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Mar 01, 2024
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Navigating the world of personal finance apps can be overwhelming, especially with numerous options like Simplifi by Quicken. Each app offers unique features, targeting different financial management needs. This article explores some of the top competitors of Simplifi, diving into their distinct benefits, features, and company backgrounds.

Whether you're seeking advanced budgeting tools, personalized financial insights, or comprehensive account management, understanding these alternatives will help you make an informed decision about managing your personal finances.

What is Simplifi?

Simplifi by Quicken has carved a niche in the personal finance app market with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive financial tools. It's designed to offer a holistic view of one's finances by integrating various accounts, from banks to credit cards and investments.

Simplifi stands out for its budgeting and spending analysis tools, allowing users to track their spending, set savings goals, and manage their financial health effectively. While Simplifi's strengths are evident, it may not cater to all users' needs, particularly those seeking detailed investment tracking or credit score monitoring.

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Simplifi Pros & Cons


● Comprehensive financial overview with account syncing.

● Intuitive budgeting and expense tracking tools.

● Customizable savings and goal tracking.

● User-friendly mobile experience.


● Limited investment tracking features.

● Restricted credit score tracking capabilities.

Why Seek Alternatives to Simplifi?

While Simplifi provides a solid platform for financial management, users may seek alternatives for various reasons. Some users might need more detailed investment analysis tools, while others might prefer a different budgeting approach, like the envelope system.

Additionally, the cost of the app and specific user interface preferences can lead users to explore other options. Each alternative offers unique functionalities that might align better with individual financial management styles and goals.

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Quick Breakdown

Best Simplifi Competitors

  • Best for users seeking automated savings and budgeting with subscription management features.

  • Ideal for those who prefer spreadsheet-based budgeting with customizable templates.

  • Suitable for users looking for a zero-based budgeting approach with real-time budget updates.

Top Three Simplifi Alternatives


4.2 stars
Fees $8/month
Best For Automated savings
  • Automated savings feature.
  • Subscription management and cancellation.
  • Customizable budget categories.
  • Comprehensive expense tracking.
  • Financial insights for informed decisions.
  • Bill negotiation services.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Account aggregation for a full financial picture.
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Empower is a personal finance app designed with a focus on automation and user-friendliness, aiming to streamline the complexities of financial management. Its standout feature is the automated savings tool, which discreetly sets aside small amounts of money, helping users effortlessly build up their savings over time.

The app is also notable for its subscription cancellation service, allowing users to effortlessly manage and trim down their monthly subscriptions. This feature is a boon for those who find themselves subscribed to multiple services and want to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

In terms of budgeting, Empower excels with its customizable budget categories. Users can adapt these categories to suit their unique financial goals and lifestyle, making budgeting more personalized and effective. The expense tracking function in Empower provides insightful analytics, offering a clear view of spending patterns and aiding in smarter financial decisions.

Empower has carved its niche in the fintech industry by focusing on making personal finance management approachable and efficient. The company's vision is to democratize financial management, making it accessible for a broader audience.

The team at Empower brings together a mix of financial expertise and technological innovation to create a product that is both sophisticated and intuitive. Their commitment is evident in the continual improvement of the app, responding to user feedback and adapting to changing financial trends.

Empower's philosophy is centered on financial empowerment for its users. They strive to provide a platform that is not just a tool for tracking finances but a companion in the journey towards financial stability and growth. The balance they strike between advanced features and user-friendly design makes Empower a notable contender in the personal finance app space.

Tiller Money

4 stars
Fees $79/year
Best For Customization of templates
  • Flexibility of spreadsheet-based budgeting.
  • Daily financial data updates.
  • Automated transaction import feature.
  • Compatibility with Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Easy expense categorization.
  • Comprehensive debt tracking and management.
  • Community support and resources.
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Tiller Money revolutionizes the traditional approach to budgeting by ingeniously merging the adaptability of spreadsheet tools with the convenience of automated financial data updates. This unique combination is a game-changer for those who are familiar with and prefer the detailed control offered by platforms like Google Sheets and Excel. It stands out for its ability to offer a high degree of customization, allowing users to tailor their budgeting experience to their specific financial scenarios.

One of the most striking features of Tiller Money is its automated transaction import capability. This function effortlessly integrates users' financial transactions into their chosen spreadsheet template, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This automation ensures that users have up-to-date financial information at their fingertips, allowing for more accurate and timely budget analysis and decision-making.

Furthermore, Tiller Money enhances the budgeting process with easy expense categorization. This feature enables users to quickly categorize their spending, which is crucial for identifying spending patterns and areas where savings can be made. The platform also supports a variety of financial accounts, offering users a comprehensive view of their financial health across multiple banks and credit cards.

Tiller Money emerged from the idea of simplifying personal finance management while retaining user control and customization. Since its inception, the company has dedicated itself to bridging the gap between the flexibility of manual spreadsheet budgeting and the efficiency of automated financial tracking. This innovative approach has positioned Tiller Money as a key player in the personal finance software industry, appealing to both spreadsheet aficionados and those new to digital budgeting.

At the core of Tiller Money's philosophy is the belief that effective financial management should be both accessible and personalized. The company’s commitment to this ethos is evident in its continuous efforts to enhance the user experience through intuitive design and practical features. Tiller Money's commitment to innovation and user-centric design has earned it a loyal user base and recognition in the market.

The founders and team behind Tiller Money come from diverse backgrounds, combining expertise in finance, technology, and user experience design. This blend of skills and perspectives has been crucial in developing a platform that not only meets the practical needs of budgeting but also delivers a satisfying and empowering user experience. Their vision of making financial management less daunting and more accessible has resonated with many users, establishing Tiller Money as a preferred choice for personalized budgeting and financial tracking.


4 stars
Fees $14.99/month or $99/year
Best For Zero-based budgeting
  • Emphasis on zero-based budgeting.
  • Real-time budget updates for accurate tracking.
  • Goal tracking for financial objectives.
  • Personalized budgeting categories.
  • Effective debt payoff strategies.
  • Rich educational resources.
  • Bank syncing for up-to-date transactions.
  • Accessible via mobile and web platforms.
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YNAB (You Need A Budget) stands out in the personal finance app market, particularly for its implementation of the zero-based budgeting approach. This method is ideal for users who prefer to assign every dollar a role, ensuring meticulous tracking of their budget. YNAB excels in providing real-time budget updates, which helps users stay on top of their financial situation and make immediate adjustments as needed.

The app’s goal tracking feature is another highlight, enabling users to set and monitor financial objectives, whether for savings, debt reduction, or other monetary targets. YNAB’s personalized budgeting categories allow users to tailor their budgeting experience to their specific lifestyle and spending habits, making it a highly adaptable tool.

YNAB also includes powerful debt management tools, assisting users in developing strategies to efficiently tackle and pay off debts. Additionally, the app is rich in educational resources, offering insights and guidance on various aspects of personal finance. This makes YNAB not just a budgeting tool but also a valuable learning resource for users looking to improve their financial literacy and habits.

YNAB's foundation lies in its commitment to transforming the way individuals approach personal finance. The company has built its reputation around the core principle of educating users in practical and effective budgeting methods. Their focus is not only on providing a robust budgeting tool but also on empowering users with the knowledge and skills needed for proactive financial management.

The ethos of YNAB revolves around the idea that financial control and freedom are achievable through disciplined budgeting and informed financial decisions. The company's dedication to this mission is evident in its continuous efforts to improve its platform, ensuring that it remains a reliable, user-friendly, and educational tool for all types of users.

The team behind YNAB brings together a diverse range of expertise in finance, technology, and education. This blend of knowledge and experience has been instrumental in creating a platform that not only meets the practical needs of managing personal finances but also educates and motivates users to develop healthier financial habits.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right personal finance app depends on individual financial management styles and objectives. If Simplifi is appealing to you, click here to get started.

For those seeking a comprehensive tool with automated features, Empower offers a robust platform. Tiller Money is ideal for spreadsheet enthusiasts who value customization, while YNAB suits those who prefer a zero-based budgeting approach. Each app offers unique strengths, catering to a diverse range of financial needs and preferences.

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