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October 13, 2023October 13, 2023

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Pocketsmith is a powerful personal finance app that simplifies managing your money. In this review, we’ll explore its features, ease of use, and how you can save with a Pocketsmith coupon code.

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Pocketsmith Overview

PocketSmith is a pioneering personal finance application hailing from New Zealand. Established in 2008 by the trio of Jason Leong, Francois Bondiguel, and James Wigglesworth, the platform is driven by an innovative vision: integrating a calendar and event-based approach to financial management. This distinctive feature allows users to forecast their future financial positions using a web-based calendar.

By doing so, PocketSmith aids users in visualizing and anticipating their monetary trajectory, ensuring they can make informed decisions about their finances. The software’s user-friendly interface is accessible entirely online, ensuring convenience for its users. Additionally, the platform is equipped with visualization tools such as charts, enabling customers to monitor and appreciate their financial growth over time.

Prices of The Subscription Plans

PocketSmith has grown popular due to its robust features and comprehensive financial tracking. When it comes to its pricing structure, PocketSmith offers a tiered system that caters to users with varying needs:

Free Plan: For the Casual Budgeter

As the name suggests, this plan is available at no cost.

  • Basic Financial Updates: Provides automatic bank feeds for up-to-date information.
  • Manual Data Imports: Allows users to manually feed in transaction data.
  • Simplified Financial Overview: Comes with 2 dashboards and 12 budgets for a streamlined financial perspective.
  • Limited Accounts & Projection: Supports 2 accounts and offers a short-term 6-month financial forecast.
Fortune Plan: For the Financial Expert

The Fortune plan is priced at USD $26.66 per month when billed annually. Alternatively, users can opt for a monthly billing option priced at $39.95.

  • Automatic Bank Feeds: This feature ensures real-time updates from all linked bank accounts, offering users up-to-date financial information.
  • Priority Email Support: Subscribers receive priority assistance for any queries or technical issues.
  • Unlimited Connectivity: Users can link an unlimited number of bank accounts from any country.
  • Extensive Financial Forecasting: Provides a comprehensive financial outlook with a 60-year projection.
  • Dashboard & Budget Management: Offers unlimited dashboards and budgets to effectively manage and oversee finances.
Flourish Plan: For the Household CFO

The Flourish plan comes at USD $16.66 per month when billed annually. There’s also a monthly billing option at $24.95.

  • Automatic Bank Feeds: Seamless synchronization with up to 18 bank accounts from anywhere in the world.
  • Standard Email Support: Reliable email support for assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Diverse Financial Forecasting: Users can plan ahead with a 30-year financial projection.
  • Tailored Financial Management: Offers 18 distinct dashboards, unlimited accounts, and budgets to effectively manage household finances.
Foundation Plan: For the Financial Tracker

Priced at USD $9.99 per month for annual billing or at $14.95 for monthly subscribers.

  • Automatic Bank Feeds: Connects up to 6 banks, but limited to one country.
  • Support & Financial Insights: Standard email support along with 6 dashboards for tailored financial tracking.
  • Focused Financial Projection: Gives a 10-year financial outlook to help users plan and adjust.
  • Flexible Account and Budget Management: Provides unlimited accounts and budgets to adapt to varied financial tracking needs.


In today’s digital age, efficiently managing and forecasting finances has become increasingly vital. This isn’t just about keeping tabs on your daily expenses or monthly bills; it’s about understanding the entire spectrum of your financial landscape and preparing for the future. One tool that has emerged as a beacon in this realm is PocketSmith. Why is this application receiving so much attention, and why might you want to consider grabbing a Pocketsmith discount code for it? Let’s delve into its key features to uncover the reasons.

  • Historical Reporting: PocketSmith provides historical data on user finances, offering insights into spending habits and financial trends.
  • Financial Calendar: This feature helps users anticipate and plan for future cash flow situations, preventing potential financial issues.
  • Global Bank Integration: It supports an extensive range of bank accounts and currencies, boasting integrations with over 12,000 financial institutions worldwide.
  • Mobile Application – PocketSmith Sidekick: Available for both iOS and Android, this mobile version enables users to manage their finances on the go. It offers a customizable dashboard, budget tracking, automatic transaction categorization, and timely notifications and reminders.
  • Scenario Testing: Users can test different financial decisions and see how they might impact their financial future.

Acquiring a coupon code not only makes the journey towards financial enlightenment more affordable, but it also serves as a stepping stone towards making informed decisions and achieving your financial dreams. Remember, the right tools make all the difference, and PocketSmith is certainly one worth considering.

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