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November 11, 2023November 11, 2023

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In recent years, real estate investment has become more accessible than ever, thanks to innovative platforms like Arrived Homes. Founded in 2019 by Ryan Frazier, Arrived Homes is a pioneering real estate crowdfunding platform that has redefined the way individuals invest in residential rental properties.

With a focus on simplifying the investment process and expanding access to wealth-building opportunities, Arrived Homes offers a range of unique benefits and features that make it a standout choice for both novice and experienced investors. Here is an Arrived Homes review showcasing its features and benefits.
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What is Arrived Homes?

Arrived Homes, a real estate investment platform, stands out in the market for its unique approach. Unlike many other platforms that predominantly focus on commercial properties, Arrived Homes concentrates exclusively on the residential sector. Its core mission is to democratize rental home ownership, making real estate investment accessible to a broader audience.

As of 2023, Arrived Homes boasts a portfolio of over 225 homes across 39 markets, with a total investment value of $85 million. What sets Arrived Homes apart is its low entry point. With just $100, anyone can begin their journey into real estate investing, effectively breaking down the barriers to entry that have traditionally hindered individuals from participating in this lucrative sector.

Key Features and Benefits

Ownership Without the Hassle

One of the primary reasons many people hesitate to invest in real estate is the prospect of becoming a landlord, with its significant time and responsibility commitments. Arrived Homes acknowledges this concern and offers a solution.

Investors can put their money into selected properties, earn dividends, and rest assured that responsibilities like repairs and tenant screenings are taken care of by Arrived Homes. This hands-off approach ensures that investors enjoy a genuinely passive experience. On a quarterly basis, investors receive rental revenue in their accounts, historically ranging from 3-7% annually.

Legal Protection

Many real estate investors establish LLCs or Trusts to protect themselves from personal risks. With Arrived Homes, this extra layer of protection is not necessary. The properties are housed within LLCs, ensuring that investors won’t face personal liability in case of legal disputes. This added safeguard provides investors with greater peace of mind.

Renter Vetting

Arrived Homes employs a thorough screening procedure to find renters who are committed to using the space for an extended period, minimizing turnover and ensuring stable rental income.

High-Quality Technology

Arrived Homes leverages data-driven tools to help investors make informed decisions and increase their earnings. The platform provides valuable insights into property performance and market trends.

Regular Passive Revenue

Investors enjoy a consistent, passive stream of income as Arrived Homes takes care of all property maintenance. Earnings are distributed quarterly, further simplifying the investment experience.

Future Plans and Expansion

Arrived Homes is committed to continuous improvement and expansion to benefit its investors. The company has outlined several key initiatives:

  • Expansion to New Markets: Arrived Homes plans to enter new markets, including key growth areas in the United States and potential expansion into international markets. This expansion will provide investors with broader opportunities and further diversify their portfolios.
  • Increased Property Offerings: In response to high investor demand, Arrived Homes aims to increase the number of properties available for investment. This will provide investors with more choices and opportunities, enhancing potential returns.
  • Enhanced Technology: Arrived Homes is investing in technology to improve the investor experience. A more sophisticated and user-friendly platform is in development to simplify the investment process and provide investors with additional tools for decision-making.
  • Stronger Vetting Processes: The platform is continually improving its vetting processes for properties and tenants to ensure that only quality investments are presented to investors. This enhances investor confidence in their investments.
  • Sustainable Real Estate Practices: Arrived Homes recognizes the importance of sustainability in real estate and plans to implement more sustainable practices in property management. This includes green renovations and energy-efficient upgrades to properties.

Investment Options

Arrived Homes offers investors two potential sources of profit:

  • Rental Revenue: Investors receive cash profits from quarterly property rent payments from renters, with the revenue based on the number of property shares they own.
  • Asset Value: Investors also share in profits from long-term property value appreciation, offering the potential for increased returns over time.

Final Thoughts

Arrived Homes has succeeded in creating an investment platform that prioritizes investor protection, transparency, and low fees. Real estate investing has long been considered a proven method for generating passive income, and Arrived Homes has made it accessible to a wider audience.

With an easy-to-use platform and a low entry point, Arrived Homes is an excellent choice for new and experienced investors seeking to diversify their real estate portfolios. If you’re looking to dip your toes into real estate investment without the hassles of property management, Arrived Homes is a platform worth considering. Click here to start your real estate investment journey today with Arrived Homes.
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