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November 16, 2023November 16, 2023

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The deluge of market data can be overwhelming, often blurring the path to profitability. This is where Trade Ideas steps in, a revolutionary tool tailored for professional traders, active traders, and hedge funds, designed to help traders manage data effectively.

Trade Ideas technology has achieved what seems almost superhuman. It continuously monitors every trade of every stock in the market, alerting traders to profitable activities and opportunities.

This capability is crucial, providing traders with the edge needed to navigate the thin line between success and failure in trading.
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What Is Trade Ideas?

Trade Ideas is a sophisticated stock screener tool designed specifically for day traders. It stands out for its speed and customization options, which are crucial for success in day trading.

Unlike basic stock screeners integrated into brokerage platforms, Trade Ideas offers advanced features tailored to the needs of active traders.

Founded in 2003 by financial technology veterans, the team behind Trade Ideas has extensive experience in active day trading. This expertise is evident in the tool’s design and functionality.

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Why Trade Ideas Stands Out

Trade Ideas is not just another market scanner; it’s one of the most popular standalone scanners available today. The reasons are clear:

Real-time Analytics

It offers real-time, data-driven insights that are crucial for timely decision-making.


Traders can tailor the software to their specific trading style and needs, enhancing its effectiveness.

Educational Value

Beyond its scanning capabilities, Trade Ideas is a rich educational resource, helping traders understand market dynamics better.

Trade Ideas Components

Artificial Intelligence

Trade Ideas stands at the forefront of financial technology with its advanced AI-powered robo-advisor, Holly. This AI engine is a culmination of dozens of investment algorithms that scrutinize over 1 million trading scenarios nightly, pinpointing those with the highest potential for alpha in the upcoming market session.


The AI Investment Discovery Engine At the heart of Trade Ideas’ technological prowess is ‘Holly,’ a sophisticated AI engine. After each trading day, Holly meticulously analyzes the day’s events, employing more than 35 diverse strategies.

These strategies span various approaches, including long and short positions, value and growth metrics, social and technical data, and volume-driven aspects. Holly’s objective is simple yet ambitious: to outperform the market.

Strategy Optimization and Selection

Holly’s process involves an initial optimization of these strategies, considering all special Trade Ideas filters.

This optimization is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous process. Each strategy is evaluated for success rates above 60% and a 2:1 Profit Factor. Only those meeting these stringent criteria are presented to users the following day.

The Three Faces of Holly

Holly (“Holly Grail”)

  • The original AI, dubbed “Holly Grail”, is considered the Holy Grail of speculative financial technology. After two years of exceptional performance, it became evident that Holly needed to evolve.

Holly 2.0

  • This iteration maintains the core of the original AI but adopts a more aggressive approach. Holly 2.0 is designed to capture opportunities the original might have missed, pushing the boundaries of speculative strategies.

 Holly Neo

  • Representing a completely different investment approach, Holly Neo utilizes new techniques for real-time investment decisions, showcasing Trade Ideas’ commitment to innovation and adaptive strategies.

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The OddsMaker Window

The OddsMaker Window is a pivotal feature in Trade Ideas, enabling traders to evaluate the effectiveness of their scans, entry signals, and trading plans.

By analyzing recent historical data, Trade Ideas optimizes parameters to enhance trading strategy results. This tool is essential for traders looking to refine their strategies and increase their chances of success.

Alert Windows for Real-Time Updates

Alert Windows are the eyes and ears of a trader using Trade Ideas. They stream and display real-time events based on selected alerts and filters.

Enhanced with graphically rich columns, they offer insights into multiple time frames at a glance, making them indispensable for traders who rely on timely information.

Chart Windows for Instant Confirmation

Chart Windows complement the Alert Windows by allowing traders to visually confirm alerts instantly.

This integration ensures that traders can make informed decisions without needing to navigate away from the Trade Ideas Pro platform.

Compare Count Windows

The Compare Count Windows feature enables the visual comparison of two trading strategies side by side. These windows provide real-time updates, showing which strategies are occurring more frequently. This tool is invaluable for traders looking to understand and compare the effectiveness of different trading approaches.

Full Quote Windows

Full Quote Windows offers a comprehensive view of a stock’s fundamental data. They include quick visual indicators showing a stock’s position in its range over the last hour, week, and 52 weeks.

This feature is crucial for traders who base their decisions on a thorough fundamental data analysis.

Top List Windows

Advanced-Data Ranking With Trade Idea’s patent-pending Multi-Variant, Color-Assisted Sorting, the Top List Windows allows traders to rank market data effectively.

This feature adds an extra layer of data analysis, aiding traders in identifying market trends and potential opportunities.

The Channel Bar

Personalized Layouts The Channel Bar in Trade Ideas lets traders customize and save layouts based on different themes like Premarket, After Hours, Social, Cryptocurrency, and Volume.

This customization enhances the user experience, allowing traders to focus on market segments that align with their trading strategies.

Plans and Pricing

  • Trade Ideas Premium: Costs $1,999 per year (Approximately $167 per month).
  • Trade Ideas Standard: Priced at $999 annually (approximately $84 monthly).
  • Monthly Subscriptions: More flexibility but higher monthly costs ($228 for Premium, $118 for Standard).

Discount Offers

As an official partner, verified Trade Ideas coupon codes offer subscription discounts. Comparison of Standard vs Premium:

Common Features

Both plans offer real-time trading ideas, price alerts, curated workspaces, charts, access to a live trading room, and simulated trading.

Premium Exclusive Features

Includes access to the AI virtual trading analyst Holly, chart-based AI trade assistance, risk assessment tools, the OddsMaker backtest engine, and an automated trading API.

The decision between the Standard and Premium plans hinges on your specific needs and strategies. However, we recommend the premium package because it offers more advanced AI-driven tools and analytics.

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Conclusion: Should You Sign Up For Trade Ideas?

Whether you should sign up for Trade Ideas depends on your specific trading needs, experience level, and investment goals. Trade Ideas offers powerful tools and analytics that can benefit active traders by providing real-time data, trade signals, and market insights.

However, it’s important to consider the cost of the service, the complexity of its features, and your ability to utilize its offerings effectively. If you’re a beginner, the platform might be overwhelming, and there might be a steep learning curve.

For experienced traders, Trade Ideas can be a valuable resource for identifying trading opportunities and refining strategies. Ultimately, weigh the benefits against the costs and your personal trading style to decide if Trade Ideas aligns with your investment approach.

To learn more and to take advantage of special offers, sign up for an account using our Trade Ideas coupon code and discover why it ranks among the best AI stock trading software available today.

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