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October 23, 2023October 23, 2023

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SurgeTrader is a proprietary trading firm created by professionals from institutional trading, venture capitalists, and forex. Their vision is simple: give successful traders access to funding with minimal restrictions.

At SurgeTrader, traders embrace various styles, from news trading to algorithmic trading ideas, as long as they adhere to simple trading rules. They champion trader autonomy with permissive policies and coverage of a wide array of markets and instruments. Traders may trade as often or as little as they like, with as many strategies as they choose across forex, futures, individual stocks, and more.

SurgeTrader’s distinctive model provides up to 90% profit shares and no mandated trading days. For traders who value flexibility and options, SurgeTrader delivers the freedom to follow your funded trading ambitions.

Overall, SurgeTrader provides an appealing opportunity for serious traders to access capital with unusual autonomy. If you value flexibility and independence in your trading, SurgeTrader could be an ideal platform to take your trading skills to the next level. Here is a SurgeTrader review weighing its pros and cons.
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Pros of Using SurgeTrader

One of the biggest pros of using SurgeTrader is that there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements. Whether you want to day trade, swing trade, or position trade, SurgeTrader supports it. This flexibility lets you find the trading frequency that matches your goals and risk tolerance.

SurgeTrader also offers multiple trading asset classes to trade, including:

  • Stocks – Over 15,000 US and Canadian stocks
  • Options – Calls and puts on thousands of stocks and ETFs
  • Futures – Nearly 50 futures contracts
  • Forex – Over 45 currency pairs
  • Cryptocurrency – 5 major cryptocurrencies

The platform uses a one-stage “audition” to quickly get you up and running. There’s no lengthy application or approval process. Just fund your trader account, and you’re ready to trade.

SurgeTrader provides a paper trading account so you can practice strategies and get familiar with the platform before putting real money on the line. Once you go live, you’ll have access to many trading tools and indicators to help identify opportunities, spot trends, and make informed decisions.

Cons of Using SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader is not without its downsides. Here are some of the major cons to consider before using their services:

No Futures or Options Trading

SurgeTrader only offers stock trading so you won’t have access to futures, options, or other derivatives. If you’re interested in more complex trading strategies, SurgeTrader may be too limited for you.

High Default Profit Payout

Surgetrader takes a whopping 75% of your profit target by default. You can negotiate this down to 65% if you trade over $100,000 monthly, but that’s still a sizable chunk of your earnings. The high fees mean you’ll have to generate substantial profits to break even after fees.

No Refunds

Once you pay for a Surgetrader subscription, your money is nonrefundable. If you find their tools and alerts aren’t helpful or don’t meet your needs, you’re out of luck. You’ll continue to pay monthly fees for the duration of your contract.

Who is SurgeTrader Best For?

SurgeTrader is ideal for traders looking to accelerate their funding and maximize profits.

Experienced Traders

If you’re an experienced trader with a proven strategy, SurgeTrader is perfect for you. Their simple rules and high payouts mean you can trade without restrictions and keep up to 90% of your profits. SurgeTrader allows you to trade how you want, whether you prefer day, swing, or trading position.

New Traders

Even if you’re starting, SurgeTrader is worth considering. Their simple funding process and lack of minimum trading days mean new traders can get funded fast. You’ll have plenty of time to learn the ropes and hone your strategy under real financial market conditions. SurgeTrader’s open trading platform allows new traders to explore different instruments and styles to find what works.

For the right kind of institutional trader, SurgeTrader offers an appealing path to funding and a lucrative trading career. If you have the drive and dedication to make it in this challenging field, SurgeTrader will provide the means to realize your potential.

Final Verdict: Is SurgerTrader Right for You?

So, is SurgeTrader the right prop trading company for you? That depends on your trading style and goals. SurgeTrader is ideal for experienced, profitable traders looking for a simple way to access funding, but it may not suit everyone. SurgeTrader has a straightforward, one-stage application process with no minimum trading days requirement.

This simplified approach appeals to many skilled traders tired of lengthy, multi-stage auditions at other firms. However, less experienced traders may struggle with the one-step evaluation process or audition process and lack initial guidance. SurgeTrader accepts a variety of trading strategies, from day trading to swing trading and options trading.

No matter your approach, SurgeTrader aims to provide funding for any consistently profitable strategy. Of course, certain highly speculative strategies may still fall outside of their risk tolerance. Once funded, SurgeTrader allows you to trade as you see fit with a high degree of flexibility and autonomy.

You keep a large portion of the standard profit share, only paying a small percentage to the firm each month. For self-directed prop traders seeking more freedom, this model is ideal. Click here to sign up for SurgeTrader today and use our coupon code modestmoney to save 10% off on your audition fees.
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