Planning For The Future

Just the other day my girlfriend and I got talking about planning for our future. As much as I’d love to only live in the present, I realize it’s just not practical. I don’t want to be carefully watching every nickel when I’m retired just because I didn’t plan ahead. My retirement savings won’t just magically appear without taking the necessary steps now.

Perhaps I take things a bit too far with the amount of time I’ve put into my blog in the last while. My girlfriend seems to think so anyway. I have my reasons though. Sometimes you have to take that kind of approach when you’re in a unstable industry. I’ve come to the realization that to get where I want to be, I should be saving more aggressively. I also need to be setting myself up for the possibility of being without a job at some point down the road. It seems pessimistic, but it is also being realistic.

People really should take the time to think about their finances. With their current path, will they actually achieve their goals? Are they relying on some future luck and assuming things will work out? It takes a lot of money to comfortably retire and you should have far more than you need. You just don’t know how long you’ll live and what kind of expenses will come up.

The other factor that affects my viewpoint is that I feel that I wasted too much money in my 20s. Since I didn’t save enough money then, I have to play catch up now. If things work out well, I’ll be able to save considerably more now and develop a passive income stream for the future.

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