Playbook Complaints And Negative Ratings: What Are The Drawbacks Of This Financial Planning App?

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December 2, 2023December 2, 2023

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Playbook is a fintech application designed to optimize tax efficiency for investors. In this Playbook review, we’ll delve into how the app functions and its suitability for various types of investors.

The primary goal of Playbook is to help users minimize tax liabilities, a crucial aspect of enhancing long-term investment returns. It achieves this by analyzing an individual’s portfolio and identifying the most tax-efficient accounts. Additionally, Playbook focuses on tax-loss harvesting opportunities, which can be a significant advantage in managing investment taxes effectively.

Potential users might wonder about Playbook’s suitability for their specific financial needs and whether the cost of the service is justified. Also, considering Playbook complaints and negative ratings is essential to get a comprehensive view of the app’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.

My Playbook review aims to provide a balanced perspective, helping you decide if Playbook is the right tool for your financial planning and tax optimization needs.
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What is Playbook?

Playbook is a San Francisco-based financial planning application that aims to optimize tax advantages and accelerate users’ path to financial freedom. Launched in July 2021 by David Hegarty, Playbook operates by analyzing a user’s financial accounts, which include bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and current accounts, to identify untapped tax-saving opportunities.

This platform is tailored to handle various financial situations, including self-employment income and income limits, making it versatile for a wide range of users. What sets Playbook apart is its focus on maximizing the utilization of tax-advantaged accounts, positioning it uniquely in the realm of financial planning tools.

Playbook’s strategy is not to outperform the market but to maximize returns by leveraging every available tax-saving opportunity. For accounts managed by Playbook, the app employs a low-cost investment approach without charging investment fees, apart from the ETF fees imposed by the investment companies.

Playbook Complaints and Negative Ratings

Before I jump into all of the positives that users like, I want to address some of the Playbook complaints and negative ratings. Here is a negative review that I feel deserve further discussion:

Jack Santangelo1 review


Jul 21, 2022

Almost There

The app is still young and there are some kinks that need to be worked out. That being said they’re on the right track. Once the product becomes a bit more mature it would be 5 stars. The team is great and very responsive. In a year or two this will be a fantastic product.

Date of experience: July 22, 2022

This user makes a good point, the app is relatively young. So Playbook, as all forward thinking apps should be, is a work in progress. The app is already beneficial to many and as they fine tune it to respond to user feedback, it will only get better with time.

Overall, I was unable to uncover too many scathing Playbook reviews. Even scanning Playbook Reddit reviews didn’t reveal any damning complaints. One theme that I did notice in the complaints against Playbook is the difficulty in canceling memberships. Although Playbook does honor a 30-day free trial and members can cancel at any time, some users feel Playbook makes the cancellation process more time consuming than it should be. Hopefully this is something Playbook will look to address moving forward.

Playbook Benefits

Here are the benefits of Playbook I think users will find most useful:

  • Tax Planning: Provides guidance on maximizing tax-advantaged accounts like 401(k)s and Roth IRAs. Tailors strategies to individual needs and offers alternative plans when certain accounts are unavailable.
  • Automated Money Management: Utilizes algorithms for optimal fund transfer to the right accounts at the right times. Manages emergency funds, retirement accounts, and investments, always requiring user permission for transfers.
  • Account Setup and Management: Simplifies the process of setting up new financial accounts with ease. Uses low-cost index fund strategy for Playbook accounts without charging for assets under management.
  • Tax Optimization: Analyzes tax status to identify ways to minimize annual tax bills, focusing on maximizing contributions to tax-advantaged accounts.
  • Net Worth Calculation: Offers a net worth calculator that links user accounts, using standard assumptions without simulating various financial scenarios. This tool is considered one of the best net worth trackers
  • Personalized Financial Plan: Quickly creates financial plans focusing on immediate needs, with planning suggestions in areas like financial foundation, tax advantages, and life goals.
  • Investment Portfolios: Suggests investment accounts based on individual risk tolerance, automatically rebalancing portfolios and allowing for multiple account setups.
  • Balance Protection: Prevents overdrafting from linked checking accounts by adjusting transfers based on account balance.

Playbook Pricing

Playbook offers a simple and transparent pricing structure:

  • Monthly Plan: $29 per month, billed monthly.
  • Annual Plan: $228 per year, averaging $19 per month, offering a cost-effective option compared to the monthly plan.

Playbook distinguishes itself from many wealth management platforms by not charging advisory fees or assets under management (AUM) fees. For those who want to explore the service before making a financial commitment, Playbook provides a 30-day free trial. This allows potential users to experience the platform’s features and decide if it aligns with their financial planning needs. Users have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time.

Playbook Final Thoughts

In concluding my Playbook review, it’s clear to me that this fintech app offers valuable tools for tax planning and financial goal setting, appealing to those looking to optimize their investments tax-wise. With features like automatic money transfers, easy account setups, and personalized financial planning, Playbook stands out from the rest of the financial planning apps.

However, it’s important to consider Playbook complaints and negative ratings when making your decision. As with any financial service, user experiences can vary, and it’s crucial to weigh these alongside the app’s benefits. While Playbook’s no advisory fee policy and the option for a 30-day free trial add to its appeal, potential users should thoroughly research and consider all aspects before subscribing.

For those interested in exploring Playbook’s offerings further and seeing if it aligns with their financial goals, Click Here to start your journey with Playbook.

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