Rebalance IRA Review

As a new investor, I’m learning things every day about how to manage my portfolio. I’ve got to say, it’s a lot of fun. No matter how much fun it’s been, I do have to admit that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. The truth is that I was happy with whatever return I was getting. I had created a form of synthetic happiness about my poor returns.

However, If I had help in the beginning, I would have been guided in the right direction and doing well much sooner.

How Does Rebalance IRA Come into All of This?

Although Rebalance IRA isn’t going to change the science behind synthetic happiness, they can act as a shield that will stop you from making the same mistakes that I did in the beginning. Rebalance IRA is a managed investment portfolio service. In simple terms, they take a look at your portfolio, show you what you’re missing, doing wrong, etc… and help you to avoid mistakes in the future.

The simple reality is that most newbie investors make a slew of mistakes. I know that when I first got started, my allocation skills were way off, I paid more for trades than I probably should have, and the advice I paid for was ridiculously expensive. Overall, whatever I was earning from my investments originally went straight to fees.

Rebalance IRA Is Here To Solve All the Major Problems Normal Investors Face

As an investor, there are going to be a few major problems that you face if you’re not incredibly careful with your portfolio. Rebalance IRA provides advice that helps you solve investing’s toughest challenges. Here are some of the problems they solve.

Investing Is Expensive – If you’re the average investor, studies show that over 30 years, almost 30% of your returns will be eaten up by the costs associated with investing. That’s a huge amount! One of the main reasons that investing is so expensive is because many advisors make decisions to go with branded mutual funds that have expense ratios around 1% and other high cost investments. When it comes to Rebalance IRA, they won’t advise that you take part in a mutual fund with an expense ratio higher than 0.2%. They always make sound decisions with regard to the cost of your investments. As a matter of fact, they are Registered Investment Advisors, so they have a fiduciary responsibility to do what’s right with your portfolio.

Bad Allocation Can Kill Returns – A great investment portfolio is a portfolio that’s diverse. Almost every investor new or pro knows this. However, what most of us don’t know is how much of our funds we should allocate to the different strategies that we decide to take part in. Allocating too much to a risky option could lead to a loss. Rebalance IRA digs through your portfolio and makes sure that your allocation strategies will generate optimal returns.

Bad Advice – That’s right, I said it. As investors, we are often times victims of bad advice. As I mentioned above, as RIAs, Rebalance IRA has a fiduciary responsibility to do what is right with your money. Giving bad advice could cost them more than it costs you. They’ve also got one heck of a team. The world class advisory team at Rebalance IRA includes…

  • Burt Malkiel – Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street.
  • Charles Ellis – Former board member of Vanguard, managed Yale’s investment committee, author of Winning the Loser’s Game.
  • Jay Vivian – Former manager of IBM’s Pension Fund – over $135 billion under management.

Now We Get To The Best Part…The Pricing!

When it comes to investment portfolio management services, the standard industry pricing is 1% management fees, not including fund expense ratios. Rebalance IRA cuts the industry standard in half with management fees at 0.5%!

Final Thoughts

If you’re like me, you’re pretty good at understanding investments. Yet at some point, you’ll make a mistake or you have made a mistake that has cost you money. Don’t make those mistakes again. Rebalance IRA is a great service that will help make sure you leave no money on the table!