Review Sharesight Pros and Cons: Is It the Ultimate Portfolio Manager?

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October 25, 2023October 25, 2023

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Nowadays, keeping a close eye on investments is more critical than ever. With various investment options, from traditional stocks and bonds to more modern cryptocurrency investments, managing a portfolio can become daunting. This is where stock portfolio tracking apps have become indispensable. They offer investors a consolidated view of their assets, track real-time performance, and provide analytics for better investment decisions.

One name that stands out in this industry is Sharesight. Celebrated by many, Sharesight offers various features that cater to novice and experienced traders. Its unique approach to portfolio analytics simplifies the complexities of investment tracking.

As we delve deeper into Sharesight, we’ll uncover its features and services. We’ll also review Sharesight pros and cons, shedding light on its growing popularity in the financial tech space.
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The Genesis of Sharesight

Sharesight’s journey began when passionate financial enthusiasts saw a gap in the market for an intuitive, user-friendly portfolio tracking tool. They realized that while numerous investment platforms were available, few provided a holistic view of one’s investments combined with detailed analytics.

Founded by an innovative team led by Doug Morris, Tony Ryburn, and Scott Ryburn, Sharesight revolutionized how investors track and manage their portfolios. Doug, with a background in finance, and the Ryburns, both tech aficionados, combined their expertise to create a product that bridged the gap between finance and technology.

The ethos behind Sharesight was simple yet profound. The team wanted to empower investors by providing transparency into their portfolios helping them make informed decisions based on accurate data. This vision quickly materialized into a platform that tracked investments and offered insights into portfolio performance, dividends, and more. Since its inception, Sharesight has consistently remained true to its core mission. It evolved with the times while always keeping the needs of its users at the forefront.

Sharesight Main Features and Services

In today’s dynamic investment landscape, Sharesight is a beacon for many investors, thanks to its robust features and services catering to diverse needs. Here’s a closer look at some of its standout offerings:

  • Portfolio Analytics: One of Sharesight’s most acclaimed features is its in-depth portfolio analytics. Users gain a comprehensive view of their investments, shedding light on performance trends, potential growth areas, and areas needing attention.
  • Custom Groups Feature: Sharesight’s Custom Groups feature allows users to organize and categorize their investments based on personal preferences. This tool has proven invaluable for those who desire a more structured portfolio view.
  • Investor Level Upgrades: Sharesight offers the option to upgrade to the Investor Level for those looking to expand their investment horizon. This allows users to integrate multiple portfolios, streamlining their investment management process.
  • Automated Tracking: Investors with foreign shareholdings can breathe a sigh of relief with Sharesight’s automated tracking feature. It seamlessly monitors exchange rate fluctuations and dividend payments, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping.
  • Connectivity: Recognizing the importance of integration in today’s digital age, Sharesight boasts connectivity with other prominent platforms. This ensures that users have a centralized hub for all their investment needs.

In a nutshell, Sharesight’s innovative features and services position it as a premier choice for investors seeking a seamless and insightful investment tracking experience.

Sharesight Price Details of 

Navigating the world of investment tools can be challenging, especially when considering the balance between the features and costs. Sharesight, with its transparent pricing structure, aims to offer value at every subscription tier.

  • Different Subscription Levels: Sharesight provides multiple subscription levels, catering to novice investors and experienced traders. Each level offers a tailored set of features, ensuring users only pay for the necessary tools. The cost starts at $15 a month and goes up to $31 per month for the expert plan. They also all offer a 7-day free trial period.

Beginners and budget-conscious traders can get the basic Free Plan or use a Sharesight promo code for a quick discount.

  • Benefits of Each Subscription Tier: Users can expect foundational portfolio tracking tools and limited custom groups at the basic level. As one progresses to higher tiers, additional features such as advanced analytics, more custom groups, and the ability to manage multiple portfolios become accessible. These higher tiers especially benefit users with diverse and extensive investment portfolios.

In summary, Sharesight offers a flexible pricing model, ensuring investors of all scales can find a subscription that aligns with their needs while providing room for growth.

Review Sharesight Pros and Cons 

Pros of Using Sharesight

The increasing popularity of Sharesight comes from the numerous advantages it brings to the table.

  • Reliable Tracking: In the dynamic realm of investments, having accurate and real-time information is pivotal. Sharesight stands out with its promise of consistent and precise portfolio tracking. It ensures users are always in the know about their investments’ performance.
  • User-friendly Interface: The best tools seamlessly blend power with simplicity. Sharesight’s interface provides intuitive navigation. From well-structured reports to easily accessible features, users can swiftly manage and review their portfolios without hassle.
  • Enhanced Functionality: One of Sharesight’s standout features is its ability to automate processes that investors typically find tedious. This includes the auto-addition of trades or the meticulous tracking of Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs), reducing manual input and the risk of errors.
  • Financial Insights: To make informed decisions, investors require deep insights. Sharesight offers valuable information on growth trends, dividends received, and how the portfolio fares against industry benchmarks.

Cons of Using Sharesight

No matter how effective, every tool may have areas of improvement or features that some users find limiting. Sharesight, despite its myriad of benefits, is no exception. User reviews shed light on a few aspects that could be enhanced or expanded upon:

  • Limitations in Subscription Levels: A notable concern among users is the restrictions placed on certain subscription tiers. For instance, feedback points to the limitations on the number of Custom Groups available in the lower subscription levels. This curtails the flexibility for users who wish to categorize their investments in specific ways but have yet to prepare to jump to a higher subscription.
  • Need for Broker Integration: Portfolio management doesn’t end with just tracking stocks or dividends; maintaining an updated cash balance is also essential. Sharesight users have expressed a desire for more seamless broker integration. It would allow for an automatic update of details like cash balances, making the tool even more comprehensive and user-friendly.

In conclusion, while Sharesight boasts an impressive array of features and has garnered widespread acclaim, these feedback areas underscore the continuous journey of product evolution. They offer valuable insights for potential users to weigh the pros and cons before making an informed decision.


Sharesight stands out as a robust tool in portfolio tracking, offering a blend of precise analytics, intuitive features, and a user-friendly interface.

Tools like Sharesight are more than just software for investors and traders alike. They are essential partners in their financial journey. By providing detailed insights into investments, facilitating efficient management of foreign shareholdings, and automating many previously manual tasks, Sharesight simplifies the intricate world of trading.

However, like all tools, potential users must weigh its strengths against its limitations. Every investor has unique needs and preferences. Considering the pros and cons, one can determine if Sharesight aligns well with their investment strategy and objectives.

A closer look would be beneficial for those intrigued by what Sharesight offers. Ready to embark on a more streamlined investment experience? Discover more about Sharesight here and decide if it’s the tool you’ve been searching for.
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