Making an Impression With Plastic Business Cards

For business professionals who have an increasing need to make a permanent impression with their potential clientele plastic business cards are the perfect way to stand out.  Unlike paper cards that end up in endless stacks or immediately tossed in the garbage, plastic business cards are so unique that people will keep them handy.

Let’s look at a few items that will help make your business card stand the test of time.

Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards I

With traditional paper cards, the second that it comes out of the box it starts to deteriorate.  They smudge, wrinkle and tear.  If a drop of water is dropped on them, they start to bleed.  Not plastic business cards!  You can bring them out with you in the rain and all you need to do is wipe them off and they are good as new.

Clear Plastic

Clear Plastic I

Not many people in the general public have ever experienced a plastic card and definitely not a clear card.  Once you hand them your card, they will undoubtedly wave their hand behind it or hold it up to their face to look through.

Custom Shapes

Custom Shape

Along with the unique look of plastic, a unique shape can reinforce your brand.  Whether you have a custom card made in the shape of your logo, or find a shape that represents your business (like a house shape for a Realtor) it will not go unnoticed.

Key Information

Although the points above will put your cards up a notch, you don’t want to forget the basics to include in your cards.

  • Company Name
  • Professional’s Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Website

Adding and printing all of this information can sometimes overwhelm the design of the card.  One way to assist in keeping the information included, but still keeping it simple is the use of a QR code.  You can utilize a QR code for a vCard with all of your contact information, a link directly to your website or even direct the phone to dial your number.


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