Save Money Using a Website Builder

Whether you’re starting a website for a business, a professional portfolio, or an online store, you’re probably in the same spot as many individuals: gearing up for a money sink. Traditionally, websites are a substantial investment. There are domain costs, hosting costs, and of course the pay you need to shuck out for a developer…

But having a website is such an essential part of doing business these days that there’s no way you can afford not to have one, generally speaking, even if you’re just a brick-and-mortar boutique shop. And a well-designed and easy to use website can help convert visitors into clients, growing your potential consumer base. But we’re here to tell you that you can save money- potentially a lot of money- by using a great website builder. And not just money, but time; scouting, interviewing, and hiring a developer can take weeks, and it can be more weeks or months before you have a live product.

Luckily, the days where you needed to account for spending hundreds or thousands on a website are ending as more and more platforms crop up which help laymen create great-looking websites on the cheap.

Using a Website Builder

So, here’s the deal: there are dozens of website builders out there which you can use to create a great-looking website without hiring anyone, and without sinking a lot of time into learning how to code yourself. In fact, most website builders out there have simple drag-and-drop platforms which make designing a website no more or less difficult than designing a PowerPoint presentation.

If you feel that you can’t even design a good-looking PowerPoint presentation, not to worry! Website builders guide you along the path of making a great-looking website by offering themes and templates. Website Builder templates are essentially the framework for a website: they show you the basic design, where to put a menu, logo, text, images, call-outs… they’re essentially a guide to what looks good. All you need to do is pop in your own text and images and call it a day.

Want to change up how the text appears or how the image galleries handle? Most website builders help you do that in just a few clicks of a button. You have all the control about what information goes where, and you don’t need to know a stitch of coding to make it work. According to most cost breakdowns, just the website designer cost for a small business website is likely to be anywhere from $1,200 to $3,0000. Let’s say that you found someone willing to cut you a deal and will charge only $1,000. Using a website builder, that $1,000 you were about to pay a website developer has now been reduced to 4 to 6 hours of your own time. If you make roughly $30 an hour, that’s a savings of more than $800.

Worried your website won’t look professional? Don’t. Most website builders pay premium designers tens of thousands to design their hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of templates to ensure that their clients can work with confidence. Most website builders have also optimized their codes so that you can be assured your website will load quickly 24/7. They also often provide apps and other perks to allow you to manage your website on-the-go when necessary.

The Savings Don’t Stop There

There are more costs to getting a great looking website than just hiring a designer. There’s domain costs (typically anywhere from $15 to $50 per year), SSL certificates (often over $50 per year), hosting (anywhere from $15 to $100 per year), and of course the costs of integrating special options, such as a secure shopping cart, which can sometimes get up to hundreds of dollars a year.

A website builder will generally absorb all of those costs in one small monthly fee (usually starting at $1.99). Need a shopping cart and checkout options? Most website builders will give this to you at no upfront cost, usually just collecting a fee of 1 to 3 percent on each sale. And those are savings you’ll see every year over the large upfront costs of building a website on your own hosting.

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