Save Money When You Book Travel

This is a guest post from Jon Lal, founder of coupons & cash back website and couponing & savings expert. offers travel coupons as well as cash back for online shopping at 3,000+ online stores with a current average rate of 7%.

Whether you are hitting the road for work or pleasure, there are many costs associated with travel. Use these tips to save when making your reservation:

  • Take advantage of free membership loyalty programs so you can accumulate points for perks over time. If there is no cost to join, there is no reason not to be a member.
  • If you are a senior citizen you can often get a discount. It never hurts to ask! The term “senior” is sometimes defined as young as 50+ since each travel merchant has a different definition of “senior,” you may be eligible for a discount and not even know it.
  • Always book online. Not only do some airlines charge fees if you call to book by phone, you can also use online coupons and earn cash back (a portion of your spending that is awarded to you, like when you use a cash back rewards credit card).
  • Check for a promo code to get a discount on your travel needs. Find the best coupon code to save the most by checking a comprehensive savings website. Scan through all the offers for whichever travel provider you are purchasing from and select the best offer for what you are buying. Consider a percentage off and set dollar amount off offers and use the one that what will save you the most money. You can use a calculator to compare offers before making your purchase to make an informed decision. A good savings website will provide coupons for free as well as clearly indicate the expiration date and additional details such as restrictions.
  • Earn cash back for free by clicking through a cash back shopping website to the travel company like an airline or hotel you are booking with. The cash back site will deposit a portion of your transaction into a free account. This is a free and fast way to save when buying travel online. You can often combine a discount from a promo code and earn cash back on the same transaction.
  • Pay with a rewards credit card so you also earn points or more cash back from your credit card. By using this payment method, you can earn cash back from two different sources. Personal finance tip: be sure to pay off your credit card balance each month to avoid paying interest.

How do you save money when booking travel? Did you score any really good deals on booking travel recently? What was the trick?

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