Santa Claus – The Ultimate Project Manager

Santa Claus may be a Christmas character but he is the ultimate project manager! Think of it: He bridges the gap between the production team (i.e., the elves and their assistants at the North Pole) and the clients (i.e., children all over the world) in an effective, efficient and responsive manner. He ensures that the children have their gifts on Christmas Eve – and that’s as excellent performance as you can achieve.

Take a look at the following desirable traits of the ultimate project leader that Santa Claus apparently possesses and get our point.

Inspires a Shared Mission

Santa Claus is a great example of a visionary leader. He can inspire a shared vision among the elves and his assistants, even among his human helpers, so much so that Christmas either comes early or comes on time. He empowers everybody who believes in Christmas to have a real stake in gift-giving and to experience the vision for others.

Christmastime, after all, is for everybody and Santa Claus is one of the characters that we rally around during this time.

Encourages Enthusiasm

Of course, Santa Claus encourages enthusiasm by being an enthusiastic person. The proof: He can still enjoy a good laugh even when things appear to be going wrong, such as when possibly stuck in a chimney.

We like enthusiastic leaders who have a can-do attitude, a strong fighting spirit, and even a bounce in their step because we become inspired to do better. Santa Claus is committed to the goal of giving cheer on Christmas and he does it with optimism, enthusiasm, and good cheer so there’s no reason to be down in the dumps either.

Communicates Well with Others

Good communication is one of the pillars of effective and efficient project management – and Santa Claus appears to have it in spades. He clearly communicates the team’s goals as well as the members’ responsibilities, expectations and performances while also praising them for a job well done in the past years.

Santa Claus also appears to be an open and direct individual who can effectively use his negotiation and persuasion skills for the team’s good. For example, we have never heard of the elves going on a strike and that’s something to be said considering the work to be done.

Possesses Unquestionable Integrity

As far as we know, Santa Claus has not been tainted by dirty politics, cons and scams that would have tarnished his reputation. He has so far demonstrated ethical practices in his dealings with his team and their clients, thus, his unquestionable integrity.

Keep in mind that leadership based on integrity is one of the best types because followers will follow a leader whose interests are for the team, not for himself.

Of course, Santa Claus is also a competent leader whose strong sense of empathy coupled with his ability to delegate tasks, stay cool under pressure, and solve problems are just as important in his great project management style.

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