Should You Upgrade from Shared to WordPress Hosting?

Starting a blog is a great way to make money online. It can be very difficult to know when to reinvest into your business infrastructure. Hosting is one of the most important investments you can make for your website. It can make the difference between welcoming thousands of visitors per day or turning them away. As you continue to grow your online business, you might start to think more about your website performance and how to get the best value for hosting. But, it can be tough to know if upgrading your hosting is worth the added costs. Today, we’ll discuss whether or not upgrading from shared hosting to WordPress hosting is a worthwhile investment.

Faster Load Times Equal More Pageviews

WordPress hosting is noticeably faster than shared hosting. On a shared hosting package, your website shares hosting with many other websites that could all be running different platforms. If just one or two of those websites are not coded properly, it could take up too much resources from the environment and affect the load times of your website. If you upgrade to wordpress hosting, you will notice that the server is much faster because each site on your box is optimized for the same platform. Thus, it is much less likely that your site will experience sluggish load times because every site is optimized for one platform. This could lead to much faster load times and increased pageviews. Therefore, you can justify the cost in the long term recurring traffic that you would gain by increasing your load times.

Advanced Server Administration For Support

In addition to speed, WordPress hosting receives a different type of server administration than shared hosting. Since all the sites are running wordpress, the administrators can optimize resource usage to maximize performance and make your resource usage more predictable. As your website grows, you want to have a dedicated support team that can handle this for you. While you might have to invest more into the future for a dedicated environment, wordpress hosting packages are a great way to get some advanced support without having to pay too much more in costs. If you are looking for a specialized support team, then a wordpress hosting account could pay off pretty quickly.

Improved WordPress Security For Your Website

Along with advanced support, a wordpress hosting package can offer increased security over a shared hosting package. Since you don’t know what kinds of websites or vulnerabilities are on other sites, a shared account can pose more risks. Meanwhile, a wordpress hosting account limits the security risk to just wordpress sites. On top of that, wordpress hosts take additional precautions at the server level to minimize the risk of attacks on wordpress sites. Of course, you should consider the cost of your website getting hacked or having to go offline for a restoration. These costs might be more expensive than the annual cost to upgrade from shared hosting to wordpress hosting.

Access To NGINX Caching Technology

Moreover, wordpress hosting can give you access to powerful technologies that enhance your visitor experience. Another aspect that will speed up your website, server level caching is available for blog web hosting. Unlike shared hosts that use regular caching technologies, some wordpress hosts will incorporate NGINX caching which can serve many more visitor requests per second. Many times, larger sites will set up their own dedicated server to run NGINX for their website. However, you can save money by upgrading to wordpress hosting.

Regularly Updated Server Requirements

Compared to a shared hosting environment, a wordpress host will make the upgrades to meet WordPress requirements. There are many shared hosting companies that run older versions of MySQL and PHP. When you upgrade to you a wordpress hosting package, you can check to see that they consistently upgrade the backend software on the server. This will keep your site running smoothly so you don’t have to worry about any problems. Sometimes, just having peace of mind that all the basics are being taken care of can be worth the additional cost too.

Clearly, there are many reasons to upgrade from shared to wordpress hosting. If you are happy with how your website is right now, you can stay on a shared account. However, when you decide to grow your wordpress site, it might be time to upgrade. As we have seen, upgrading to wordpress hosting can improve speed, performance, reliability and backend technology. For those of you who are serious about making money online, it might be time to upgrade your hosting package.

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