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October 27, 2023October 27, 2023

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Navigating your financial goals can be a challenging endeavor, especially when your finances are scattered across various accounts. This is where Simplifi by Quicken steps in, offering a consolidated view of your financial landscape.

Instead of juggling between multiple accounts, Simplifi provides an intuitive interface that paints a comprehensive picture of your finances. Beyond just a bird’s-eye view, the app dives into the nuances of daily spending, assisting with tasks that can have a profound impact on your financial health.

While exploring Simplifi reviews and ratings, it becomes evident that the app is highly regarded, boasting an impressive 4.7-star rating on the App Store. Not only does it provide essential budgeting tools and spending pattern analyses, but it also aids in setting and achieving savings goals.

If you’re on the fence about its utility, diving deeper into this detailed Simplifi review might solidify its place as a top-tier money management solution.
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What is Simplifi?

Simplifi by Quicken is a contemporary financial management app, redefining how individuals approach their personal finances. By automatically linking with users’ bank accounts, credit cards, and savings, Simplifi eliminates the tedious task of manual data entry, offering a real-time comprehensive view of one’s financial state.

This in-depth perspective, combined with its ability to forecast cash flows, enables users to envision their future finances. Praised as the “best budgeting app of 2023,” Simplifi goes beyond just budgeting; it offers real-time alerts, personalized savings goals, and intuitive spending trackers.

Users can also collaborate, sharing their financial overview with a partner if they choose. Prioritizing both usability and data security, Simplifi stands as a dependable tool for those aiming for a clearer, more informed grasp on their finances.

Simplifi Reviews And Ratings

Lets check out some telling Simplifi reviews and ratings from actual users, to get a better idea of their offerings:

tpierce71, 12/24/2021

Best Personal Finance App Online

I’ve been using Simplifi for about a year and a half now and can say that it’s the best personal finance app currently available online (and I think I’ve tested them all). It’s bank connect feature saves a huge amount of time but if your bank isn’t supported yet you can still manually upload your transactions so it essentially supports every bank and credit card accounts you have. You can track your recurring bills/subscriptions/transfers and what’s really helpful is the Spending Plan which determines your available “to spend” for the month after breaking down your income, recurring bills, planned spending and more. I’ve personally never seen this before in any other app. Since Simplifi is still relatively young you do run into the occasional bug, but the support and developers have been quick to help and seem to be right on top of things. They have many new features still in development (which I’m looking forward to) do the software will continue to get better. I highly recommend giving it a shot!

jostini85, 03/25/2022

Best budgeting app out there but for one major flaw

Best budgeting app out there but for one major flawThis app is fantastic. I’ve used Dave Ramsey’s envelope system with all cash, graduated to EveryDollar, dabbled in Mint and settled with YNAB over the past 12 years before reading about Simplifi in Wirecutter. Started using four months ago and is hands-down the best app I’ve used for budgeting and money management. Easily saved me hundreds in first few months by getting me back on the money-management wagon. There are loads of unique features which make it a cut above the rest.

A few weeks ago, arguably the best feature of the App, the Spending Plan, just stopped working correctly for a day or so. Annoying, but not the end of the world. Well, three weeks later, the bug has returned and the Spending Plan has been out of sync and offline for the past four days…right at the end of the month when money needs the most active managing. Needless to say, this is a criticism issue that needs to be addressed. I’m hoping the developer gets this fixed ASAP and this does not become a recurring error.

Hoping for the best, but expectations have officially been lowered.

Simplifi Features

  • Financial Overview (Enhanced Reporting): Simplifi offers an all-encompassing dashboard, capturing both income and expenditures in one place. Customization options allow users to prioritize information such as savings or debt.
  • Spending Planner: This feature allows users to consolidate all expenses, comparing them against their income. It aids in refining budgets, particularly for discretionary costs.
  • Income Tracker: With this, users can combine various income streams, such as wages and rental incomes, providing a clear monthly income perspective. It’s ideal for seamless tax and investment management.
  • Spending Monitor: This real-time tool assesses daily expenses and broader spending, with built-in alerts to notify users of approaching spending thresholds.
  • Savings Goals: Users can establish multiple savings targets, from vacations to general savings, with Simplifi suggesting timelines and strategies for achievement.
  • Watchlists: A tool for observing specific spending categories, users benefit from integrated interactive graphs and can activate notifications for specific watchlists.
  • Investment Tracker: Though it doesn’t offer individual transaction details, this feature lets users integrate and view information about their investments and retirement accounts.
  • Comprehensive Spending Tracking: Simplifi’s detailed tool categorizes expenses, aiding in understanding discretionary spending and making adjustments accordingly.
  • Sync with Financial Institutions: Simplifi directly links with financial institutions, merging all monetary accounts for a complete view of one’s financial health.


If after reading the Simplifi reviews and ratings you are still undecided, they offer a free 30-day trial to take it for a test drive. Click Here to get started today.

If Simplifi is lacking in a desired feature there are alternatives. YNAB is another popular choice in the personal budgeting app space. Check out this Simplifi vs YNAB review to see the tale of the tape.
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