Benefits of Quality Home Inspection Service

So we’re one step closer to owning our home! Today my girlfriend and I took half a day off work to be present for the home inspection service. I have to say it was extremely informative.

Thanks to having an amazing realtor, we were referred to a very thorough home inspector. On top of doing a very detailed job, it was also done at a very reasonable price.

Before going into this I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of a home inspection. I figured it was more of a formality – something just to make sure there wasn’t any major problems that would determine if we should or shouldn’t make the purchase. I had even heard from a friend that he didn’t even get a home inspection done.

Regardless of this assumption, we went ahead with an inspection since we were a bit concerned about this condo and because our trusted realtor told us to 🙂

First of all, our realtor provided a list of a few different home inspectors he normally uses. Instead of pushing one on us, he recommended that I give them a call to check on pricing and availability. I admit I was going to go with the cheapest one, but he wasn’t available. That may have worked in our favor though.

Somehow I pictured the home inspection as us just standing around bored as the inspector pokes around. We had been told it was best to be present so that he can explain things not included in the report. I’m very glad we took that advice.

We got there a few minutes late, but apparently the inspector got there early. Before we even arrived he had walked around the outside of the building looking for issues and had already gone up to the roof, boiler room and electrical room with the realtor. This guy wasn’t wasting any time getting started.

As the actual suite inspection got under way he really impressed us. He could’ve just rushed through the job mentioning little things here and there. This guy wasn’t taking any shortcuts and seemed to like his job. He took the time to fully explain everything he was checking and any concerns he had.

When something didn’t meet his approval he dug into it more to find out the root of the problem. For example, I was worried about some water damage and condensation issues. Instead of just confirming that and checking it on his list, he was able to pinpoint the problem to the dryer not properly ventilating. From there he explained exactly what to do about it, as well as what to get the condo management to do about it.

Obviously I have no previous home inspection service to compare this to, but it really felt that he went above and beyond. It seems like he checked everything possible and did his best to fully educate us along the way.

The part that I really liked is that he had plenty of experience with renovations and house flipping. So he was able to suggest both quick DIY fixes to some problems and full renovation ideas. That included recommendations for the cheapest local companies and how much to expect to pay as well as great online sites like Homeclick.

Nearly 4 hours later it was all wrapped up and we both suddenly knew so much more about that condo, the building and what we can do about any issues. Now our concerns are all relieved and we’re so much more confident going forward with the purchase. There will be some things in the building that are due to be replaced soon, but at least we know what we’d be looking at in the near future. The guy even wrote his cell phone number of on the front of the report in case we have any further questions in the future. Talk about service!

Lesson learned: always pay for quality home inspection service and take the time to be there in person. It may cost money upfront, but it will more than pay for itself between our peace of mind and the renovation recommendations.

And yes we are still planning on going ahead with the condo purchase 🙂

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