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October 24, 2023October 24, 2023

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TickTick Trader is a prop trading firm that aims to provide an intuitive platform for futures traders of all skill levels. These include currency futures, metal futures, agriculture futures, energy futures, and equity futures.

Trading industry experts built the platform. TickTick Trader was designed with transparency and simplicity in mind. TickTick Trader caters specifically to modern futures traders. It has logical and transparent trading rules, as well as 24/7 support, reflecting a trader-first philosophy.

At its core, TickTick Trader believes that when traders succeed, the platform and community thrive together. TickTick Trader makes futures trading accessible. The platform has an easy-to-use interface with robust charting and analytical tools to help you make informed trading decisions.

TickTick Trader offers competitive commissions and fees. They don’t charge any hidden fees for things like financial market data or platform use. Here is a detailed TickTick Trader review weighing both its pros and cons.
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What Account Types Are Offered?

So, you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of algorithmic trading but unsure which TickTick Trader account is right for you. Let’s break down your options so you can choose the best fit.

  • The Starter Evaluation Account: Ideal if you’re just getting started. For $145 a month, you get $25K in virtual capital to trade with a profit target of $1,500. You can open up to 4 positions a day and have a daily loss limit of $500.
  • The Advanced Evaluation Account: This account ups the stakes with $50K in virtual capital, a profit target of $3,000, up to 10 positions a day, and a daily loss limit of $1,250. The monthly fee is $160.
  • The Professional Evaluation Account: These accounts are for seasoned traders ready to simulate substantial positions. You get $100K in virtual capital, a profit target of $6,000, up to 14 positions a day, and a daily loss limit of $2,500. The monthly subscription is $285.
  • Direct Accounts: These include the 10k Direct Swing, 25k Direct, and 50k Direct. You bring your starting capital and pay lower monthly fees in exchange for a percentage of your profits.

Pros of Using TickTick Trader

No Minimum Trading Days

TickTick Trader accelerates your trading journey by eliminating any minimum trading day requirements. Unlike other platforms that impose a minimum number of days you must trade before withdrawing funds, TickTick Trader has no such restrictions. You can start trading and minimum withdrawal profits immediately.

News Trading Permitted

TickTick Trader goes beyond simply offering a trading platform – they provide you with the latest market news, updates, and insights. You’ll have access to real-time news reports and analysis to help inform your trading decisions. News trading is permitted so you can react quickly to market events.

Defined Maximum Position Size

They offer various trading plans with different maximum position sizes. This allows you to start small while you learn and grow your account, with plans ranging from $500 up to $50,000 maximum position sizes. As your experience and balance increase over time, you can upgrade to plans with higher limits.


Their unique TickTickDrawdown feature provides an accurate daily evaluation of your trading progress. It tracks your wins, losses, open positions, and account balance to give you a clear picture of how your trading is performing each day. This professional trading tool helps keep you accountable and makes it easy to see if any adjustments need to be made.

More Flexibility

They offer more flexibility than many other platforms by allowing a larger daily loss limit and position size. While limits are still in place to encourage responsible trading, TickTick Trader provides more freedom and control over your trades. The higher loss limits and position sizes allow for greater profit potential as your trading skills improve.

Cons of Using TickTick Trader

The TickTick Trader platform does have some downsides to be aware of before diving in.

Third-Party Tools Needed

TickTick Trader requires the use of third-party tools for actual trading execution. You’ll need a separate brokerage account to place trades through, as TickTick Trader only provides analytics and trade alerts. This means more software to learn and manage, as well as potentially higher commission costs.

Limited to Futures Trading

TickTick Trader focuses solely on futures trading. If you’re interested in other markets like stocks, forex, or options, you’ll need to find different tools to analyze those. While futures can be very lucrative, limiting yourself to one market reduces your opportunity for diversification.

Is TickTick Trader Right for You?

So, is TickTick Trader the right prop firm for you? That depends on your trading needs and preferences. If you’re an active day trader who needs financial independence from real-time data and fast order execution to capitalize on short-term price movements, TickTick Trader could be ideal.

Its robust trading infrastructure and range of advanced tools are tailored to support the demands of high-volume trading. For position or swing traders, TickTick Trader also provides an excellent environment. Its flexible policies mean you have the freedom to hold positions for as long as you like and exit them at the time of your choosing based on your trading strategy.

With competitive pricing, top-notch support, and a custom trading environment tailored to your needs, TickTick Trader has everything you need to reach the next level of trading success. Click here to sign up for TickTick Trader today, plus use our coupon code to save money on subscription costs.
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