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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Dec 19, 2022
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4.5 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: Seeking Alpha Pro is the company’s top-tier subscription for investment analysis articles, reports, and tools.

It provides subscribers with PRO-only investment ideas via exclusive articles and newsletters.

Read through our Seeking Alpha Pro review to find out if access to these select actionable investment opportunities is worth the increased subscription cost.

FeesService Type Promotion
$2400/yearInvestment research service14-day trial, 40% discount
Pros & Cons
  • Offers analyst-written articles
  • Includes a variety of investment tools
  • World’s largest investing community
  • No specific stock picks
  • Time-consuming
  • Excessive for passive investors

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Seeking Alpha is one of the most well-known names when it comes to online investing resources. Unlike Motley Fool Stock Advisor (which offers stock recommendations for individual stocks), Seeking Alpha’s premium subscription service options are designed for those with an investment style based on in-depth research and analytics.

The company provides two ways to access premium content: the Seeking Alpha Premium plan and the Pro plan. Both can be used by investors of any level, although the latter will be most useful to professional investors. Seeking Alpha also offers a free plan with basic resources and information.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll instantly join the largest investing community in the world. However, premium plans can be very pricey, so it doesn’t make much sense to pay for more features than you’ll actually use.

In this article, we’ll highlight the details of the Pro plan. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know if the Pro plan is the right plan for you!

Seeking Alpha Pro is best for…

Active investors who don’t mind spending a bit more to maximize their returns. Seeking Alpha Pro offers information on ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, dividend stocks, and the stock market in general, but so does the Premium plan.

The Pro plan builds upon the features of the Premium plan, adding quantitative analysis stock ratings, PRO newsletters, short ideas, PRO articles on stocks, and more to the list of available investment advice resources.

Unlimited access to these tools is certainly useful, but at such a high price, the costs may outweigh the benefits for less intense investors.

Seeking Alpha Pro isn’t suitable for those who want to be recommended individual stocks on a monthly basis, people without an investment strategy in place, or those who can make do with a basic plan or premium plan membership.


Seeking Alpha has three different plans: the Basic Plan, the Premium Plan, and the Pro plan.

  • The Basic Plan is free. As such, it only offers limited access to content. It doesn’t include any premium features, making it only useful for individual investors who don’t require in-depth technical analysis or fundamental analysis tools.
  • The Premium Plan has an annual cost of $239/year and unlocks most of the premium features.
  • The Pro Plan costs $2400/year. This plan gives complete access to content, far beyond what is offered to premium subscribers. Pro members can take advantage of the exclusive newsletter, exclusive articles, the idea screener (with filters), the short ideas portal, and more.

As you can see, the Pro plan can be quite expensive, especially for individual investors. To help reduce these costs, we’ve provided a link—further down the page—that will help you grab both a free trial and a discount for the Pro plan.


The list of features and benefits you’ll have access to when subscribed to the Pro plan is quite extensive. Seeking Alpha has information on thousands of stocks, mutual funds, crypto currencies, and other types of assets.

Beyond basic stock information, you’ll have access to relevant financial statements, company conference call recordings, earnings forecasts, earnings estimates, earnings call transcripts, earnings per share, and more about any assets you’re interested in.

In addition to data, Seeking Alpha is also well-known for offering analyst-written investing articles to its subscribers. Hundreds of articles are added each month from various authors.

Authors themselves receive author ratings, which allows readers to learn a bit of background about the author’s articles. Comparing thoughts from multiple analysts is one way that investors can gain critical insights into any potential assets they may be considering investing in.

Seeking Alpha Pro also includes stock charts, a stock screener, the short ideas portal, stock ratings (with a factor scorecard, an idea screener, PRO newsletter, and other exclusive PRO content.

Key Takeaways

Here are a few of the most important things to consider when joining this investment community at the “Pro” level.


  • Offers a variety of benefits including real-time news updates, analysis email alerts, a stock screener tool, short ideas, PRO content, and PRO newsletters
  • Seeking Alpha Author stock ratings tool allows you to easily compare multiple analyst ratings and see their opinions on potential stocks you may want to invest in
  • Monthly subscription includes exclusive content only available to Pro members


  • Doesn’t offer monthly stock picks
  • A “Pro” level membership is fairly expensive
  • Seeking Alpha authors vary widely in terms of reliability, and some—such as fund managers—may have personal interests that sway their recommendations

Is Seeking Alpha Pro Right for You?

Seeking Alpha Pro is an amazing, powerful resource for investors who want unlimited access to the latest market data. This premium service allows investors to read analysis articles, follow their favorite authors, analyze stock charts, opt in for real-time updates, and receive recommendations that can help them with their investing decisions.

While the premium service is no doubt an effective way to gather promising investment ideas, our main concern with the Pro membership is its high price. If you’re an active investor who likes to be able to conduct in-depth research before making an investment, then we highly recommend using our link below to save money on this powerful investment research platform.

Sign up for a free, 14-day trial and lock in a 40% off (of an annual subscription) deal by clicking here!

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