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November 4, 2023November 4, 2023

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In the dynamic world of finance, proprietary trading firms have carved out a unique space, allowing traders to access larger pools of capital and sophisticated trading technologies. One such emerging platform is Funded Trading Plus, which promises a slew of benefits for aspiring traders. However, the pivotal question remains: should you sign up for Funded Trading Plus? In this Funded Trading Plus review, we delve into the intricacies of what Funded Trading Plus offers and consider the critical factors that potential applicants should weigh before making their decision.
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Funded Trading Plus Overview

Funded Trading Plus (FTP) is an innovative and one of the best prop trading firms out there, based in the UK, dedicated to providing funding to skilled traders. Established in 2021, it allows traders to handle substantial simulated funds, offering a path towards real profits and potentially managing up to $2,500,000.

The firm stands out for its transparent, trader-focused programs. These initiatives start with an evaluation phase, requiring traders to meet specific performance benchmarks, such as profit targets and drawdown limits, without time constraints. Successful participants gain access to funded accounts, where they keep a significant percentage of the profits. Retail traders can take advantage of its Trade Room Plus, as well as enjoy successful traders’ advice to help them reach their profit goal. The profit share and maximum drawdown rules are also highlighted in positive reviews.

The linchpin of their approach is the Target Advanced Trader initiative, embodying their unwavering commitment to fostering adept market navigators. Under the aegis of this scheme, enrollees are ushered through a meticulously crafted Two-Phase Evaluation Period. This phase is a crucible of sorts, rigorously testing and subsequently refining the trading prowess of each participant.

FTP supports various trading platforms and permits strategies like holding positions overnight and utilizing expert advisors. Importantly, it commits to ethical practices, distancing itself from firms accused of manipulating trader returns. FTP emphasizes community engagement, encouraging communication among traders and the company through platforms like Discord. Professional traders embrace the firm`s time limit and overnight trading rules on their trading journey. Advanced trader programs like Funded Trading Plus help you do evaluation accounts and navigate simple rules and trading decisions, as well as hone your trading talents. The range of programs offered and variety of trading instruments have given positive feedback to many trader using Funded Trading’s Plus’s software. Day trading using trading bots have never been easier for both trading enthusiasts and trading experts exploring effective trading strategies.

The CEO, Simon Massey, reiterates FTP’s dedication to trader success through continuous support and the ethical handling of accounts, fostering a trustworthy trading environment. The active traders on this platform have seen that FTP’s attractive profit split goes a long way. Scaling options are available for this excellent support team.


Distinctively, Funded Trading Plus provides four primary trader programs: Experienced, Advanced, Premium, and Master Trader, each tailored to different skill levels and trading styles. In the fast-paced realm of proprietary trading, their firm emerges as a bastion of unparalleled excellence, devoted to the cultivation and enhancement of trading acumen through the industry-standard Two-Phase Evaluation Program. This initiative provides a robust framework within which the potential of aspiring traders is both identified and nurtured.

Experienced Trader Program- Account Size $12,500- $200,000

Funded Trading Plus offers unparalleled opportunities for traders at various expertise levels through programs like the Experienced Trader Program. This initiative is designed for adept traders ready to take their strategies to a professional level in the financial markets.

Overview of the Experienced Trader Program:

  • Single Evaluation Phase: Traders undergo one comprehensive evaluation, post which they can access substantial funding.

Key Program Features:

  • Generous Funding and Profit Sharing: Successful participants receive an instant funded account. They enjoy an 80/20 profit split, retaining a significant share of their earnings.
  • Flexible Trading Parameters: There are no imposed limits on trading strategies. Traders are free to employ any style, including using Expert Advisors, and can trade beyond standard market hours.
  • Risk Management: The program enforces a maximum 6% total loss and a 3% daily loss rule to safeguard both the trader and the firm’s capital. These calculated risk parameters encourage responsible trading.
  • Profit Withdrawals: Traders can withdraw earned profits over $50 on a weekly basis, ensuring they have regular access to their earnings.
  • Account Scaling: The scaling plan is an incentive for traders, allowing them to increase their account size incrementally by achieving preset profit targets, with no constraints on trade minimums or consistency rules.

The Advanced Trader Program- Account Size $25,000- $200,000

This program is tailored for traders ready to take a leap in their trading careers, offering a blend of risk management, profit sharing, and substantial trading capital.

Overview of the Advanced Trader Program:

  • Two-Stage Evaluation: Traders undergo two rigorous evaluation phases designed to assess risk management skills and trading strategy efficacy.

Key Program Features:

  • Profit Targets: Traders aim for a 10% simulated profit target, ensuring they align with the firm’s risk-to-reward expectations.
  • Maximum Loss Parameters: Set at 10%, these crucial risk management metrics maintain disciplined trading, preventing substantial drawdowns.
  • Daily Simulated Loss Limits: Initially pegged at 5% of the previous day’s balance, these are adjusted daily to safeguard capital.
  • Profit Sharing and Withdrawals:
  • Generous Profit Split: Traders enjoy an 80/20 profit split, improving to 90/10 post-achieving 20% simulated profit, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Flexible Withdrawals: Traders can withdraw profits exceeding $50 weekly, ensuring easy access to their earnings.
  • Diverse Trading Instruments: Includes forex, CFDs on indices, commodities, metals, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Platform Access: Traders can use renowned platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5, enabling a wide range of analytical tools and strategies.
  • Hard Rules: Exceeding daily or maximum loss limits leads to termination, instilling disciplined trading.

The Premium Trader Program- Account Size $25,000- $200,000

This innovative approach provides traders with significant funding after a rigorous evaluation, allowing them to maximize their trading skills and market strategies. Below we delve into the specifics of this program and how it stands out in the competitive trading arena.

Overview of the Premium Trader Program

  • Two-Phase Evaluation: Traders undergo a structured two-phase program designed to assess their trading acumen. The initial phase requires an 8% profit target, followed by a more advanced stage with a 5% target.
  • A cardinal aspect of their evaluation encapsulates the scrutiny of Maximum Trailing Drawdowns, ensuring that each trader’s risk management mettle is thoroughly assessed. Additionally, the Daily Drawdown Limit is closely monitored, serving as a testament to their firm’s adherence to fostering a culture of financial prudence and responsibility.

Key Features:

  • Profit Withdrawal: One of the program’s perks is its flexible withdrawal policy. Traders can withdraw profits over $50, just seven days after starting, and continue with weekly withdrawals.
  • No Mandatory Stop Losses: Traders have the luxury to strategize without being mandated to set stop losses, allowing more room for implementing diverse trading styles.
  • Scaling Opportunities: The program is structured for growth, allowing traders to scale their accounts from $25,000 to a whopping $2,500,000 by consistently hitting 10% profit targets.
  • Flexible Trading Styles: All trading styles are welcome, including the use of EAs, scalping, and swing trading. This inclusivity ensures that traders aren’t restricted and can explore strategies that align with their strengths.
  • Profit Split: Initially, traders enjoy an 80/20 profit split in their favor, which can improve to 90/10 upon reaching certain profit milestones.
  • Additional Advantages:
  • No Time Restrictions: Traders can trade at their pace, as there are no time constraints within trading levels, encouraging a stress-free trading environment.
  • Weekend Trading: The program accommodates various trading schedules, allowing positions to be held over weekends without penalties.

Master Trader Program- Account Size $5,000- $100,000

Funded Trading Plus (FT+) emerged as one of the best instant funding prop firms, offering the Master Trader Program, embodied in a unique blend of features designed to facilitate a trader’s journey from novice to professional.

Overview of the Master Trader Program:

  • Instant Funding: Traders receive simulated funding starting at $5,000, enabling immediate trading without an initial evaluation phase.
  • The bedrock of their success is the Maximum Loss Rules, a testament to their pragmatic approach to risk management. The Reliable Support Team is always at the ready, providing unwavering support to traders, ensuring that each query and concern is addressed with the utmost professionalism.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Trading Strategies: Participants are free to employ any trading tactics, including the use of expert advisors (EAs) .
  • Profit Withdrawal: Traders retain 70% of their profits, with the opportunity to increase this to 90% based on performance. Withdrawals are permissible for amounts above $50 per week.
  • Risk Management: The program imposes a 5% trailing drawdown limit, safeguarding both the trader and the firm from excessive losses .
  • Account Scaling: Achievement of a 10% profit target enables traders to increase their account balance, with the ultimate potential to reach up to $2.5 million .

Traders engage in simulated trades via platforms like TradingView, MT4, or MT5, focusing on forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, with all actual trades executed through the ASIC-regulated broker, EightCap. Significantly, FT+ doesn’t rush traders through evaluations, providing an unlimited time frame to reach profit targets without monthly fees. Moreover, traders can withdraw simulated profits weekly, fostering a flexible, trader-friendly environment.

Should You Sign Up for Funded Trading Plus: Benefits and Considerations

Joining this platform with a Funded Trading Plus coupon can be a significant opportunity, especially for new traders seeking to enter the market without substantial capital or those looking for mentorship and advanced trading tools.

Through its transparent, rule-based approach and commitment to supporting traders via educational resources and community interactions, Funded Trading Plus stands out in the realm of proprietary trading firms. The customer service, user dashboards, coupon codes, and emergency services all help ease future losses. The opportunity to make real money with these financial instruments gives traders a positive experience. Adequate capital, straightforward rules, realistic trading objectives, personalized trading experience, and a variety of trading features help users make money for trading. Hitting an evaluation target with minimum profit and achieving weekly profit splits has never been easier.

Future of Funded Trading Plus

With an eye towards the future, they envisage potential drawdowns, meticulously preparing their traders to adeptly maneuver through the ebbs and flows of the market. This foresight is emblematic of their proactive approach to risk management, underscoring their relentless pursuit of trading excellence.

Their ethos resonates through the robust infrastructure put in place to monitor and evaluate each trading activity. The lowest drawdown metric is but one of the numerous times their traders are evaluated, ensuring a consistent adherence to their firm’s high standards of financial management.

Integral to their program is the time requirement, meticulously structured to foster a conducive environment for the holistic development of each trader. The financial services offered are designed to provide a firm footing for traders, bolstered by a contractor service agreement that epitomizes their professional approach to trading partnerships.

Their dedication to delivering an exemplary trading experience is further amplified by their unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. The weekend trades option offers an added layer of flexibility, ensuring that every trader can adeptly navigate the market landscape, irrespective of the day of the week.

Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of their approach, as evidenced by the clear delineation of the balance after withdrawal, original account balance, and original balance. These metrics are meticulously monitored, ensuring a transparent trading experience for each participant.

Their offerings are further augmented by a plethora of funding program options and size options, ensuring a well-tailored trading experience. The well-structured dashboard provides a seamless interface for traders, embodying the firm’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology in fostering trading excellence.

Final Thoughts: Should You Sign Up For Funded Trading Plus?

In a realm where reputation is paramount, their firm stands tall, buoyed by excellent feedback from a myriad of stakeholders. The firm review echoes the positive sentiment, underscoring the efficacy of the program account scaling plan, which is meticulously crafted to ensure a progressive trajectory for every trader.

Through a symbiotic blend of challenge and discovery, they don’t just mold traders; they sculpt architects of financial success. Each trader is a living testament to their firm’s unwavering belief in the boundless possibilities unlocked through a blend of meticulous education and a conducive trading environment.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your trading career to professional heights with a firm that’s genuinely invested in your success. Click here to embark on a journey of growth, achievement, and potentially lucrative rewards.
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