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November 3, 2023November 3, 2023

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If your trading performance has been less than stellar, it may be time to elevate your strategy. A platform like Cheddar Flow can offer real-time analytics to guide your investment decisions on which stocks to pick, and when. However, like any tool, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will review Cheddar Flow to help you decide whether this platform aligns with your trading objectives.
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What Is Cheddar Flow?

Cheddar Flow is a real-time analytics platform designed to provide insights into the world of stock options trading. The platform offers a live feed of options activity, enabling traders to identify trends, patterns, and significant transactions as they happen. Utilizing data like options volume, strike prices, and expiration dates, Cheddar Flow tries to give traders an edge by helping them understand market dynamics. This is an excellent source for institutional investors or beginning investors. The options order flow platform features trading tools to help decipher historical flow.

Features of Cheddar Flow

  • Options Order Flow Scanner: Cheddar Flow is the best unusual options activity scanner, which means that it monitors uncommon trading activities in options by large institutions and firms. It also provides detailed information such as the timing of the trades, the offered and requested prices, the industry of the companies involved, and the size of the stocks being bought and sold. Additionally, users can customize what information they see by using filters. For instance, if you’re interested in option contracts that will expire at a specific time, you can set Cheddar Flow to show you just that. This constant flow leads to an intuitive trading experience that benefits from advanced filtering options.
  • Dark Pool Data: Curious about the activities in private trading platforms, known as dark pools, where trades are made anonymously? Cheddar Flow can help you keep an eye on the largest trades happening in these secluded markets. It also shows how stock prices interact with key resistance levels, which can affect the total volume of stocks traded within a specific time frame. All this information is updated in real-time and presented in a chart. This intelligent signal generator utilizes customization options to give you a range of offerings for active trading.

For a deeper understanding of trading activities in dark pools, you can review past trades to identify trading patterns. If you prefer a more detailed analysis, you can download the data into a spreadsheet. This will show information like the stock symbols for each company traded in the dark pool, the number of shares traded, the price per share, and the total value of those trades.

  • AI Power Alerts: These alerts notify the user whenever a trade occurs, providing important details about its impact. Specifically, the alert will indicate how the trade affects the stock volume of the relevant company (identified by its stock symbol or ticker), any changes in the stock’s premium (meaning how much the stock is trading above its fundamental value, expressed as a percentage), and the updated market price of the stock. These alerts and custom watchlists are key features of the user interface that will help you succeed on the options market.

Cheddar Flow Pros and Cons

Feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of trading data on Cheddar Flow? You’re not alone. Let’s cut through the noise and explore the Cheddar Flow pros and cons to see if it’s the right fit for your trading strategy.


  • Free Trial: Cheddar Flow offers a 7-day trial period for new users, giving them a chance to test out its features. This trial is particularly helpful for those who are new to trading and want to explore the platform’s capabilities.
  • Discord Server: Having a community of fellow users to talk to may seem like a small thing, but it can actually be very valuable. Discussing common challenges and finding solutions together can provide valuable support and help you become more confident as an individual trader.
  • No Refund: Cheddar Flow does not offer refunds under any circumstances. While this may seem stringent, it encourages users to make thoughtful and confident decisions from the start, which can be beneficial for their long-term success as traders.
  • Substantial Accuracy: While it’s wise to exercise caution in your trading activities, Cheddar Flow’s analytics serve as a solid foundation to guide your decisions. However, they shouldn’t be the sole factor you rely on for making trades.
  • Variety of Plans: No matter your experience level—whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned retail trader, or a veteran aiming for new achievements—Cheddar Flow offers a subscription plan that suits your needs.
  • Scale Your Profits: If you use Cheddar Flow effectively and really focus on understanding its insights, you’ll discover that the platform can significantly increase your potential for generating higher revenue.


  • Credit Card Needed: To start a free trial with Cheddar Flow, you’re required to enter your credit card information. This requirement might make you feel tied down to the platform.
  • Non-availability of Testing Options: It would be beneficial if the platform offered a feature that allows users to evaluate how effective the data is that they’ve gathered using the platform’s other tools.

Cheddar Flow Pricing

Cheddar Flow operates on a subscription model, where each higher-tier subscription plan offers more features. As you’ll see in the list of plans provided below, the pricing is reasonable, allowing you to select a plan that fits within your budget:

  • Standard Plan ($85/month): This subscription plan allows you to use a specialized scanner that identifies unusual options trading activity. You can view real-time or recent trades, and you also have the option to look at past trades that took place on previous days.
  • Professional Plan ($99/month or $891/year): With this upgraded plan, you receive all the features available in the standard plan. Additionally, you can create a personalized watchlist to keep an eye on specific options trades. You’ll also gain access to exclusive dark pool trading data. To keep you informed, the plan offers both AI-generated and desktop alerts.

Review Cheddar Flow Pros and Cons: Conclusion

After carefully evaluating the Cheddar Flow pros and cons presented in this article, one thing is abundantly clear: the platform idt premier choice for traders looking to make informed and profitable decisions. With its robust set of features and analytics, Cheddar Flow equips you with the insights to trade profitably. Click here to try Cheddar Flow for free.

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