz is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more visually engaging and reliable platform for their trading needs.

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Pilot Trading Review – Final Thoughts

While Pilot Trading claims to offer advanced AI algorithms and real-time trade signals, we do not recommend using this platform based on negative user experiences and the company’s unprofessional behavior. Instead, consider one of the alternatives listed above.

TradingView, Stock Rover, Koyfin, and FinViz are some of the leading trading platforms for investors. Each platform provides users with access to comprehensive market data, advanced charting tools, and powerful analytics features to help investors make informed trading decisions.

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