Saving Money at College

College can be a difficult time for anyone to keep a stable financial base while investing the time and effort needed to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. Fortunately, however, there are a few ways to help you save money, whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, and will allow you to exit your studies with less debt, debt free, or maybe even with some savings in the bank. So here are some tips to keep your money where it matters most, in your bank account.

Look at options for part-time studies

Most institutions have part-time studies available at a reduced rate, which will allow you to focus more on individual classes and will let you work while you’re studying. These courses tend to come in a variety of forms, from nighttime and weekend courses to online classes. It wasn’t long ago that online options were only offered in graduate courses, but more and more institutions are making them a staple of their undergraduate programs. The close monitoring of your work by faculty means that you receive the same kind of individual attention that traditional full-time students do.

Save when studying abroad

Many institutions have study abroad programs set-up to facilitate students going to partner universities abroad. This does simplify the process and make for less research, but it also means that you’re spending money in the form of fees and perhaps even tuition and housing, when you won’t even be attending your home university that year. By planning in advance, you can see what universities abroad are accredited and the courses you can transfer back to your home university. By signing up for classes directly with the university abroad, you’re more than likely to save significant amounts of money on both tuition fees and housing costs.

Look for TA and grading positions

Though these types of jobs tend to be reserved for graduate students there are some available for undergraduates as well, especially upperclassmen. Academic positions often come with a reduction in tuition and fees or room and board included, as well as a modest stipend. If you’re interested in applying to graduate school or postgraduate fellowships, the work done as a TA or grader will significantly improve your odds of being accepted into one of these positions in the future.

Though it can at times be difficult to do, there are many ways to stretch your dollar while studying without sacrificing the quality of your education and the fun opportunities that come along the way.

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