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October 29, 2023October 29, 2023

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Have you ever dreamt of making a splash in the trading world but been held back due to a lack of significant capital or a fancy degree?

Your dream might be a step closer to reality with prop trading firms like City Traders Imperium (CTI), based in the heart of London.

Prop trading firms fund aspiring traders, eliminating the hefty capital requirement that usually comes with starting a trading career. This review covers more on what makes the platform stand out.
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About City Trader Imperium

Founded by ex-professional head traders Daniel Martin and Martin Najat, CTI emerged from a desire to revamp the existing model of UK-based prop firms, which, according to the founders, were merely “selling a pipe dream.”

The disconnect between what was taught to funded traders and what they needed to grasp to become profitable traders was glaring. Hence, CTI was born to bridge this gap by providing funding, well-structured educational materials, and professional guidance.

A Boon for Forex Enthusiasts

CTI is not just about funding. It’s about nurturing a trader from the roots, providing a fertile ground to grow and flourish in the trading world. For Forex enthusiasts, CTI is nothing short of a boon.

The firm offers direct funding ranging from $20,000 to $70,000, allowing many trading strategies. This flexibility makes CTI a suitable platform for retail, swing, day traders, and professional portfolio managers.

Leverage, Learning, and a Like-minded Community

What sets CTI apart is its offer of up to 1:100 leverage, a feature that can significantly magnify profits. However, CTI is not just about funding and leverage; it’s about fostering a community. Beyond being a funding provider, CTI envisions creating a hub of like-minded individuals providing mentorship programs to help traders navigate the often turbulent waters of the trading world.

Is City Traders Imperium Your Next Stop?

The plethora of prop trading firms can be overwhelming for an aspiring trader. However, City Traders Imperium certainly stands out with its unique blend of funding, education, and community.

If you’re looking for a funded account and a comprehensive environment to kick-start your trading journey, CTI might be the platform to consider.

So, if the world of trading beckons you, perhaps it’s time to explore what City Traders Imperium has in store, and who knows, this might be the stepping stone to a flourishing trading career.

City Traders Imperium Offerings and Costs

Labeled as “the best forex funding program in the industry,” CTI offers its enrollees a unique blend of flexibility and financial potential. Here’s a detailed look into what’s on offer and at what cost.

Funded Trader Program

CTI’s proposition is clear; it wants a platform where traders can manage accounts up to $4 million, with a profit share of up to 70%. The promise is big, but what makes it appealing is the flexibility in risk management rules, allowing traders to create a trading scenario they are comfortable with.

Evaluation vs. Direct Funding

The route to becoming a funded trader with CTI has two paths – Evaluation and Direct Funding.

  • Evaluation

Here, consistency is key. Traders are expected to showcase a steady trading style over at least 30 days, aiming for an account growth target of 7%. The profit share here is set at 50%.

The catch, however, is the potentially long evaluation period, which can stretch up to a year, although funding can be accessed sooner upon meeting the targets and requirements. This elongated timeframe is a perfect match for swing traders, offering them a stage to apply their strategies unhurriedly.

  • Direct Funding

The Direct Funding option provides immediate funding for those impatient to start, bypassing the evaluation. As a Portfolio Manager, the consistency in trading can be less stringent, with inactive periods of up to 2 months allowed. The profit share ranges between 60 and 70%, with a growth target of 10%.

Cost Structure

The initial investment is structured based on the chosen path and the funding amount.

  • Evaluation Phase Costs
    • £109 for a $10,000 direct funding (£2,500 evaluation account size)
    • £199 for a $20,000 direct funding (£5,000 evaluation account size)
    • And so on, up to £649 for a $70,000 direct funding (£17,500 evaluation account size)
  • Direct Funding Costs
    • £999 for a $20,000 direct funding
    • £1,799 for a $40,000 direct funding
    • Climbing up to £3,099 for a $70,000 direct funding

The cost structure is straightforward and scales with the funding amount, providing options for different levels of initial investment.

Mentorship at City Traders Imperium

The journey to becoming a proficient trader can often feel like navigating through uncharted territory. However, City Traders Imperium (CTI) aims to demystify this expedition with its ensemble of well-crafted programs.

Here’s a close-up look at the mentoring and mastermind offerings that promise to fast-track a trader’s evolution from novice to adept.

The Mastermind Program

  • Community and Virtual Trading Floor

The Mastermind Program’s core is an online community bustling with over 2,000 professional traders. Alongside, a virtual trading floor awaits, offering real-time insights and camaraderie, pivotal in honing one’s trading prowess.

  • Education and Coaching

Subscribers are privy to over 50 hours of learning materials that delve into the psychological and strategic facets of trading. The cherry on top is the 1-on-1 coaching sessions with seasoned trading professionals, a conduit for personalized guidance and growth.

  • Accelerated Professional Growth

CTI’s bold claim slashes the time to professional trading competence from five years to just one. And for the go-getters, success stories of conquering the learning curve in as short as six months are not unheard of within the Mastermind realm.

  • Selective Admission

However, admission to the program is discerning, with only 15% of applicants cutting each month. A 30-minute discovery call is a gateway, ensuring a symbiotic alignment between the aspirant’s goals and the program’s offerings.

Psychology Consultation

  • Free, Yet Invaluable

One of the standout offerings at CTI is the opportunity for a free consultation with a trading professional. This session is envisioned as a mirror, reflecting how one’s psychological makeup interacts with trading decisions, an essential introspection for crafting a successful trading narrative.

Transformation Mentoring

  • Direct Mentorship from the Co-founder

The Transformation Mentoring is an exclusive avenue for direct coaching from Daniel Martin, City Traders Imperium’s seasoned trading veteran and co-founder.

  • Limited Slots, Unbounded Insights

While booking a slot for this mentorship is straightforward, the availability is limited. This service is earmarked for the “most committed and passionate traders,” reflecting the premium quality of insights.


City Traders Imperium seems to be a funded trading platform and a holistic trading mentorship hub. With a structured approach towards education, personalized coaching, and a thriving community, it’s a perfect platform for those willing to delve deep, learn, and evolve in the trading arena.

Whether it’s the personalized psychological consultations or the direct mentorship from a trading veteran, every offering is an invitation to transcend trading hurdles and step into a realm of consistent profitability. Click here to sign up for an account using our CTI coupon code.

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