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November 2, 2023November 2, 2023

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As the world of investing continues to evolve, online stock analysis platforms play an increasingly crucial role in helping both novice and experienced investors navigate the market.

Ziggma is one such platform, standing out due to its diverse range of features and tools aimed at simplifying the investment journey. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of Ziggma to help you make an informed decision.
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What is Ziggma?

Ziggma is an online platform specializing in portfolio management and investment research. This platform centralizes portfolio management intending to assist medium to long-term investors.

Its advanced algorithms are geared towards scoring stocks and providing top investment suggestions. For those concerned about security, Ziggma collaborates with Plaid, ensuring robust protection of users’ data.

While it offers a free version to cater to basic needs, a premium subscription service is available for those seeking more advanced features.

Curious about its functionalities? Check out our detailed review for an in-depth analysis.

Pros of Using Ziggma

Free Portfolio Management Tools

Ziggma’s free version offers valuable tools like a portfolio tracker, dividend tracker, and portfolio carbon footprint tool, allowing individual investors to monitor and manage their investments with ease.

User-Friendly Experience

Designed with simplicity in mind, Ziggma ensures an intuitive user experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows novice and experienced investors to navigate seamlessly.

Comprehensive Stock Scores

Ziggma scores stocks based on a combination of quantitative analysis and input from financial experts. These scores provide valuable insights into a stock’s performance compared to its peers.

Portfolio Simulator: Premium Feature

The portfolio simulator, exclusive to premium users, is a standout tool that helps gauge the impact of a trade on your investment portfolio. It allows users to assess various key portfolio metrics and simulate different investment strategies.

Climate Impact Section

Ziggma has taken a proactive stance on climate change. Their Climate Impact section scores firms based on factors like their carbon footprint and three-year emissions trend, providing an invaluable tool for environmentally-conscious investors.

Reasonable Pricing for the Premium Plan

At $9.90 per month or $89 per year, the premium plan offers a range of powerful features, making it a valuable proposition for those seeking advanced tools.

Cons of Using Ziggma

Limited International Stocks Coverage

One notable limitation is Ziggma’s focus on U.S. stocks. This means investors looking to diversify with international stocks might need to look elsewhere.

Stock Screening Features

While Ziggma offers a basic stock screener, some users might need more features, especially when compared to other stock research platforms.

Short-term Trade Limitations

Ziggma’s scoring system primarily relies on fundamental indicators, which might not cater to traders who focus on short-term price actions.

Ziggma’s Unique Features

1. Portfolio Tracker

The platform’s portfolio tracker provides a comprehensive, 360-degree view of all user accounts, allowing for a projection of portfolio cash flow for the upcoming 12 months. Moreover, the premium plan grants access to Ziggma’s unique stock scorecards.

2. Stock Screener

With user experience at its core, Ziggma’s stock screener offers dynamic sliding scales, all the essential ratios, and continuously updating search results. This screener captures around 40 key indicators focusing on growth, profitability, and valuation.

3. Stock Research

Developed by financial analyst experts, Ziggma’s stock research tools offer valuable insights, assisting users in making informed investment decisions.

4. Model Portfolios

A significant feature for those unsure of their next move, Ziggma’s model portfolios offer a varied range of investment strategies catering to different types of investors.

5. Portfolio Simulator

Exclusive to premium users, the portfolio simulator allows traders to measure the potential impact of a trade on their entire portfolio.


Ziggma offers two distinct ways to engage with its platform: the free version and the premium plan. The free plan offers several helpful tools, while the premium plan, priced at $9.90/month or $89/year, unlocks additional powerful features for a more enriched user experience.

For those on the fence, Ziggma provides a 7-day free trial of its premium services.

Final Thoughts

If you are a long-term trader, particularly one concerned about the environmental impact of investments, Ziggma may be a fitting choice. While it does have certain limitations, its strengths, especially for those who prioritize data-driven insights, are undeniable.

Click here to get started with Ziggma and explore its suite of tools designed to help traders make informed decisions.

Remember, while platforms like Ziggma offer valuable tools to assist investors, it’s always essential to conduct personal research and consult with financial professionals when considering investment decisions.

Ziggma FAQs

Is Ziggma suitable for beginners?

Yes, Ziggma is tailored for both novice and experienced investors, offering a user-friendly interface and tools that simplify the investment process.

What differentiates Ziggma’s premium plan?

The premium plan unlocks exclusive features such as the portfolio simulator, Ziggma stock scores, and the ability to save search screens.

How does Ziggma score stocks?

Ziggma employs a combination of quantitative analysis and expert insights to score stocks, ensuring data-driven stock suggestions for its users.

What is the main advantage of using a stock portfolio tracker?

A stock portfolio tracker provides real-time insights into your investments, helping you stay updated with market trends, make informed investment decisions, and manage assets effectively.

Is Ziggma’s stock portfolio tracking feature available in the free version?

Yes, Ziggma’s free version offers a portfolio tracker feature, allowing users to monitor their investments and get a 360-degree view of their accounts.

How does Ziggma’s climate impact feature differentiate it from other stock portfolio trackers?

Ziggma has a dedicated Climate Impact section that scores firms based on their positive environmental actions, like their three-year emissions trend and carbon footprint. This allows investors to make environmentally conscious investment decisions.

Are stock portfolio trackers suitable only for experienced investors?

No, stock portfolio trackers are designed for all types of investors – from beginners seeking valuable insights to experienced investors looking for advanced features. Ziggma, for instance, caters to both the data-driven beginner investor and the medium to long-term investor.

Can I integrate multiple brokerage accounts with Ziggma?

Absolutely! Ziggma offers the feature of “Unlimited investment accounts,” allowing you to link and monitor multiple brokerage accounts seamlessly.

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