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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Nov 19, 2022
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Seeking Alpha


4.6 rating based on 5 ratings

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In a nutshell: Seeking Alpha is a stock market investor service that provides a variety of both free and paid subscription content. What differentiates it from other subscription services is its focus on communal input. Its content is generated by both professional and amateur financial advisors. Seeking Alpha also offers a proprietary “Quant” rating for various securities.

Read our Seeking Alpha review to learn why this investment service can take your investing to the next level.

FeesReturnsUnique Feature
$29.99/month for premium membership27% return over S&P for strong-buy stockAbility to track content author’s recommendation performance
Pros & Cons
  • A Free Option
  • Active community of investors
  • Accessibility
  • Not for Rookies
  • Not ideal for individual investors interested in mutual funds
  • Limited Free Content

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Seeking Alpha
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
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One of Seeking Alpha’s benefits is the staggering amount of content that is generated: claiming that thousands of authors are contributing hundreds of thousands of articles every month. Much of this content is offered free of charge, but users who can’t get enough data might find use in Seeking Alpha’s “Alpha Premium” subscription plans to get even more info on their hands.

The content on Seeking Alpha is quite varied. Readers can find everything from innovative investing strategies to in-depth analyst ratings (simply by scrolling through the articles!).

However, since the platform has a consortium of contributors, it’s not uncommon to find conflicting opinions. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to conduct research using multiple sources when considering a new investing idea, rather than relying on the opinions of a single author.

Seeking Alpha Overview

In addition to a variety of free articles on stock tips and market trends, subscribers can purchase Seeking Alpha’s premium package for $29.99 per month. This paid subscription offers a variety of analytical tools not available to the firm’s free subscribers.

It should be noted that there is very little hand-holding with this software, and Seeking Alpha offers few educational resources. Seeking Alpha premium’s market software is extensive, but it will require some personal research for you to exercise it to its full potential unless you are already an experienced investor.

If you’re confident of your financial experience, then you might be well served with Seeking Alpha. The company boasts archived stock data that reaches back decades (all while reminding the savvy user that past performance is no promise of future returns).

The myriad of articles and other market advice is both a blessing and a curse. Users will often find conflicting investment ideas & advice. This can overwhelm rookie investors, but experienced subscribers will be able to sort through the great wealth of advice that Seeking Alpha provides to decide what is best for their portfolio parameters and investment goals With enough consideration, this can prove to be a benefit to new investors. It might spur them to expand their financial knowledge to reap all that Seeking Alpha has to offer. For the ambitious user, Seeking Alpha can be a viable option for everyone.

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Membership Options

Basic Membership

This membership is entirely free, requiring only an email account. It’s the ideal option for investors who are still learning about investing, as it provides access to content with limited restrictions.

It’s also a good choice for people who’ve never used Seeking Alpha before. A Basic membership will give you an idea of the content/information you can expect from the platform without requiring you to commit to an ongoing membership fee.

After creating a free account, you’ll have instant access to the basic Seeking Alpha features, including:

  • Limited content access
  • Email alerts
  • News updates
  • Stock pricing & charts
  • Wall Street Stock Ratings

Premium Membership

The main benefit of Alpha Premium is access to premium content. Alpha Premium articles often contain critical information not available in general-audience articles. As a paid Alpha subscriber, you’ll also enjoy additional information outside of the exclusive content, including:

  • Seeking Alpha Author Ratings
  • Seeking Alpha Author Performance
  • Stock Quant Ratings
  • Stock Dividend Grades

PRO Membership

Suppose you’re a fundamental investor with a lot of capital to invest. In that case, becoming an Alpha Pro subscriber may be a worthwhile endeavor! Seeking Alpha Pro is expensive—coming in at $69.99/month—but aims to streamline your investments by only providing the best stock recommendations.

As a Seeking Alpha subscriber, you’ll still have access to all the exclusive content offered with a Premium membership. However, Pro members are instantly presented with the “Top Ideas,” which are articles that SA considers highly viable and instantly actionable. In addition to Top Ideas, Alpha Pro also provides the following benefits:

  • Seeking Alpha PRO content
  • Seeking Alpha PRO newsletters
  • Short ideas portal
  • Idea screener & filter
  • VIP Service


Seeking Alpha has a lot to offer the premium subscriber, including fundamental analysis tools, investing strategies, exclusive content, and market insights. There are far too many features to include in this article, but we’ve included some notable mentions below.


Articles are one of the key features offered by Seeking Alpha; arguably, they are the heart of the Seeking Alpha community! Many different topics are covered on the platform, from fundamental analysis and portfolio investment strategy to investment ideas and market news.

Casual investors can take advantage of investment advice; more advanced investors can mull over in-depth research to make their own decisions. The extensive library of available content makes the platform suitable for nearly any investing style.

That said, the platform receives contributions from both amateur and professional investors. As such, opinions often conflict, advice may be incorrect, and articles could be biased. Because of this, it’s important that traders take a close look at each proposed portfolio investment strategy or analysis. Doing so will allow them to make informed decisions regarding their investment portfolios.

Article Sidebar

The platform has created the “Article Sidebar” to help you determine which Seeking Alpha contributors align with your investment philosophy. This sidebar includes a stock price chart, stock information, author rating, and author history.

Author ratings are designed to help you differentiate between non-credible and credible authors. Each Seeking Alpha author receives a rating: bullish, neutral, or bearish. However, author ratings don’t reflect the actual quality of a contributor’s content.

Seeking Alpha Quant Rating

Seeking Alpha offers a proprietary quantitative (“Quant”) rating on various assets since its introduction in 2010. The platform’s ratings span from strong sell, sell, hold, buy, to strong buy. Seeking Alpha claims that a portfolio based around securities rated as a “strong-buy” would outperform the S&P 500’s returns by over $130,000 (assuming a $10,000 initial deposit). This would amount to over a 27% return, far better than average market performance.

Factor Grading

Currently, Seeking Alpha offers factor scorecards for over 5,600 individual stocks. These scorecards are made up of five different factor grades: Valuation, Growth, Profitability, Momentum, and Revisions.

Factor grades are useful for both short-term and long-investors, as it allows them to get a comprehensive overview of a particular stock with just a single glance. Scorecards are updated once per day, and limited to premium/pro subscribers. In addition to the current factor grades, you can also see a stock’s grades three and six months ago.

Proprietary Stock Screener

If you’re in the process of stock picking and stock market analysis, then stock screeners can be particularly useful. One of the things that make Seeking Alpha stock screeners particularly useful is that—in addition to the standard stock data—they also include stock ratings and author analysis.

The main page of the stock screener will provide you with pre-made screening lists. “Top Rated Stocks” includes SA’s stock recommendations. Since—unlike Motley Fool Stock Advisor—Seeking Alpha doesn’t provide a constant stream of recommendations, these lists are as close as you’re going to get to company-provided stock picks.

“Top Rated Dividend Stocks,” “Top Growth Stocks,” and “Top Technology Stocks” are just a few of the other pre-made lists. You can also make your own custom stock screener if you’d prefer.

Portfolio Alerts & Monitoring

It can be easy to miss critical information, even if you’re reading the stock charts every day. Unfortunately, if you can’t closely keep track of a share price, it’s easy to make detrimental investment decisions by accident. Fortunately, Seeking Alpha can help prevent this by sending you email alerts!

The platform can be synced to your favorite brokerage, providing real-time information about all of your assets. This helps streamline the entire investing process, as you can factor in stock-related news while using the platform’s various comparison tools to create a balanced stock portfolio.

Podcasts & Newsletters

If you prefer a more personable approach to investing ideas, then the podcasts & newsletters may appeal to you. They both cover a variety of topics, including stock analysis, market news, earnings expectations, and investing ideas.

Seeking Alpha Pros

A Free Option – Users who aren’t quite sure if Seeking Alpha is the direction they want to go in can take full advantage of the firm’s free services. This can help you dip your toe in the water to see if the company’s general language and way of disseminating information might be something you’d be interested in paying for additional access to.

Community – Seeking Alpha is unique compared to other robo investors in the sheer amount of investment ideas & content its users contribute. One might even consider it a sort of Seeking Alpha Reddit community all its own. You can find input from investors of all experience levels and financial goals, so you’ll always find a like-minded individual to help you on your path.

Accessibility – The firm offers a variety of ways to engage with the market. Seeking Alpha has a way to log in as long as you have internet access. It offers both a desktop and mobile application, so you can always be plugged into the market.

Seeking Alpha Cons

Not for Rookies – Seeking Alpha is not made for the beginning investor. Between the desktop display and the way information is presented, users will not be spoon-fed. Using the platform will require a background in investing or at least a willingness to learn more outside of the resources that the firm provides immediately.

Limited Free Content – While there is plenty to dig through on Seeking Alpha’s basic site, much of what makes the company interesting is reserved for premium investors. Unique features such as the Quant rating system and access to content authors’ recommendation performances are all reserved for paying members.

Seeking Alpha’s free content might be seen as more of a trial for those thinking of a paid subscription as opposed to something to completely rely on.

Is Seeking Alpha Worth It?

Seeking Alpha is an excellent choice for active investors with moderate experience who have a moderate amount of money to invest regularly. A premium plan might be too much for those who only plan on investing small amounts of money at a time, meaning that they can’t properly capitalize on all of the information that the platform has to offer. We also wouldn’t recommend Seeking Alpha for those purely interested in investing in mutual funds.

If you enjoy researching individual securities, and you are a serious, active trader with multiple individual stocks, then Seeking Alpha can prove to be a worthy investment all its own.

If you decide that Seeking Alpha is right for you, you can get started here ! For a limited time you can get a 50% discount!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Seeking Alpha has been running since 2004. During that time, it’s grown into one of the most popular investment research platforms around! They have a community of 20 million+ members with a growing prestige in stock research, making it a practical option for the fundamental investor.

Seeking Alpha started offering Strong Buy stocks in 2010 but has an average return of 27% for their top-rated Quant stocks. The average return they make is triple the annual return.

Their stock charts & ranking system helps amateur & professional investors alike make the best decisions on stocks. Also, their diverse stock analysis helps you to see stock from different angles. You can look at stocks from the author’s, Wall Street, and Quant ratings. It is definitely worth it!

Also, they provide up-to-date articles, live news, and markets.

Seeking Alpha Premium provides automated analysis of your portfolio. So, you will have an updated portfolio when you sign into your account. This analysis allows you to compare various investment ideas and properly execute appropriate investing strategies.

Seeking Alpha has a track record for increasing the return on investments. As an investor, you cannot be 100% sure about any platform’s stock advice. Still, there’s a high probability that its investing strategies will boost your profits.

Contributors earn $10 per 1000 page views. This is just a little of what you can earn by analyzing stocks on Seeking Alpha.

Seeking Alpha Premium is the paid version of the platform. It costs $240 per year and $19.99 per month with a free trial of 14 days. It’s the cheaper of the two premium subscriptions

The premium service provides the Quant ratings, which triples the normal average return.

It also has an automated system that updates your portfolio for you. You also get unlimited access to all articles, newsletters, and press releases available on the platform with Seeking Alpha Premium.

The Alpha premium plan even lets you set up your own price and rating alerts system, which is particularly helpful when making investing decisions.

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