Rocket Money vs Simplifi 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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The vast world of personal finance apps is diverse and continually evolving. With a plethora of choices at our fingertips, it becomes a task to identify the tool tailored to our unique financial habits and goals.

Amidst the sea of options, two names have captured the attention of many: Rocket Money and Simplifi. Their rise to prominence begs the question: which of these powerful platforms can best cater to your financial needs? In the following Rocket Money vs Simplifi comparison, I will try to help you answer that question.

Rocket Money is Better for:Simplifi is Better for:
Ideal for comprehensive credit monitoring.Perfect for detailed budget planning and daily spending.
Advanced features for financial goal tracking.Real-time tracking for financial transactions.
Streamlined user interface for easy navigation.Enhanced spending category customization.
Robust budgeting tools suitable for various methods.Couples looking to manage finances together.

Introducing the Platforms

Rocket Money

Rocket Money is more than just another app on the market; it embodies a holistic approach to managing your financial accounts. With its integration spanning numerous banks, credit unions, and financial institutions, it provides users with a 360-degree view of their finances.

This comprehensive insight is not limited to just tracking spending habits or monthly expenses – Rocket Money offers in-depth credit score insights, ensuring users understand every nuance of their financial health. Plus, its desktop and mobile versions are always in sync, allowing users to monitor their finances anytime, anywhere.

For more info about Rocket Money, check out my full review.


Simplifi powered by  parent company Quicken, on the other hand, stands tall as a testament to Quicken’s rich legacy in the financial technology realm. With a keen focus on budget planning and real-time expense tracking, Simplifi brings to the table a suite of tools designed to offer an ad-free experience.

It goes beyond just providing insights into the previous month’s spending – it looks ahead, offering features that help users anticipate upcoming bills and plan their future spending. And for those who share their financial goals with a partner, Simplifi emerges as a favorite app for couples, making collaborative budgeting a breeze.

If you’re looking for an even deeper dive into Simplifi, we have a dedicated review of the platform.

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Type of Service Personal Finance Management Real-time Spending & Couples Finance
Best Use Credit Monitoring & Goal Tracking Real-time Spending & Couples Finance
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Factor 1: User Experience and Interface

Simplifi’s Clean, Intuitive Design Provide A Better User Experience

  • Simplifi focuses on a clean, uncluttered look with detailed visuals.
  • Given its easy navigation and real-time tracking, Rocket Money is a touch ahead in terms of user experience.

Rocket Money prides itself on its simplified user interface, which many users find intuitive and easy to navigate. Its range of features, from tracking daily spending to credit score insights, are presented in a manner that even those new to financial apps can grasp swiftly. This ease of use is accentuated by real-time tracking, making it a breeze to manage and oversee financial transactions, bringing you closer to your personalized savings goals.

Simplifi, in contrast, relies on its minimalist design that emphasizes clarity. Each function, be it the custom budget or the goal tracking, is highlighted with detailed visuals, ensuring users can understand their finances at a glance. Additionally, its customizable budget categories make it stand out, catering to the needs of those who prefer a more personalized touch for their method of budgeting.

Factor 2: Budgeting Tools and Methods

Simplifi’s Budgeting Features, Including Budgeting For Couples, Make It A Better Option

  • Simplifi emphasizes its standout feature: the zero-based budget system, alongside its goal tracking.
  • When it comes to diverse budgeting tools, Rocket Money stands out.

Rocket Money’s approach to budgeting is holistic. It doesn’t just introduce users to a single method but offers a spectrum of budgeting styles, from the zero-based budget to more traditional approaches. This variety ensures that every user, regardless of their budgeting habits, finds a system that resonates with them. Moreover, the platform’s detailed budget overview helps users stay on top of their monthly spending and better plan for everyday expenses.

Simplifi’s strength lies in its dedication to the zero-based budget system. It encourages users to allocate every dollar they earn, ensuring no money is left unaccounted for. Coupled with its goal-tracking system, Simplifi ensures that users aren’t just budgeting but are actively working towards their financial goals, be it savings goals or debt payoff.

Factor 3: Credit Monitoring and Financial Health Insights

Simplifi takes the lead in providing detailed budget planning and real-time tracking for financial transactions

  • Rocket Money excels with its credit score insights and monitoring, offering users a deeper understanding of their financial health.
  • While Simplifi provides insights into spending and savings, it doesn’t delve deep into credit monitoring.

Rocket Money doesn’t limit its features to just budgeting and spending insights. It offers users detailed credit score monitoring, which is vital in today’s age where credit health is paramount and your credit history can make or break you. This tool not only presents the score but also provides insights into factors affecting it, helping users make informed decisions about their financial actions.

Simplifi, on the other hand, is more concentrated on budgeting and spending habits. It offers users a comprehensive overview of their savings and expenses, helping them align their finances with their goals. While this focus is commendable, the lack of in-depth credit monitoring might leave some users wanting more comprehensive financial health insights.

Factor 4: Subscription Management and Additional Features

Rocket Money boasts a comprehensive subscription management feature, alongside other standout features

  • Simplifi shines with its negotiation service and its focus on future spending.
  • For those keen on overseeing all subscriptions and enjoying a plethora of advanced features, Rocket Money is the go-to.

Rocket Money understands the modern user’s needs, especially in an age where subscription services are rampant. Its subscription management feature allows users to track all their subscriptions in one place, ensuring they’re aware of all recurring charges.

This feature, combined with its premium features such as detailed budget and investment tracking, makes it a holistic financial tool for the average user.

On the other side, Simplifi offers something unique – a negotiation service. This service aids users in reducing some of their monthly bills. Furthermore, its focus on future spending and planned spending ensures that users are always ahead of their finances and prepare for upcoming payments and expenses.

Simplifi’s premium subscription also offers an ad-free experience, which is a nice feature for those wanting an uninterrupted financial planning session, like myself.

Factor 5: Security and Accessibility

Simplifi ensures safety with its robust security measures and offers desktop versions for more expansive views

  • Rocket Money emphasizes two-factor authentication, ensuring users’ data is protected.
  • When it comes to accessibility across devices, Simplifi is the favorite.

Security is paramount for Rocket Money. It incorporates two-factor authentication, ensuring that users’ financial data and personal details remain safe from potential breaches. Its dedication to security is evident in its continuous updates and patches, ensuring that the app remains a stronghold against potential cyber threats.

Simplifi, meanwhile, also prioritizes security with its rigorous measures, ensuring that financial transactions and data are encrypted and safe. Like Rocket Money, Simplifi also offers multi-factor authentication. This way, users can rest assured their external accounts are safe with Simplifi

What gives Simplifi an edge in this factor is its availability across devices. Not only is it available as a mobile app, but its desktop versions provide users with a more expansive view of their finances, making it convenient for those who prefer larger screens for financial planning.

Alternatives to Simplifi and Rocket Money

If neither Simplifi or Rocket Money seem like the right budgeting platform for you, don’t worry, there are plenty of other popular budgeting apps out there. One such app, that has been helping users achieve their money goals is Monarch Money.

Although other popular budgeting methods are supported on Monarch Money, it is best known for its zero-based budgeting approach. If you are a fan of zero-based budgeting or want to learn more, my Monarch Money vs Simplifi article will be a valuable resource.

Rocket Money Vs Simplifi – The Final Verdict: Who Takes the Financial Crown?

In the complex world of budgeting and financial management, both Rocket Money and Simplifi stand out as quality budgeting apps. Rocket Money, with its comprehensive subscription management, alongside investment tracking and added layers of security, seems tailor-made for those who prefer a detailed and holistic approach in their financial management tools. Its user interface, coupled with standout features, makes it a commendable choice for both newbies and financial aficionados alike.

Simplifi, on the other hand, offers an impressive negotiation service, a focus on future spending, and the undeniable convenience of desktop versions. Its forward-looking features ensure users not only track but also anticipate their financial trajectory, granting peace of mind and better preparedness.

In this neck-and-neck comparison, Simplifi manages to claim a slight edge, especially when considering the extensive features, security, and superior user experience it offers. Click Here if you’re ready to jump in and get started with Simplifi.

However, it’s vital to understand that the best choice often hinges on personal preferences and specific financial needs. If you think Rocket Money is more your speed, go here to get set up.

Learn More About Rocket Money

Learn More About Simplifi


Can I Trust Rocket Money?

Rocket Money is secure. Rocket Money employs 256-bit encryption for data storage and collaborates with Plaid for the safe integration of your accounts. While it can’t modify your accounts, it provides the flexibility to disconnect them at any time.

Who Owns Rocket Money?

Haroon Mokhtarzada is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rocket Money, previously known as Truebill, which specializes in bill management through its software and application. In late 2021, Rocket Companies (NYSE: RKT) acquired the firm for $1.275 billion, aiming to establish a comprehensive hub for individuals to oversee all aspects of their financial life.

Is Simplifi Free?

Simplifi does not offer a free plan. The choice between a no-cost application or a subscription service could depend on your preferred functionalities in a budgeting application. Simplifi offers an extensive array of features that far surpass what free budgeting apps offer.

Can I Migrate From Mint To Simplifi?

Yes, transferring data from Mint to Simplifi is possible. Select the “Mint” choice during the import process to move transactions from Mint to Quicken Simplifi. Be aware that Mint allows a maximum of 10,000 transactions per transfer. Prior to importing your Mint transactions, you will need to manually establish your account(s) in Quicken Simplifi.

Can Two People Use Simplifi?

Yes, two people can use Simplifi. Space Sharing enables you to securely share your financial information with another person, like a partner or a financial advisor. This feature allows you to grant complete access to your data to one other user simply through an invitation, eliminating the need to share your login details.