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October 22, 2023October 22, 2023

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The world of real estate investing has experienced a seismic shift, largely due to the rise of crowdfunding platforms. These platforms have democratized what was once a domain for the affluent few. Among the front-runners in this transition is Landa.

Promoting itself with the slogan, “Real estate investing for real people,” Landa provides a seamless interface via its app. This allows individuals to invest in rental properties, reap consistent rental income, and amass a diverse real estate portfolio, bypassing traditional challenges.

As we review Landa’s pros and cons, we’ll dive deep to determine if it genuinely stands as a game-changer in the fractional real estate marketplace. Continue reading this Landa Review to find out all you need to know.
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What is Landa?

Landa, a modern fractional real estate investment platform, emerged with a unique proposition in the crowded real estate tech space. Initially launched in 2019 and then relaunched in 2021, it has garnered attention from industry-leading publications like TechCrunch, Fortune, and Yahoo.

What sets Landa apart? Through its user-friendly mobile app, individuals can invest in rental properties, starting with as little as $5, and enjoy the benefits of both rental cash flow and potential property appreciation.

Landa’s innovation doesn’t stop at offering fractional ownership. They take it a step further by acting as property managers for every listed property, simplifying the process for both investors and tenants. This dual-role system provides tenants with a dedicated app to handle leases, rent payments, and home-related concerns, ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

As it breaks down traditional barriers, Landa is reshaping the landscape of real estate investing, making it accessible and straightforward for the everyday individual.

A Closer Review: Landa Pros And Cons


  • Fractional Ownership: Landa offers investors the opportunity to hold a fraction of real estate properties, eliminating the need to buy an entire property.
  • Steady Income Stream: Monthly dividend payments provide a consistent revenue source for investors.
  • Seamless User Experience: The Landa app stands out with its intuitive and user-friendly design.
  • Broad Investment Options: The platform introduces investment opportunities spanning diverse real estate markets.
  • Reinvestment Options: Automated features on the platform allow for the reinvestment of dividends, facilitating compounded returns.
  • Low Investment Threshold: With Landa, the entry barrier is set low, enabling investments from just $5.
  • Potential for Liquidity: Unique to its space, Landa’s secondary marketplace offers a semblance of liquidity.


  • Clarity on Investments: Investors might find it challenging to acquire comprehensive details or projections on properties before investment.
  • Restricted Trade Windows: Trades on the secondary market are confined to business hours, which might clash with investors’ personal schedules.
  • App Maintenance: A few users have pointed out intermittent technical glitches in the app.

Landa Alternatives

In any new, booming market there are many competitors. One such company is Arrived Homes. A favorite for non-accredited investors, Arrived homes is great for individuals looking for single-family rental properties. Check out this Landa vs Arrived Homes comparison to see which is best for you.

Another such company is Fundrise. Individuals looking for low 1% asset management fees might want to give Fundrise a look. Fundrise also offers their own eREITs that allow investors an easy way to diversify their portfolio without spending much time researching individual homes. Check out this Landa vs Fundrise article to see how they stack up.

How Does Landa Work?

Landa has revolutionized the landscape of real estate investing by offering a straightforward approach, making it simpler and more accessible for the average individual. Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

  • Property Selection: Landa’s team meticulously sources and identifies prime investment properties in various residential markets. Users can effortlessly browse through these curated properties on the Landa App.
  • Investment: Each property, once purchased by Landa, is converted into a limited liability company (LLC). Depending on the type, they then offer up to 10,000 shares for single-family homes or as many as 100,000 shares for multi-family properties. Interested users can buy into these shares, and in return, they acquire a stake in the potential profits the property might yield, primarily from rental income.
  • Tenant Management: Landa doesn’t just stop at property acquisition. They actively find and manage tenants for these properties, making the investment experience relatively hands-off for the investor. Tenants, on their side, benefit from an efficient app-based system, where they can sign leases and handle rent payments seamlessly via their smartphones.
  • Earnings and Dividends: With your investment, every month you’re eligible to earn dividends. These are derived from the rental income of the properties after accounting for expenses, loans, and other costs. On the first of each month, these dividend distributions are credited directly to investors’ accounts.
  • Maintenance: Investing in real estate often comes with the added responsibility of property upkeep. But with Landa, this isn’t something investors need to concern themselves with. Dedicated local Landa teams are in charge of all property maintenance, ensuring that the real estate remains in optimal condition.
  • Share Trading: One distinctive feature of Landa is its secondary market. It grants users the flexibility to trade their property shares, making their investment somewhat more liquid than conventional real estate dealings. Investors can set their desired share price when selling. Furthermore, this marketplace offers an opportunity for those who might have missed the initial property share offerings to buy into fully-funded properties.

If you would like to learn more about Landa or get started on your path to real estate diversification, Click Here.
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