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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf April 21,2022
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In a Nutshell: Investors are able to buy and sell single-family home rental properties in their online marketplace. By doing so, investors can collect passive income from the renters (who inhabit the property when you buy it).

Fractional ownership of a single property is also available on the platform, which eliminates the headache of shouldering hefty loans.

Minimum InvestmentFeesTypes of Investments Promos
$5,000, after the initial investment you can purchase fractions10% of property management feesSingle-family rentalsNone

Pros & Cons


  • Offers fractional share purchases on the rental properties
  • Option to liquidate after 6 months
  • Investors have the ability to leave Roofstock One (with a penalty fee)


  • No full bankruptcy protection

What is Roofstock One?

Roofstock One was introduced onto the Roofstock platform as a way for investors to get in on fractional ownership and to make it easier for accredited investors to have a more hands-on approach to customize passive investments. Investors will no longer need to shoulder a loan on their own, which can be a lot of pressure. If buyers want to liquidate, they can after six months. Think of Roofstock One as a way to do things remotely even if you don’t have the capital.

Roofstock One Review – How Does It Work?

Our Roofstock One review shows that the platform simplifies everything about traditional real estate investing. It does the research and acquires optimal properties for investment back by their science and experienced team. The portfolios can have properties in different geographical locations and investors can choose options that suit their investment targets.

What Does Roofstock One offer?

Roofstock One offers various features, but these are the most prominent ones.

        Passive Investing and Active Management

There’s not much for you to do as your property is actively managed by experienced property managers. Roofstock One will automatically match you with one of their experts. You won’t need to stress about taxes, HOA fees or anything a traditional landlord is responsible for because it’s all taken care of for you.

        Fractional Ownership

One of the biggest wins for Roofstock One is the fractional ownership option. You don’t have to put down the entire amount for a single-family rental property. Invest in a way that works for you without the pressure of getting enough capital together.

Customizable Investments

Investors can choose their own way by selecting various portfolio options that align with their goals.

What Makes Roofstock One Different?

Roofstock One is faster and easier to use than traditional real estate investments, and even other online platforms. You directly invest in the property, but you have everything handled for you by experienced property managers, who you do not have to seek out for yourself.

Roofstock One automates everything and investors only have to focus on picking the right profile. Because the minimum investment is quite low compared to traditional real estate investments, users can spread their capital across various properties for more exposure and diversity. Historically, this could also lead to stabler long-term growth.

Who is RoofStock One for?

Roofstock One seems easy to use, but is it for beginners? There isn’t a right answer, as long as the results meet your financial goals. We do believe it’s a good choice for beginners because of the fractional ownership option and Roofstock One’s helpful guides and extra tips. The platform also has a podcast that shares knowledge with its users.

As for experienced investors, we also believe Roofstock One has a lot to offer. It is as close to a set-it-and-forget-it online real estate investment platform as it can be. We like how it’s an option for accredited and experienced investors to earn passive income from rental properties without having to do the hard work such as securing loans, worrying about fees, and dealing with tenants.

Would Roofstock one be a better long-term or short-term investment option? The platform certainly has the potential to be long-term, as it focuses on managing and growing investor assets for the long run. However, if for any reason investors change their minds, they can liquidate their assets after 6 months.

There is also what’s called “unwrapping”, which allows investors to leave Roofstock One if at least 90% of investors in a property agree, but not without penalty fees.

Bottom Line

Roofstock One is an effective alternative to traditional real estate investing that lets investors pick and choose the right portfolio, and removes the stress of handling things behind the scenes. The option for fractional ownership of a property is a real winning feature. Click here to learn more about how to get started with Roofstock One.

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