Saving on Sunshine — How to Spend Less in Turkey

With beaches, warm temperatures, and plenty to see and do, Turkey is more popular with tourists than ever before. But as this is incredible country has continued to become a bigger and bigger favorite, thanks to regions like Dalaman and Antalya, so has the average cost of a Turkey holiday.

If you are on a budget, you can still enjoy everything that Turkey has to offer. But before you leave, consider these useful tips for controlling your costs.

Take advantage of seasonal savings

Turkey enjoys a fairly consistent climate throughout the year, but the nature of school holidays means that most of us try to travel between July and September. As you’d expect, this is when hotels throughout the country charge the highest fees per night.

One excellent way to shave money off of your spend is to look for opportunities to visit Turkey outside of the traditional Turkey holiday season.

What’s more, the amount you pay for accommodation largely depends on where you are going. You might think that the less popular destinations would offer lower rates to entice visitors but, in fact, sticking to popular resorts often gets you the best price. Where there are a large number of hotels in close proximity, competition drives prices down.

Embrace local food and drink


We all enjoy the familiar, and Turkey’s many restaurants and cafes offer international cuisine — but it comes at a cost.

Many of the shops, attractions, and restaurants that cater to foreign tastes are located in tourist hotspots with expensive rent and rates that drive the average cost of a meal up. To save money, avoid these areas and focus on the traditional Turkish feel.

In a local restaurant, you can choose from kebabs, salads, or ‘pide’ — the local version of a pizza — for as little as 20 lira.

If you’re planning on getting off the beach and exploring further afield, you might be considering a rental car. However, in Turkey, vehicle rental rates are high and fuel prices can be prohibitive.

Instead, make the most of Turkey’s impressive public transport systems. They’re flexible, affordable ways to travel. Meanwhile, if you’re planning a longer excursion, Turkey’s coach network offers on-board refreshments, regular stops, and a comfortable ride — at a sensible price.

Images by Omer Unlu and William Neuheisel, shared under a Creative Commons License

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