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October 22, 2023October 22, 2023

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Navigating personal finances can be challenging, especially when it comes to updating and maintaining a budget. A consistent review of financial habits is pivotal to save effectively, eliminate debts, and achieve monetary goals. Here’s where Tiller Money steps in.

This financial management tool streamlines the budgeting process, making it more accessible and efficient than many other apps out there. In our Tiller Money review, the platform stands out because of its versatility with spreadsheets.

Even if you’re not a spreadsheet aficionado, Tiller Money has your back. It supports both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, with user-friendly pre-made sheets that simplify the setup.

What sets Tiller apart is its automated update feature. With a significant chunk of individuals (33%, to be exact) facing challenges in maintaining their budgets, Tiller’s daily auto-updates could be the solution. By connecting directly with your bank, it eliminates the tedious task of manual data entry, ensuring your financial data is always current.

However, every tool comes with its pros and cons. So, is Tiller Money genuinely worth its price tag, especially when compared to giants like Quicken, and Mint? Dive deeper into our Tiller Money Review to uncover the Pros and Cons as well as all facets of this platform.
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What Is Tiller Money? website

Tiller Money, established in 2014 by Peter Polson in Seattle, bridges the gap between spreadsheets and financial management. Unlike typical budgeting apps, Tiller Money integrates seamlessly with both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. This approach caters to those who appreciate the customization of spreadsheets but desire the convenience of automation.

The main draw is its automation. Tiller Money links to your financial accounts, pulling in data from checking, savings, credit cards, and more, updating daily. This data is then fed into the Tiller Money Foundation Template, a ready-to-use spreadsheet. Users can easily track transactions, monitor balances, and set up budgets without getting bogged down in manual data entry.

In essence, Tiller Money offers a comprehensive financial snapshot, making financial planning and decision-making more straightforward. Whether you lean towards Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or both, Tiller Money is designed to simplify your financial management.

How Does Tiller Money Work?

Tiller Money transforms the way individuals manage their finances by harnessing the power and flexibility of spreadsheets. Instead of the restrictive nature of many financial apps, Tiller integrates seamlessly with platforms many already use: Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Here’s the magic of Tiller Money: It merges the best of both worlds. Traditional spreadsheets, though incredibly versatile, often require tedious manual updates. Tiller eliminates this hurdle. Once you securely connect your financial accounts to Tiller, it takes on the heavy lifting.

Your bank transactions, incomes, and balances are automatically imported into a cohesive spreadsheet, eliminating the manual tracking often associated with traditional spreadsheets.

This is what Peter Polson envisioned when he founded Tiller – a tool that provides the adaptability of spreadsheets, complemented by automated data input. Tiller doesn’t just stop at aggregating your data. It empowers users to fine-tune their financial details.

Whether you’re adjusting transaction categories, setting auto-categorization rules, or tracking your overall net worth, Tiller provides the tools. And for those who might feel overwhelmed, Tiller’s Foundation Template provides a ready-made starting point, although the option to leverage new sheets from the broader Tiller community is always there.

Tiller doesn’t just confine this information to your spreadsheet. A daily email summary, detailing your recent transactions and balances, ensures you’re always in the loop, even if you don’t open your spreadsheet daily. In essence, Tiller Money provides an unmatched blend of customization and automation in the realm of financial management.

In-Depth Review: Tiller Money Pros and Cons


  • Automatic Financial Updates: With Tiller Money, you can wave goodbye to manual data entry. It pulls and updates your financial information every day, ensuring your spreadsheets are always current.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates: Whether you’re budgeting, aiming to pay off debt, or tracking net worth, Tiller provides pre-built templates tailored for a variety of financial objectives.
  • Daily Summaries: For those on-the-go moments when diving into spreadsheets isn’t feasible, Tiller sends a succinct daily summary to your email. This includes a snapshot of your recent account activity and balances.
  • Customizability: For those who enjoy molding tools to their preferences, Tiller offers considerable customization. You’re in the driver’s seat to shape and tailor your financial dashboard.


  • Google-Centric: While Tiller Money Feeds supports Excel, it leans towards Google Sheets, even necessitating a Google sign-in.
  • Missing Standard Features: Tiller lacks some basic functionalities, such as credit score monitoring, retirement planning, and a bill payment feature.
  • Absence of Investment Tools: Individuals seeking extensive investment management tools might find Tiller lacking in this department.
  • Pricier Option: At $79 annually (or about $6.58 monthly), Tiller Money sits on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, especially when compared to similar services priced between $30 and $50 per year.

Who is Tiller Money Best For?

If you’re already using spreadsheets to manage your finances, Tiller Money might be a game-changer for you. It’s perfect for folks who don’t want to juggle multiple sheets or manually enter every transaction. And if you have various income sources, like running multiple businesses or owning rental properties, Tiller brings everything together, making things like tax time much smoother.

For those who swear by spreadsheets for budgeting but wish the data entry was automated, Tiller is the solution. It combines the flexibility of manual budgeting with the convenience of automation. And if you’re on the fence, there’s a 30-day free trial to give it a spin. Click Here to get started today.
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