Restoration Hardware (RH) Stock: Falling Apart On Guidance Blues

Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc common stock (NYSE: RH)

Restoration Hardware had a relatively strong day in the market today. After starting the day off in the green, the stock stayed ahead until the closing bell. In fact, it closed the day off at $38.99 per share after a gain of 2.77%. However, things went dark minutes ago after the company released a business update. Below, we’ll talk about what we’re seeing from the stock, why, and what investors should be watching for with regard to RH ahead.

What We’re Seeing From RH

As mentioned above, Restoration Hardware had a strong day in the market today. After starting the day in the green, the stock maintained slow yet steady movement in the upward direction to close the day off with a gain of 2.77%. However, in after hours, the stock started falling apart just minutes ago. At this point, it has fallen well into the red. At the moment (5:58), RH is trading at $31.69 per share after a loss of 18.72% thus far.

Why The Stock Is Falling

The reason for the declines on RH is relatively simple to understand. Unfortunately, the company released a business update that didn’t bode well with investors. In the update, the company lowered its guidance, blaming the election as well as delayed delivery of its larger catalogs as the cause. Here’s the update the company provided…

  • Full Year Earnings Per Share Outlook – Earnings per share are expected to come in the range between $1.19 and $1.29. This is a far cry from previous projections of earnings being between $1.60 and $1.80 per share.
  • Full Year Revenue Growth – The company also updated guidance with regard to full year revenue. In the update, we learned that Restoration Hardware is expecting revenue to come in between $2.11 billion and $2.14 billion. If this is the case, revenue growth would come in between flat and 1%. Previously, the company expected revenue growth between 1% and 3%.

In a statement, Gary Friedman, CEO at RH expressed his feelings toward the cut, saying “We are clearly disappointed in our fourth quarter outlook.”

What Investors Should Watch Ahead

Moving forward, keep a close eye on RH. The sales could bounce back, making this a great opportunity. However, it’s far more likely that the company does fall short. Nonetheless, I am looking for more reasoning here. Ultimately, the election should not have played this much of a role, considering that other companies in the sector are doing well.

What Do You Think?

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