Ritter Pharmaceuticals (RTTR) Stock: Is It a Buy?

Ritter Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: RTTR)

Recently, one of my followers reached out through email and asked what I thought of RTTR. To be honest, when they did, I had never heard of the stock before. However, I decided to do some digging to see if I could offer something of value with regard to insight into the stock. Through my digging, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is definitely a stock for the watch list. Today, we’ll talk about progress the company is making with regard to its lead treatment candidate, who the President of the company is, and why I believe that RTTR is a compelling opportunity.

RTTR Is Close With RP-G28

First and foremost, when I look into a company, especially a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company like Ritter Pharmaceuticals, it’s important for me to take a look at the products, the company is working on. In this case, the flagship product candidate is known as RP-G28. The candidate is designed to treat gastrointestinal diseases, and the clinical data surrounding this candidate is solid.

In fact, on January 3rd, RTTR released data with regard to the completion of a recent study. The clinical data provided from the Phase 2a clinical trial of RP-G28 in patients with lactose intolerance. The study found that RP-G28 significantly modulated the gut microbiome composition of lactose intolerant individuals. In fact, significant changes in the diversity of the microbiota occurred in subjects treated with GOS/RP-G28 upon the reintroduction of dairy into the diet.

In a statement with regard to the study, Andrew J. Ritter, President at RTTR had the following to offer…

Demonstrating that RP-G28 can increase key lactose-fermenting bacteria associated with symptom improvements sheds light on potential mechanisms of action for treating lactose intolerance… The results of this analysis are consistent with our hypothesis of how the therapeutic may work and increases our confidence that it will be an effective option for patients seeking solutions for their lactose intolerance.”

Who Is Ritter?

Ritter Pharmaceuticals was founded by its president, Andrew J. Ritter. Ritter is one of the youngest CEO’s I’ve ever seen in the biotech space, but don’t let that fool you. Driven by a passion for finding a treatment for a condition that he personally suffers with, Andrew Ritter is determined! In fact, he was diagnosed with lactose intolerance at age 9, and attributes his success to his dealings and understnading of the illness. Here’s what he had recently to say about what drives him…

What is really driving me is that I know how painful and embarrassing this condition can be… When you’re a kid and you go to birthday parties, there’s nothing worse than not being able to eat ice cream and pizza.”

As a child prodigy, he was contacting academic leaders in the space before he even reached high school. From there, Ritter continued to work toward a way to treat lactose intolerance, and today, he’s proud to say that he’s getting close.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there’s always risk involved in investing in clinical-stage biotechnology companies. After all, if their treatments aren’t approved, they can fall apart quickly. However, RTTR is compelling not only because it has a compelling candidate, but because of the man behind the story. While it’s always a good idea to do your own research, now is the time to start looking at this stock, as I believe it’s a home run for long run investors!

What Do You Think?

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