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October 22, 2023October 22, 2023

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If you’re in the trading world, you’ve likely heard of TraderVue. It’s a dedicated trading journal aimed at enhancing your investment outcomes. By offering a robust set of research features, TraderVue allows traders and investors to meticulously track and evaluate their actions, spanning stock, options, and futures trades.

The tool is built specifically for those actively involved in trading, striving to give them a clearer picture of their performance. But how well does it stack up? Dive into our TraderVue review to get an understanding and review TraderVue pros and cons for a more informed decision.
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What is TraderVue?

TraderVue, founded by Greg Reinacker in 2011 in Denver, is more than just a trading journal; it’s a holistic platform crafted for traders to dig deep into their trade strategies, refine their methods, and connect with fellow trading enthusiasts.

Initially developed as a tool for Greg’s self-reflection, it has since evolved to cater to advanced traders, from day traders meticulously tracking their intraday activities to those hungry for in-depth analysis. What truly sets TraderVue apart is its blend of data-driven tools and community interaction.

The platform goes beyond numbers by promoting shared experiences, allowing traders to exchange insights, discuss setups, and even divulge their entire trading day’s narratives. So, whether you’re drawn to its rich analytical features or the community vibe, TraderVue offers a unique experience, marrying data and social engagement in the trading world.

Detailed Review – TraderVue Pros and Cons

Here are some of the most important Pros and Cons to consider when reviewing TraderVue:


  • Rich Journaling Capabilities: With TraderVue, traders can access a robust journaling software, ensuring they don’t miss out on key insights.
  • Effortless Tracking: Easily keep tabs on your trading history and P&L to evaluate performance over time.
  • Vibrant Trading Community: Engage with and learn from a community of successful traders, broadening your trading perspective.
  • Accessible Pricing: TraderVue’s free version and trial give a taste of its capabilities, while the Gold and Silver plans offer unlimited trade entries for those seeking more.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Benefit from comprehensive, data-rich reports to refine strategies.
  • Unparalleled Charting for Forex and Crypto: Especially prominent in the forex and crypto domains, traders can source charts even for lesser-known cryptocurrencies and choose which crypto exchange provides the data.


  • Limitations in the Free Version: While the free version offers an introduction, its features can feel restrictive to advanced users.
  • Chart Customization: The platform could benefit from offering more customizable chart options.
  • Brokerage Platform Compatibility: Despite its strengths, not all brokerage platforms can be seamlessly integrated with TraderVue, which might be a drawback for some traders.

TraderVue Pricing

TraderVue provides a spectrum of membership plans, tailored to meet the varying requirements of traders. For those just starting out or testing the waters, the Basic Plan is an ideal choice. It’s entirely free and allows users to post up to 100 stock trades monthly, offering essential journaling and reporting features.

However, for traders aspiring for a more detailed insight and advanced tools, TraderVue introduces two premium tiers:

  • Silver Plan ($29/month): Building on the Basic Plan, this package expands its offerings to cater to stocks, options, futures, and Forex trades within its enhanced journal. With over 100 advanced reports, it promises deeper analytical insights.
  • Gold Plan ($49/month): Standing at the pinnacle of TraderVue’s offerings, the Gold Plan not only encompasses everything from the Silver Plan but takes it up a notch. Traders receive risk and exit analysis reports, support for commissions and fees, and comprehensive liquidity reports, ensuring a holistic view of their trading activities.

While the Basic Plan offers a taste of what TraderVue can do, the premium plans truly unlock the platform’s potential, offering an enriching experience complemented by a community forum for interaction and learning.

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Who is TraderVue Best For?

TraderVue stands out as a comprehensive trading platform designed to serve a variety of traders. It shares some similarities with other platforms, but it’s distinct in its capabilities. Key to its appeal is its knack for refining trading strategies, particularly through the use of tags which allow for insightful performance analysis.

For those seeking a deeper dive into their trades, TraderVue offers more than just data. Its mentoring services, combined with automatic price charts, provide a holistic view of the trading landscape.

TraderVue isn’t limited to any one group of traders. Beginners can greatly benefit from its journal feature, offering past trade data that can inform future decisions. On the other hand, both seasoned traders and those just starting out can utilize its advanced analytics to identify both profitable trades and areas for improvement.

Add to this the vast array of educational materials and the ability to make unlimited trade entries, and you’ve got a platform that’s both user-friendly and efficient.

In short, whether you’re an active day trader, a tech-savvy enthusiast, or a newbie to the world of trading, TraderVue has tools tailored for you. If improving your trading strategy is your goal, consider giving TraderVue a shot by Clicking Here to get started.
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