Review FTMO Pros and Cons: Understanding the Benefits and Drawbacks

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October 22, 2023October 22, 2023

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Prop trading firms, or proprietary trading firms, provide traders with capital to trade on the firm’s behalf. Unlike traditional brokerages, these firms do not have clients but allocate some of their capital to their traders. The earnings are then split between the firm and the trader based on an agreed percentage.

FTMO is one of the best forex prop trading firms available. Founded to empower talented traders, FTMO allows traders to access substantial trading capital. Over the years, FTMO has carved a niche for itself, not just for its generous profit-sharing but also for its rigorous yet rewarding evaluation process. Aspiring traders, both novices and experts, view FTMO as a stepping stone to scaling their trading careers. This makes it a formidable presence in the prop trading industry.

In this article, we’ll review FTMO pros and cons and how it stacks up in the industry.
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A Brief History of FTMO

Proprietary trading isn’t a new concept, but in the world of forex and commodities, creating a trusted platform is both a challenge and an opportunity. FTMO recognized this opportunity and set its foundation firmly in prop trading.

At its core, FTMO wants to create a space where talented traders can access substantial trading funds and showcase their skills regardless of background. This idea sprang from the minds of Otakar Šuffner and Marek Vašíček. They identified a gap in the market for a platform that not only rewarded talent but also nurtured and supported it.

They aspired to balance offering flexible trading conditions and maintaining stringent quality checks. Their aim? To ensure that every trader on their platform could handle the volatile world of trading while reaping the rewards of their expertise and hard work.

From its humble beginnings, FTMO has grown exponentially. Its emphasis on nurturing trader success and its attractive profit-sharing model have cemented its place as one of the industry’s most sought-after prop trading firms.

FTMO Features and Services 

FTMO offers various benefits tailored to novice and experienced traders. Here’s a breakdown of what a top-tier funded forex trading account brings to the table:

  • High-Profit Split: One of the standout attributes of FTMO is its generous profit-sharing model. Traders can enjoy a profit share of up to a whopping 90%. This indicates that the company values its traders and ensures they get a significant portion of their hard-earned gains.
  • Two-Phase Evaluation: FTMO has a meticulous two-phase evaluation process in place. This ascertains that traders are skilled and adept at managing risks. The goal is to foster an environment of consistent profit generation.
  • Diverse Trading Assets: Traders are free to choose a market. FTMO offers a plethora of assets, including Forex, Indices, Commodities, and even the burgeoning field of Crypto. This variety allows traders to diversify their strategies and capitalize on multiple markets.
  • No Maximum Time Limit: Unlike some prop trading firms with strict evaluation timelines, FTMO offers flexibility. Traders can take their time during the evaluation phase. It ensures they’re not rushed and can trade under conditions that mirror their comfort.
  • Freedom in Trading Styles: FTMO allows its traders to implement their chosen strategies, whether swing trading, day trading, or any other style. This flexibility underscores FTMO’s commitment to accommodating diverse trading approaches.

FTMO’s features and services provide traders with a comprehensive and conducive environment. This makes it a top contender in prop trading firms.

FTMO User Feedback

Understanding the experiences of past and current traders with FTMO offers invaluable insights into the platform’s real-world performance. Based on the 4.3 stars rating, FTMO has garnered substantial favor in the trading community.

Traders often emphasize the favorable high-profit split, which, at up to 90%, is one of the industry’s leading rates. This means that traders feel adequately rewarded for their efforts. It fosters a partnership with FTMO rather than just being another trader on their platform.

The platform’s flexibility regarding trading styles and assets, combined with the absence of a maximum time limit for the evaluation period, is also often lauded. Such flexibility allows traders of various backgrounds and strategies to find a comfortable home with FTMO.

Excellent support, both in terms of platform guidance and trading, is another frequent commendation. This means that FTMO ensures their traders have all the necessary tools and assistance to succeed.

Of course, no platform is without its criticisms. Some traders find the two-phase evaluation challenging or demanding. But, many see it as a testament to FTMO’s commitment to quality and risk management.

The general sentiment suggests that FTMO stands tall as a reliable and trader-centric prop trading firm, with most users having a positive experience.

Review FTMO Pros and Cons

In prop trading, FTMO has made its mark as one of the go-to platforms for traders, both new and experienced. However, like any trading platform, it comes with its strengths and areas for improvement. Let’s review FTMO pros and cons:


  • High-Profit Split: Traders stand to benefit greatly with up to 90% profit share, a rate that’s notably higher than many competitors.
  • Diverse Trading Assets: From Forex to Crypto, traders have a variety of assets to choose from, broadening their trading opportunities.
  • Flexible Evaluation: There’s no maximum time limit for the evaluation period, allowing traders to showcase their skills without feeling rushed.
  • Open Trading Styles: FTMO doesn’t restrict trading strategies, ensuring traders can implement what works best.


  • Rigorous Evaluation: While ensuring quality, the two-phase evaluation might be intimidating and challenging for some.

In conclusion, while FTMO presents lucrative opportunities, traders must fully understand the platform’s ins and outs. Careful consideration can help traders maximize the benefits while being aware of potential challenges.


Choosing a prop trading firm is no minor decision, especially when considering the diverse options available in the market.

FTMO, with its high rating, has showcased its value to many traders. The significant benefits position FTMO as a top contender in the industry.

However, like any platform, FTMO has its unique set of challenges. The rigorous evaluation process, while ensuring quality, might be daunting for some. It’s essential to weigh these considerations against the potential rewards.

The choice of a prop trading firm should resonate with a trader’s individual goals, strategies, and comfort levels. Ensuring an alignment with the platform’s offerings can significantly impact trading success and satisfaction.

For those curious to explore more, click here and visit FTMO. Remember, the right fit can make all the difference in one’s trading journey.
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