Protecting Your Possessions With Home Contents Insurance

Last week Kevin provided a guest post about protecting your home with a home security system. While that is something to seriously consider in some situations, it is not right for everyone.

In some cases it might make more sense to opt to take out home contents insurance. This will protect you from a lot more than just a gutsy burglar who breaks in despite your home security system.

Protection From The Elements

I’m sure some people on the east coast are kicking themselves for not having home contents insurance recently. If they did have that coverage their possessions would’ve been protected against flood or storm damage. Or if they lived in the area where a large neighborhood went up in flames, their possessions would’ve been protected from fire or smoke damage. Even a freak event like a lightning strike would be covered.

You often hear about people who have home insurance, but they don’t get full coverage for situations like this. Don’t be one of those people who gets caught with inadequate insurance when they need it most.

Protection From Yourself

Some people are just prone to accidentally break things. They might have a bad case of butter fingers or they could be simply too careless. Or maybe you just have a house full of rowdy kids that put fun before being careful.

It might make sense to cover yourself for those kinds of events. Let insurance ease your mind about accidental damage to things like your tv, laptop, glassware and more. Imagine the feeling or breaking any of those possessions without coverage.

Protection From Thieves

If you have valuable possessions inside your home, think about how much they would cost to replace if stolen. You just know those very possessions will likely be the first targets if someone breaks into your home.

With decent insurance coverage, you can get financial assistance with replacing stolen possessions. For many people this will be stuff like electronics and jewelry. It can actually cover other possessions such as your bike, items in your garden or cash within your home. There’s even coverage to replace keys and locks if you misplace your keys.

So take a look around your home. Think about how devastated you would be lose all of that stuff and be forced to suddenly replace it all. Is it worth risking not having insurance?

Do you cover yourself with this kind of insurance? If so, why not? What would you do if you were broken into or lost possessions to a house fire?

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