PowerX Optimizer Reviews & Ratings: An In-Depth Look at the Popular Trading Software

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August 13, 2023August 13, 2023

PowerX Optimizer

Trading in the stock market can be challenging. Many traders and investors face obstacles and look for tools to enhance their trading strategies. PowerX Optimizer has emerged as a favorite, but what do real users say? Let’s dive into this PowerX Optimizer reviews & ratings.

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What is PowerX Optimizer?

PowerX Optimizer, an esteemed product of Rockwell Trading, has firmly established its position in the trading software market as a reliable tool for stock and options trading. Guided by the wisdom and experience of Markus Heitkoetter, the visionary behind Rockwell Trading, the software incorporates a fusion of real-world trading insights and technologically advanced algorithms. The software aligns with Rockwell Trading’s mantra: “Plan your trade and trade your plan.” It is sculpted to filter through an overwhelming number of stocks to pinpoint those that seamlessly fit a trader’s predetermined trading plan.

The traditional stock trading process can often feel like a game of blindfolded darts. PowerX Optimizer aims to steer clear of this ambiguity. Rather than plunging traders into a sea of uncertainty, the software empowers them with a mathematically grounded system. This ensures that users aren’t just shooting in the dark but are equipped with precise predictions on the trajectory of a stock’s price. This marks a transformative shift from gambling-based trading to a system-driven approach, with users informed in advance about the timing of each potential trade.

External PowerX Optimizer Reviews & Ratings

Sitejabber4.7 from 3,600 reviews
Trustpilot4.7 from 203 reviews
Better Business Bureau4.7 from 23 reviews

Diving Deep: Features and Functionality

In the intricate world of stock trading, success hinges on the right tools and strategies. The PowerX Optimizer, seeks to revolutionize the trading experience by marrying innovation with precision. Diving deep into its features, you can unearth a treasure trove of functionalities designed to provide traders with an unprecedented edge.

  • Math-Based System: One of the major advantages of the PowerX Optimizer is its ability to eliminate the guesswork of predicting stock prices. Using a math-based trading system, it informs traders of the exact timing of every prospective trade
  • Vast Coverage: The software doesn’t merely skim the surface but plunges into the depth of the trading world. It scans an impressive 18,000 stocks & ETFs, including 12,000+ US stocks, 5,000+ Canadian stocks, and 140+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Trade Precision: Traders are presented with detailed insights before making a trade. This includes entry points, profit targets, and stop loss data, enhancing the accuracy of their trading decisions. The foundation of this feature rests on the exhaustive research conducted by Rockwell Trading’s team, which examined trillions of data points across almost all stocks to identify recurring patterns for optimized returns and minimal losses.
  • Backtested Data: This feature offers traders a glimpse into the past. Users can access performance data for the past two years for each stock, based on the software’s recommendations. Leveraging decades of backtested data embedded within the system, results are statistically validated, guiding traders towards the most favorable choices.
  • User Experience: Apart from its advanced capabilities, the software’s design focuses on simplicity. The trading dashboard is user-friendly, ensuring that even those with modest trading experience can swiftly get a grasp of its functions. For deeper insights and learning, users can tap into webinars, tutorials, charting tools, training resources, and on-demand seminars hosted by Rockwell Trading’s proficient team of analysts
  • Broker Integration: PowerX Optimizer not only helps in decision-making but also keeps track of all transactions. This includes details of when and what stocks were bought or sold and the resultant profit or loss.
  • Web-Based Platform: The PowerX Optimizer is a web-based platform, making it easily accessible from any device with internet connectivity. The intuitive interface ensures that users, whether beginners or experienced investors, can navigate and utilize the platform seamlessly.

Contrary to many platforms that charge monthly or yearly fees, PowerX Optimizer offers lifetime access for a one-time fee of $3,997. This ensures that traders don’t have to worry about recurring costs and can focus solely on their trading.

PowerX Optimizer Reviews & Ratings: What Are Users Saying?

Rating: Rockwell Trading is rated “Excellent” with a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. The breakdown of the ratings shows that 93% of the users gave the software a 5-star rating, which is indicative of its high quality and performance.

Various users have provided their experiences and insights about the tool: A user mentioned that the software continuously adds new features and found the daily training and discussions invaluable. Another reviewer emphasized the importance of investing sufficient time in studying the software rather than expecting instant financial results.

The software is appreciated for assisting beginners on the platform, providing confidence, and significantly reducing the amount of work required in stock trading. Users have lauded the software’s effectiveness in simplifying options trading.

Pros & Cons

Every tool has its strengths and areas of improvement. Based on reviews, here are some pros and cons of PowerX Optimizer:


  • Scans a vast range of stocks and ETFs.
  • Broker integration for seamless trading.
  • Real-time, live interactive sessions.
  • Fully web-based platform.


  • A steep learning curve, especially for new traders.
  • The price might be high for those new to trading.

Is PowerX Optimizer Worth It?

In the realm of trading software, PowerX Optimizer stands out. Its array of features, coupled with positive reviews, makes it a top contender for those looking to enhance their trading strategies. Join PowerX Optimizer as we unravel the many facets of this game-changing tool.

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