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November 3, 2023November 3, 2023

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Questions might arise when you first encounter the multifaceted nature of Real Life Trading. Is it truly a dual-purpose platform, serving both as a training ground and a prop trading firm? And are the costs for its courses justified? Stay with us as we delve into this Real Life Trading review to distinguish fact from fiction.
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Understanding Real Life Trading

Real Life Trading is best known for being a financial education platform that empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to make informed trading decisions in the stock market.

The platform provides various services, including live trading rooms, courses on stock trading and options, and community engagement features. Summarily, Real Life Trading aims to demystify the complexities of the market and offer actionable strategies for traders of all experience levels.

But that’s not all that Real Life Trading founder Jerremy Newsome has done. He has also created prop trading firm offering real capital for qualified users to trade in its fully robust market of cryptocurrencies, forex, oil, and other tradable items. When users can audition for capital, they pay a fixed price that varies with the amount of capital for which they audition. The audition fee is non-refundable.

Here’s a breakdown of the different costs and the capital promised to anyone who pays these fees:

  • Basic: For a fee of $500, you’ll gain access to a demo account. Within a 30-day window, you’re expected to execute at least one trade. Should you hit the designated 10% profit target on your demo capital, sustain daily losses not exceeding $2,500, and maintain a maximum drawdown limit of $3,000, you stand a strong chance of completing the audition. Upon passing, you’ll be eligible for a funded account with $50,000 in trading capital.
  • Standard: The standard tier comes with a price tag of $1,000 and shares similar features with the basic account. However, it offers a higher maximum drawdown limit of $6,000. Upon completing the audition, you could qualify for 100,000 in trading capital. Active, self-directed traders can benefit here.
  • Advanced: This audition costs $2000. Passing it makes you eligible for $ 200,000 capital. However, the drawdown limit is $12,000. For an active trader and frequent trader, this is a solid option
  • Premium: After you pay a $5,000 fee, you’ll get a practice account to trade with. You must follow specific rules, like not losing more than $30,000 on your practice trades. If you do well, you could get up to $500,000 in real money to trade with. You may want to consider this if you are a renowned trader and/or a sophisticated trader.

If you pass the audition stage and start trading with real money, you’ll get to keep 75% of your profits. The remaining 25% goes to Real Life Trading. So, you’ll get a good share of the money you earn.

Real Life Trading Pricing

Real Life Trading has different things you can buy, so the cost depends on what you choose. They offer nine free courses on various types of trading. They also have paid, more advanced classes. In addition to learning materials, you can subscribe to their Day Trading Room. It costs $275 per month, or you can pay $2995 for a whole year, which saves you about $25 each month.

With these options, you can access advanced strategies, informative videos, and proper training on their educational platform. Their strategy review and quality of education makes this an excellent educational resource and excellent platform even for a complete beginner. You will learn about options trading capabilities, propriety trading tools, real-time trading simulator, term swing trading plans, and other hot topics in the online trading community. The live-streaming trading room and access to proprietary trading tools are an important part of trading education learning complex trading strategies.

Best Real Life Trading Masterclasses

If you’re not sure where to start, the following resources may be particularly beneficial for you:

  • Real Options Trading ($99): In this class, you’ll learn how to buy and sell the two types of stock options: “calls” and “puts.” Unlike regular stocks, you need to consider additional factors when trading options. You’ll discover these factors, which include the “strike price,” which is the price at which you can buy or sell the stock; the “option price,” the cost of purchasing the option, etc.
  • Increase Your Net Worth In Just Two Hours A Week ($399): This is a simple guide for making extra money while keeping your regular job. It covers a beginner-friendly strategy for short-term stock trading, tips on how to find promising stocks, and specific rules for when to buy or sell. When you buy the book, you’ll join a supportive community of like-minded traders and investors.
  • Learning the S-Curve ($295): The masterclass teaches you how to read market movements to make better trading decisions. After taking it, you should be able to spot trends to earn money, whether the market is rising or falling.
  • Volume Profile ($495): The class teaches how stock prices change. It explains the importance of volume, or how many shares are being traded, and breaks it down by time and price. You’ll learn about trading patterns that happen within a day and some helpful statistics for short-term and slightly longer-term trading, known as swing and day trading.
  • Hedging with Options ($399): This provides information on how to protect your stock investments using options. It tells you when it’s a good idea to “rent out” your shares to make extra money and when you should buy “insurance” to safeguard their value. The tutor focuses on the “collar strategy,” a way to secure profits without spending extra money. They also explain three variations of this strategy, helping you choose the best one for your needs.

Is Real Life Trading Worth It?

While the initial costs may seem steep, they reflect the high value that Real Life Trading offers. Further adding to your peace of mind is their two-day refund policy for masterclasses. If the program doesn’t meet your expectations, you can quickly request a refund, provided you delete any downloaded materials. With this safety net in place, rest assured that your investment in Real Life Trading will be well worth it.

This company’s engaging content, high quality content, shows that its all-inclusive approach to its educational offerings give aspiring traders and wealth of resources to begin their trading journey. This is true whether you are discussing trade options, option contract, technical analysis, or any other variety of topics. Its real-time buy/sell/hold alerts and its YouTube channel show why this is a popular choice for both beginning investors and expert investors.

Real Life Trading Reviews and Ratings

The Real Life Trading reviews and ratings on trusted review sites like TrustPilot are extremely impressive. On TrustPilot, the platform is rated 4.8 out of 5, with various happy users sharing their experiences. Whether they are getting the 11.5-hour video-based course, the 12 high-quality courses, the 90 day course, the contract for options, premium content, the company’s approach to learning and practical approach scored high.

For example, one user discloses: “Easily the best trading educator I have come across. RLT is filled with the most genuine and caring people you’ll ever meet. They are all super knowledgeable about the stock market and want to see you win. It’s so refreshing to meet people who don’t just want your money. They are one big family!”

Another satisfied student who tested the Day Trading Room shared, “I recently popped into the Real Life Trading trading room. One of my key takeaways from the experience is that trading with a team provides more sets of eyes. Having more sets of eyes and brains watching and trading price action makes it easier to get opposing views on bullish/bearish patterns.”

The general sentiment is that Real Life Trading doesn’t skirt around the bush when sharing knowledge with others. The tutors are upfront and organized, and the free online classes are super interesting and easy to follow.

Real Life Trading Reviews and Ratings: Final Verdict

Real Life Trading reviews and ratings provide compelling evidence of the platform’s value to novice and seasoned traders. With an array of educational materials, a robust trading environment, and an accommodating refund policy, Real Life Trading is a trustworthy avenue for your trading journey. The complex concepts that this service offers,  collaborative environment, and interesting approach to its comprehensive packages show why it it an excellent choice, lauded in its vibrant community, also an active community. A wide variety of trading skills in futures trading and the day trading community, as well as its approach to education and online courses/advanced courses are all a key aspect of its educational content for fellow traders.

You can make thousands of dollars with this incredible community and get valuable learning experience from a supportive network. Trading markets and a variety of trading strategies are at your fingertips with flexible trading rules. Stock trades and crypto markets have never been so accessible no matter your levels of experience due to this resource for traders. Click here to join Real Life Trading.

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