The Responsibilities of a Company as an Employer

Starting a business does not only mean making profits, as it comes with various responsibilities. Among these are the duties towards the authorities to which taxes must be paid, towards the employees, as the business owner will need personnel in order to complete the work, and towards the clients, creditors and suppliers.

Out of all these responsibilities one of the most important is that of duty for the employees. First of all, any employment relation must begin with a legal work contract which provides for the duty and the benefits of the worker. Also, it is the employer’s duty to report to the competent authorities and pay the relevant taxes and contributions related to the employees’ wages. In most cases, this means registering for social contributions and obtaining an employer number.

Then, the company must start considering the duties it has towards all the employees.

The main responsibilities of companies towards their employees

The first and most important duties of an employer is to preserve the safety and health of its employees during working hours. These are essential in countries all over the world, and among the states putting accent on safety are the European ones which are supported by several EU institutions. However, most countries have their own mechanisms and ministries which oversee the activities of employers and how they guarantee these rights. The Netherlands, for example, is one of the most appealing European countries as the Employment Law here guarantees the welfare of those working in local companies. This is also why the Dutch workforce is made of local and foreign employees in equal parts.

The safety and health of employees must be ensured by specific trainings, markings and signs which draw the attention on dangerous actions or places. All the procedures are usually written and updated, if necessary.

It is also common to consult with specialists and even employees when considering the safety at the workplace. The equipment which secures employees during work must be provided by the employer. Most of the times, an effective supervising system is put in place.

Accidents at the workplace

With all the supervision, it is possible for accidents to happen. In this case it is the employer’s duty to register the accident, to report and to cooperate with the relevant authorities in order investigate how it happened. It is also the employer’s duty to enhance security measures in order to make sure accidents are prevented.

Countries all over the world provide health insurance through which the recovery of an injured employee is ensured. Even so, it is the employee’s right to claim compensation for the injury if the employer is found guilty for the accident. The worker can do that on his/her own, however he/she can also seek legal help and calculate the amount of money he/she can receive from the guilty party.

The rights of employees of being recompensed

Once employers have made sure that the health and safety of their workers are not at risk, they must also ensure these get paid for the work they have provided. From this point of view, China is the second largest economy in the world which attracts many foreign companies that come here for the cheap labor force. These open branch offices in China in order to be able to hire local workers. However, they must respect the Labor Code here and ensure at least the minimum wage.

The payment will not only come under the form of a salary and other pecuniary benefits, but also under the form of resting hours and vacation. Also, all the work provided by an employee must be carefully kept in records which will later be considered for retirement.

During the last few years work safety has become a challenge for many companies which has led to the development of many mechanisms and institutions which create standards and systems which lower the risk of accidents, one of the biggest concerns of employers. Investors who want to open companies can use these standards in order to ensure the safety of their employees after making sure all legal requirements have been complied with.

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