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October 29, 2023October 29, 2023

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In 2023, the economic scenario is quite turbulent due to trade wars, natural disasters, and growing US-China tensions. These factors can significantly affect the US economy and, consequently, your investments.

Amidst market uncertainty, investors are seeking tools to make more informed decisions. Capitalist Exploits is one such tool that’s catching attention for its stock research capabilities. However, its high price tag is causing many to pause and evaluate its worth.

This comprehensive review of Capitalist Exploits aims to shed light on whether it’s a wise investment for enhancing your market analysis before you decide to commit your funds.
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Pros and Cons of Capitalist Exploits


  • Consistently high returns
  • Low-risk recommendations (Good Sharpe ratios)
  • Excellent customer service from knowledgeable staff
  • Comprehensive research and analysis of stocks, commodities, currencies, and ETFs
  • Easy-to-use user interface with mobile app capabilities
  • Education courses mentorship offered
  • Transparent recommendations
  • Actively engaged community
  • Money-back guarantee
  • $1 30-day trial available


  • It may be too technical for novice investors
  • Fees are higher than other stock research and analysis companies
  • No access to live trading capabilities on the site
  • Not available in all countries around the world

What is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is like a club for investors, offering helpful insights on stocks to help members make money. They share this info through a blog, a paid newsletter, and a special premium service.

While the premium service is more expensive, it comes with extra goodies.

By joining as a premium member, you get special research, deep dives into global markets, talks with expert folks in the industry, tools to sift through stocks, and more useful stuff to guide your investment choices.

Who Founded Capitalist Exploits?

Chris MacIntosh is the brain behind Capitalist Exploits, establishing it to assist individuals in achieving greater success with their investments. This platform is particularly designed for those who may not have ample time to delve into the intricacies of investment analysis.

Through Capitalist Exploits, Chris MacIntosh has provided a tool that simplifies the investment process, offering valuable insights to help people make informed decisions in the financial market.

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Products and Services of Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits is a platform that offers varied resources to help investors make smart financial decisions and potentially grow their profits. Here’s a breakdown of their offerings:

Insider Newsletter

  • For $35 monthly (after a $1 trial for the first month), you receive a newsletter that doesn’t just update you with the latest market happenings but explains how these events might influence the stock market.
  • The newsletter delivers curated investment tips weekly, covering the ‘big five’ stock ideas, macro investing suggestions, and well-examined insights by a seasoned team.

Stocks With Deep Value

  • Here, exclusive insights into undervalued stocks with high growth potential are shared.

Macro Commentary

  • Members are provided with expert analysis of global market trends and events to help understand the global economy and stock evaluation.

CapEx Insider Membership (Premium Service)

Priced at $2,499 per year, this premium membership (with a $1 trial for the first month) offers a range of features:

  • Alerts: Timely updates on global market trends, stocks, and events to keep you informed on factors that might affect your portfolio.
  • Insider Community Forum: A space to connect, learn from, and share insights with other investors.
  • Q&A Sessions: Monthly sessions where members can interview experienced investors, gaining actionable advice.
  • Education: A video series for beginners to learn the investing basics.
  • Mentorship: A program to help you build a strong investment strategy and make confident decisions once you have grasped the basics.

The array of features provided by Capitalist Exploits, especially under its premium service, seeks to equip investors with the knowledge, community, and tools necessary to navigate the financial market confidently.

The pricing for these services varies, with the premium CapEx Insider Membership being on the higher end. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate whether the offerings align with your investment goals and budget.

How Capitalist Exploits Works: Investing Strategy

Capitalist Exploits aims to aid better investing through its range of resources and services. The extent of its utility depends on how individuals choose to leverage it. Here’s a breakdown:

Free Resources

  • The company provides high-quality free resources, including a weekly newsletter featuring stock picks along with accompanying analysis.

Paid Newsletter

  • Subscribing to the paid newsletter at $35 per month after a $1 trial provides you with five stock ideas in each issue and professional guidance on global investments, alongside access to an educational video series.

Premium Membership:

  • The premium membership, priced at $2,499 per year, ups the ante by offering personalized stock suggestions and portfolio strategy recommendations, among other benefits.

Regardless of the tier, Capitalist Exploits focuses on presenting unique, high-reward, and low-risk investment opportunities, all vetted by their investment team.

This way, whether you are using the free resources or the paid services, you’re getting recommendations aimed at maximizing reward while minimizing risk, a crucial balance in investing.

Through these offerings, Capitalist Exploits strives to cater to a broad spectrum of investor needs, from those seeking basic guidance to others requiring more personalized investment advice and strategies.

Is Capitalist Exploits Legit?

Absolutely, yes. Capitalist Exploits is not only legitimate but also boasts a remarkable performance history. People who’ve used the service appreciate it, showing their satisfaction with an average rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot.

The good news is that even without paying for the subscription, you can gain valuable insights from their free newsletter and blog, which offer a taste of what Capitalist Exploits is all about.

Performance of Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits has shown strong performance since it started. They’ve managed to secure more than a 14% average annualized return, which is quite impressive compared to the national average of 8.7% for macro stocks.

In the past five years, they have maintained a portfolio compounding rate of 13.5% on average. This strong performance comes with a claim of low risk, making Capitalist Exploits an attractive option for investors looking for steady growth without exposing themselves to significant risk.

Pricing Plan

Capitalist Exploits has a tiered pricing structure. The Insider Newsletter is priced at $35 monthly, following a $1 trial period. On the other hand, the CapEx Insider, a more premium offering, comes at a heftier price of $2,499 annually.

Comparative Value: When pitted against traditional investing courses at colleges, Capitalist Exploits comes off as a more affordable choice with added benefits like education, mentorship, a community of investors, and curated stock recommendations, among others.

However, when stacked against other online investment advisory platforms like Alpha Picks ($99/year) or Motley Fool Stock Advisor ($199/year), Capitalist Exploits is notably pricier.

It’s crucial to weigh the cost against the unique and personalized services offered by Capitalist Exploits to determine if the value justifies the higher price point.

Final Takeaway

The cost of joining Capitalist Exploits might be on the higher side, but its offerings can be quite beneficial, especially for savvy, part-time investors.

It’s a time-saver as it shoulders the burden of extensive analysis and research. The $1 trial for the first month and a money-back guarantee are great incentives to at least give it a whirl.

Coupled with their low-risk investment approach, exclusive portfolio access, monthly Q+A sessions, and mentorship program, the value proposition of Capitalist Exploits shines through.

It’s not just about the money invested but the wealth of knowledge, insights, and community support that come with it, making it a worthwhile consideration for those looking to up their investment game. Click here to sign up for an account.
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