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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the ever-evolving world of real estate, managing rental properties can be a daunting task. With tenants to screen, rent to collect, and maintenance to oversee, landlords need robust software solutions to streamline operations.

Enter RentRedi and Buildium. Both platforms have carved out their niche in the property management software realm, promising to simplify the landlord’s life. In this comparison, we’ll dive deep into both platforms to see which one truly shines brightest.

RentRedi is Better for:Buildium is Better for:
Independent landlords seeking a simple platform for key features.Property managers overseeing a mix of residential and commercial properties.
Those who prioritize mobile applications for on-the-go property management.Professionals needing comprehensive property management software with a range of features.
Landlords needing affordable renter screening services.Landlords who prioritize online rent payments and lease tracking.

Introducing the Competitors


RentRedi has emerged as a platform of choice for many independent landlords. It prioritizes user experience, ensuring even the least tech-savvy users can navigate with ease. The platform shines when it comes to mobile-based property management.

Their mobile apps, available for iOS and Android, allow landlords to handle tasks ranging from rent collection to tenant communication, all from the palm of their hand. What sets RentRedi apart is its commitment to streamlining property management. It offers features that simplify processes: online payments reduce the hassle of paper checks, tenant screening tools provide insights into potential renters, and timely rent reminders ensure a steady cash flow for landlords.

The platform is more than just a software solution — it’s a partner in property management. For a deeper dive into all that RentRedi has to offer and how it can transform your property management experience, check out this detailed review.


Diving into Buildium, we find a platform that’s comprehensive in its offerings. Unlike many other property management solutions, Buildium doesn’t just stop at residential properties. It has been crafted keeping in mind the diverse needs of property managers overseeing a mix of both commercial and residential units. At its core, Buildium is a powerhouse, armed with a wide range of features that make property management a breeze.

It boasts tools that cover every aspect of property management: from online rent payments to detailed expense tracking and from lease tracking to vendor management. The platform’s web-based solution is complemented by mobile applications for those managers always on the move. Furthermore, Buildium places a strong emphasis on community, ensuring that landlords and tenants can build harmonious relationships.

If you’re considering adding Buildium to your property management toolkit and want a comprehensive understanding of its features, don’t miss out on this in-depth review.

RentRedi Logo Buildium Logo
Type of Service Property Management Software Comprehensive Property Management
Best Use Independent Landlords Mixed Property Management
Customer Support Email and Chat Support 24/7 Support
Mobile App Yes Yes
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4.2 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: User Experience and Accessibility

RentRedi’s mobile apps allow property management on the go

  • Buildium offers a more comprehensive web-based solution.
  • For landlords prioritizing mobile use, RentRedi takes the lead.

RentRedi’s platform is designed with simplicity at its core. Its mobile applications for both iOS and Android ensure that landlords can manage their properties anytime, anywhere. Features like rent reminders, push notifications, and tenant-submitted maintenance requests make life easier for busy landlords.

Buildium, however, provides a web-based comprehensive property management software. While it also offers mobile apps, its web platform is where it truly shines, offering an extensive range of features suitable for managing both commercial and residential properties.

Factor 2: Payment and Accounting Features

Buildium boasts a more detailed expense tracking and accounting solution

  • RentRedi supports online payments and credit card transactions.
  • For a detailed financial overview, Buildium edges out.

RentRedi simplifies online rent collection, offering options for both bank accounts and credit card payments. Its system also sends out rent reminders to tenants, ensuring timely payments.

On the other hand, Buildium offers a detailed expense tracking system, catering to the varied needs of property managers. Beyond just online rent payments, Buildium supports lease tracking, financial reporting, and even add-on rental property accounting software, making it an all-encompassing financial tool for landlords.

Factor 3: Tenant Management and Screening

Buildium provides extensive tenant screening services and prescreening forms

  • RentRedi offers Secure tenant screening and online rental applications.
  • Buildium takes the lead with its comprehensive tenant management tools.

While RentRedi offers affordable renter screening services, ensuring that landlords can find trustworthy tenants, its services are basic.

Buildium, with its extensive tenant management tools, allows landlords to screen tenants, conduct credit checks, and even use prescreening forms. This ensures that the tenants are not only financially trustworthy but also a good fit for the community.

Factor 4: Maintenance and Vendor Management

Buildium’s maintenance management goes beyond, allowing Calendar Management and Vendor Management

  • RentRedi’s tenant-submitted maintenance requests ensure quick response times.
  • Buildium’s detailed maintenance tracking system places it ahead.

RentRedi allows tenants to directly submit maintenance requests through their mobile applications, ensuring that landlords can quickly address any issues.

Buildium, however, offers a comprehensive maintenance tracking system. Property managers can schedule maintenance, liaise with vendors, and even manage vendor payments, ensuring that all aspects of property management are efficiently handled.

Factor 5: Pricing and Affordability

RentRedi offers a straightforward monthly subscription without hidden fees

  • Buildium’s pricing model is tiered based on the number of units managed.
  • For transparent pricing without surprises, RentRedi wins.

RentRedi believes in transparent pricing, offering a straightforward monthly subscription. This ensures landlords know exactly what they’re paying without any hidden fees or surprises.

Buildium, however, offers pricing tiers based on the number of units being managed. While this can be cost-effective for larger properties, it may lead to unpredictable costs for landlords with fluctuating numbers of units.

Who Wins This Matchup?

Both RentRedi and Buildium are commendable property management software solutions, each catering to specific needs. While RentRedi is more tailored for independent landlords seeking simplicity and transparency, Buildium is a comprehensive tool ideal for those managing a mix of property types.

In this neck-to-neck comparison, Buildium takes the slight edge due to its comprehensive suite of features and its prowess in tenant management, financial oversight, and maintenance tracking. Click here to get started with Buildium

However, the choice ultimately depends on individual needs. Before deciding, we also recommend diving deeper into RentRedi’s offerings here. Whatever your property management needs, both platforms are sure to offer value and efficiency.
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