Richart Ruddie Internet Entrepreneur on Modest Money

There are young people who set out to do great things while staying modest in life. Chuck Feeney, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony, Hsieh, Elon Musk, and Richart Ruddie is no exception to the list.

Where Do You See Internet Marketing Going in 2016

Less spam. That’s for sure. I think the fight against spammers is winning. Whether it’s in your inbox or your search results. The future of spam is through native content and stories that are paid placements like you see on Yahoo!’s homepage as a “Sponsored Story” and on ad networks like Taboola and MGID. It’s an evolution game of getting creative and more companies will sprout up to promote your business to Instagram followers. The interesting thing is this recent article on Bloomberg about the Fake Traffic Schemes and Fraudulent clicks. The return on advertising investments on the Digital Side did not match up in this report to other forms of traditional advertising.  I’ve found that targeted advertising no matter what medium is the best marketing tactic. It all depends on your audience and knowing how to find them and put your advertisement in front of them. I’ve been doing a lot of research and advertising with direct mail, radio, custom audiences on digital platforms and see the difference in quality from each and every advertising medium. With terrestrial radio finding the stations with the best reach in your niche is the best solution. With Internet marketing its all about the quality of your list. It always has been that way and still will be in 2016.

Who Do You Look up To?

I just finished reading this in depth Wait But Why Article on SpaceX Colonizing Mars. Growing up space travel was never of great significance to me. After reading this article Elon Musk is now the most valuable human living on earth. I even wrote about this on my Richart Ruddie Typepad blog I was so excited and thrilled after reading this article.  Musk set out to prove that we can put things into space at a much cheaper cost then currently being done. Once he proved that with the 4th successful rocket launch he was able to secure the valuable NASA contracts which ensured SpaceX’s future and sustainability. On top of that he put in everything he had and owned to make this work. He was the Tony Hsieh of Zappos putting in every dollar till the final hour because he believed in himself and those around him. Like Tony Elon’s efforts paid off and now he has the chance to change humanity forever. I look up to Musk not only for his successes in business but his mission to colonize Mars and save humanity. As terraforming and a new livable planet is made I believe millions of years from now he will be looked at as the man who ensured our survival. So you know I’m not crazy please do read the Wait by Why article by Tim Urban and Andrew Finn.

What Keeps You Modest?

I feel very modest for somebody who lives in Florida but when I am out in San Francisco they showcase modest well beyond my extent. Up until a few weeks ago I still drove a 1992 Toyota. I live in the same house that I’ve been in when I was poor and am never looking to impress people with material things. When friends talk about money and what they make I try to change the topic as it’s not of importance. Going back to the Fountainhead when you see real changes in the world that need to be made it has nothing to do with how much money you made but what you did with it and how you react in those situations. That’s why there is such great respect for the problems that the Gates Foundation and Zuck wanting to connect the entire world and bring the Internet to places that are not currently accessible. That’s stuff that really matters. I like to think no matter what happens to me in the future that I will only change for the better and continue to surround myself with people who share similar mentalities.

What Are Your Favorite Websites?

The news feature on the latest iOS update has been a great way for me to organize news and stories that I enjoy reading. Everyday I receive the Lefestz letter and read Barry Ritholtz blog as he is one of the most intelligent economists alive. In addition to this I try to check out Tech Crunch, Digg, and Venture Beat.

2016 Predictions?

We had the yogurt craze and craft beer craze that has grown tremendously over the last six years. Now I see it transitioning to healthier alternatives with new juice bars and organic restaurants popping up all over. This is a great trend and even McDonalds a thrifty place to eat is taking notice as they start to struggle in their search to find a healthy cost effective alternative.

What books inspire you?

I was watching the big idea with Donny Deutsch about a decade ago and he was interviewing Mark Cuban who wasn’t nearly as recognized as he is today and somehow or another that led me to read Ayn Rands the Fountainhead. In the end Howard Roark success and the way the story is portrayed always excites and inspires me.

What books are you reading right now?

Right now I am finishing the book How To Stop Worrying and Start living by Dale Carnegie who is also the author of one of my favorite books How To Win Friends and Influence People. I’m starting on Nudge by Richard H. Thaler as I’m going to be flying to San Francisco, Hawaii, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Houston, and back to Florida over the next month so I should be able to get some great reading time in.

What do you have Planned for the Future?

The future is bright. Nothing is for certain but I will have many more failures and many more successes. I will continue to learn from them, blog about them and pivot as needed. I want to expand on my volunteering and helping out of others in need. This year I volunteered at an orphanage in Costa Rica and it was heart warming interacting with kids who have been all but abandoned by the world. I like the idea of promoting good and doing good things. was one of my failures creating a resource to reward those who do good in the world. Now the idea is to make it more simplistic and allow a peer to peer review system giving Good Karma to those in the world. The health and fitness category is one that I would like to be more involved in but only time will tell which direction the world takes me.